Garrick Tremain GOLD #housing

23 May 2017

In a statement provided to the Otago Daily Times Mr  Cull said it was not the council’s place to lead discussions, but it would be happy to take part in  Government-led discussions.

### ODT Online Sat, 20 May 2017
Affordable housing hitch
By Vaughan Elder
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has declined a request from local MPs and social agencies for the Dunedin City Council to lead a crisis meeting over a lack of affordable housing. This comes as a group of social agencies, including the Salvation Army and Presbyterian Support, agreed to a statement saying the situation was reaching or had reached “crisis point”. The group said rising rents were making it hard and sometimes impossible for people on low incomes  to find affordable rental properties. “We are seeing a trend of landlords ending and not renewing leases, which forces tenants into a rental market they often cannot afford.” Waiting lists for social housing were growing and more families were living in cars and garages or being put up in motels while they waited for social housing. The group, led by Dunedin South MP Clare Curran, called on the council to co-ordinate a city meeting focused on identifying the problems and finding short-term solutions. “We believe the Dunedin City Council can play a strong role given it provides social housing and that housing quality and availability is an objective of its social wellbeing strategy.” They also believed the  Government was not doing enough to remedy the problem and that it should be involved in finding a local solution to the problem.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: An idea promoted by the mayor: relocatables for managed retreat [Shadow Man 2013 – Matakishi’s tea house (detail) via]


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5 responses to “Garrick Tremain GOLD #housing

  1. Peter

    The growing housing crisis…..developing over years…. with no government policy of any depth to do anything about it….is symptomatic of a government that has run out of steam….and ideas.
    GT’s cartoon says it all.
    The immigration engendered growth strategy of this government is a fake stimulus and our young people, in particular, who need security in their lives, are left struggling to put a roof over their heads.
    I am sick of vacuous airheads like Paula Bennett going on TV, acting like Miss Personality to garner votes, instead of properly attending to serious issues like the housing crisis.

  2. Ray McKendry

    The problems caused by housing shortage are the reason why there is hurt. The housing shortage however began as a result of governments 30 years ago ignoring the obvious need for planning of Auckland city, not just hoping it would grow like topsy of its own accord and grow money!

  3. Elizabeth

    At Twitter:

  4. Elizabeth

    Wed, 24 May 2017
    ODT: MSD open to meeting
    By Vaughan Elder
    The Ministry of Social Development is open to working with Dunedin agencies concerned a lack of affordable housing in the city was close to crisis point. This comes after a group of social agencies, including the Salvation Army and Presbyterian Support, agreed to a statement saying the situation was reaching or had reached “crisis point”. […] The ministry accepted demand for social housing was increasing in many parts of the country, including Dunedin, and was already acting to meet the extra demand. Cont/

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