Oh noes! One adverse slip of the pen and it’s Over Rover #warehouseprecinct

Property investment, gentrification and residential activity in city blocks ain’t all it’s cracked up to be with businesses and local authorities in cahoots. This ‘sell-out’ happens the world over —welcome to market economics and no protection. Economic development, baby!


About “CAR PARKS” and military precision *eheu

### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 17:55, May 31 2017
Dunedin students may leave vibrant area after parking spaces cut
By Hamish McNeilly
Students may be driven away by parking changes designed to make Dunedin’s warehouse precinct more vibrant. Otago Polytechnic student Nick Mowat is angry over changes to short-term parking on Vogel St this week. Earlier this year, the Dunedin City Council announced it would cut the number of all-day parks from 75 to 37, and increase the number of short-term parks to 108. None of the remaining all-day parks would be on Vogel St though, which was home to an annual street party celebrating the area’s rejuvenation. Mowat said many students flatted in the old warehouses and were part of the revitalisation of the area. They were disappointed about the parking changes. Despite opposing the changes, residents were issued with a notice from the council saying the changes would go ahead. Council safety team leader  Hjarne Poulsen said: “The parking changes are designed to make the area safer and more dynamic for residents and visitors, and to make it easier for people to get to local businesses.”
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DCC Webmap JanFeb 2013

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Warehouse Precinct Revitalisation Plan (PDF, 3.6 MB)
This Plan seeks to support the revitalisation to ensure the important historic Warehouse Precinct area becomes a vibrant and successful part of the central city, once again. [DCC weblink]

LGOIMA warehouse precinct investment (2)
Response received from DCC by email attachment on 19 May 2017

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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12 responses to “Oh noes! One adverse slip of the pen and it’s Over Rover #warehouseprecinct

  1. Gurglars

    80% did not want the stadium. People do not want traffic lights or loss of car parks, but the green zealots still get their way. That is because the silent majority have not yet risen up. Brexit and Donald, however, beckon.

    Bureaucrats, ever NZ was three years behind and your demise is only a matter of time. Bring back the Sanity party kick out the Sanitation party.

  2. Elizabeth

    Mamma Mia (fem.) —Abba
    I been cheated by you since you know when / So I made up my mind, it must come to an end / Look at me now, will I ever learn? / I don’t know how but I suddenly lose control / There’s a fire within my soul…. Tra la.

    Here we go, more irritation!

    The BLATANT ART of spending Other People’s Money on a dark shaded space under a bridge where no one goes – with some peabrain recycling facility (the young street residents are being forced to move out…) for trolls who will use it to pee in. This in the insulting company of concrete sheep. +$500k could’ve bought a small paddock to fatten more trolls before they’re shorn and trucked to the works, raising a tidy sum to offset the cost of cream cakes served to stipend receivers at the Chambers, Octagon. FML

    At Facebook:

    The design would provide “an attractive spot for people to relax in the heart of the warehouse precinct.”

    Thu, 1 Jun 2017
    ODT: Jetty St closed
    Barriers were erected yesterday at one end of Jetty St, preventing vehicles from using the street as a thoroughfare between the one-way sections of State Highway 1 south of Dunedin’s central business area. The work is the start of a project worth more than $500,000, to turn part of Jetty St into a pedestrian-only area. […] Jetty St, between Cumberland and Vogel Sts will be closed to traffic, and the section between Vogel and Crawford Sts will be open to service vehicles only. Cont/
    Related Post and Comments:
    16.12.15 DCC: Restriction of Vehicles from Parts of Jetty Street DECLARED

  3. Hilary

    Turns out the only real publicity recently about Vogel St has been 2 anti social people, one crapping in the street and one dumping rubbish, both using vehicles and only able to do what they did because THERE WAS NO ONE THERE. Maybe it is not full of vibrant people, and no vehicles after all.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      (a) You’re a vibrant person wondering which part of town to go to to show off your designer/mainstreet/opshop finery and hang out vibrantly with a vibrant group of other vibrant people.
      Does Vogel Street spring immediately to mind?
      (b) You’re not helluva vibrant, we can’t all be, anyway you’re driving around and haven’t spotted a public toilet so wonder where’s a cold windy generally deserted place for an alfresco dump stop.
      Does Vogel Street spring immediately to mind? Alternatively, you don’t know what it’s name is and at this stage of your digestive tract’s business you don’t care, but as you drive around it looks like it fits the bill?

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Isn’t this wonderful news for the thousands of people who have been phoning, txting, emailing and semaphoring their elected representatives Dave and the Dropkix, “Please O Great Ones, we long to relax in the heart of the warehouse precinct.”
    If only the street were a little longer there would be room for all their names to be engraved on tiles decorating this pleasure dome, that future generations bowed by debt might at least read these bold ancestral names with their downcast eyes and muse on the mutant numpties shaping Dunedin in the teens of the 21st century.

  5. I’m appalled by the way DCC throws money around, especially after recently following meetings quite closely. If there was a kind of lottery every now and again, so that all who voted for a certain expenditure had a chance of having to pay a proportion of it out of their own pocket, I bet that would slow down the spendfest.

    Basic rule DCC doesn’t understand: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! (Applies to Vogel St.)
    And, of course, the contrary: If it is broken, do fix it.
    Instead, they seem to spend most of their time meddling and tinkering.

  6. What’s more, soon there will be no place left for trolls. It’s an outrage that they haven’t been consulted.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Mad! Simply Mad! But hey! with leadership like we have what do we expect? Mr Hawkins to the rescue? Huh!

  8. Peter

    I was kind of surprised there were students still there in the warehouse precinct given all the smart, new apartments being renovated from old warehouses.
    I would have thought they had been priced out.
    It would be good if it remained a mixed area and not totally yuppified. Too late for that?

  9. Anon Anon

    Check out the recent DCC Maori Participation Working Party papers (29 May) on the DCC website for Council’s tangata whenua themed shared space in Bond and Water Streets

    • Elizabeth

      Anon Anon – we know that the lane way simply won’t attract much foot traffic either and that the first stakeholder meeting was insulting to genuine property owners because it was overtaken by so-called ‘artists’.

      A pity DCC pushers of things Maori don’t have a multicultural focus atuned to the origins of early Dunedin and current day ethnicities. The bicultural model is plain WRONG and divisive.

      This stage of ‘warehouse’ project spending is once again capture of rates funds by private parties. Watch it flow into the LTP – and once again serve the few not the many since valuers about town are hiking real estate values to pump up the slowly emerging apartment market off Princes St – not a benign process, one based on greed and money for the good old boys.

      This project takes our money away from upgrade and maintenance of high traffic areas in the city, and from suburban centres that are made to languish by this disgusting council and its barely trained foot soldiers.

      How nice it would be to lob a few salvos at senior management to get things back to the order of fairness and propriety at the Octagon.

      I doubt this is possible during my lifetime.

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