Delta and the (T)r * uble with Mr . . . .

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### ODT Online Wed, 17 May 2017
Delta appoints new CEO
Dunedin City Council-owned company Delta has appointed a new chief executive as it splits with sister company Aurora Energy. Delta chairman Steve Thompson announced today that Mike Costelloe will take over as chief executive of the company next month. […] Mr Thompson said Mr Costelloe was appointed following a thorough and competitive executive search process, which considered candidates from throughout New Zealand and overseas. Since January 2015 Mr Costelloe had been strategic accounts general manager at Downer New Zealand and before that he was the Otago and Southland general manager at the same company. […] “His track record in the highly competitive contracting sector positions him well to drive Deltas future success, to prepare the organisation as it adapts to new energy technologies and to deliver to the exacting requirements of our customers,” Mr Thompson said. Mr Costelloe, who resides in Dunedin, said he was looking forward to taking on the new challenge when he took over the role on June 19. […] Dunedin City Holdings Limited (DCHL) is in the process of implementing director changes for its subsidiaries Delta and Aurora Energy from 3 July.
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Most of us will remember Mr Costelloe from his short time at DCC.

LinkedIn profile [screenshot]


### Wed, 23 Jan 2008
Defective Traffic Light Causing Havoc
A defective traffic light is causing havoc for pedestrians and traffic at the intersection of King Edward St and Hillside Rd. The light’s been stopping and starting periodically since Saturday, with the Dunedin City Council unable to get it working properly again. Council Transport Operations Manager, Mike Costelloe, says many attempts have been made to repair the light, but it crashes again every time. There have been several reports of near misses at the intersection, and an elderly man’s been treated for minor injuries at Dunedin Hospital, after he was knocked over by a vehicle. Costelloe says they haven’t been able to find the source of the problem, making it difficult to find a solution.
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█ Channel 39 ran a second news item the following evening, entitled “Defective Traffic Light Still Causing Havoc”…..

Mr. Bean Uploaded on Sep 17, 2009
Mr Bean – Red Traffic Light
OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean nips out of his car at the traffic light and holds up a queue of traffic. When the lights change green for second time he holds them up again on purpose. From animated episode No Parking.

Mr. Bean Uploaded on Sep 4, 2009
Mr Bean – Traffic Lights — An der Ampel
OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean gets stopped at a red light. He sees a cyclist get off and push his bike round the corner. So he gets out of his car and pushes the mini round the corner. From Mr Bean Goes to Town.

Ilyass AB3 Published on Jan 20, 2013
Mr.bean – Episode 5 FULL EPISODE “The Trouble with Mr.bean”

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6 responses to “Delta and the (T)r * uble with Mr . . . .

  1. Elizabeth

    From another thread:

    Rob Hamlin
    2017/05/17 at 5:12 pm

    Interesting quote from the ODT today in their article on the new CEO for Delta:

    “Delta, which up until now had the same chief executive and board, was contracted to mange the network for Aurora.” for Aurora

    Mange the network for Aurora eh? Well they’ve done that proper haven’t they? – Aurora’s network couldn’t be much mangier at the present moment! Needs an Aurora funded performance bonus I’d say.

  2. Elizabeth

    More at ODT, Mr Crobie emerges as brown moth, ready to spread his wings from DCHL before 30 June 2017.

    A Delta spokesman declined to reveal how much Mr Costelloe would be paid, saying it would be reported in its annual report.

    Thu, 18 May 2017
    ODT: Costelloe named new head of Delta
    By Vaughan Elder
    Dunedin City Council-owned company Delta has appointed a new chief executive as it splits with sister company Aurora Energy.
    ….Mr Costelloe, who lives in Dunedin, was not available for an interview but said in a statement he was looking forward to taking on a new challenge when he started on June 19. “I have a real desire to build on the strengths of Delta’s highly-skilled people and deepen its presence in its core markets of energy and environmental services. I believe Delta’s existing customer partnerships and forward workloads are a sound basis for an exciting new phase that I am proud to lead.” Dunedin City Holdings Limited (DCHL) chairman Graham Crombie said the appointment was “good news” for Dunedin. […] Asked if the changes would mean less of the controversy which has dogged the two companies in recent years, he said: “I don’t know the answer to that.” “I guess all I can say is that I am very confident in their sense of direction and where they are going.” Cont/


    At Facebook:

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Graham Crombie survives the cut and goes on like there is no tomorrow. He says it is a good move for Dunedin, how would he know, as he has been overseeing the disasters that have lead to this moment. He strikes me as having been asleep at the wheel, just rowsing enough to grasp his emoluments as they become due.
    This guy Costelloe must be receiving a heavy return for his services, as he has obviously been groomed and pleaded with outside the normal employment factors. First you get no meaningful applicants for the job then ‘bingo’ out of the blue comes this man leaving a good permanent position to take the gamble on this position. He would want some sound insurance here to make it worth the risk I would have thought. Mr Thompson and Crombie would know how to ‘gild the lily’ without letting any of the ‘stakeholders’ know I would have thought. Not difficult with the bunch that’s there at present. We’ll see how it pans out once it’s all been through the courts and justice is dealt out.

    • Elizabeth

      Calvin, it’s expected that the DCHL chairman will end his service at the end of the financial year – as at or before 30 June 2017.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth, Is that so? Then he has no further interest in the mess he’s lived off for the past times.Typical, scaly accountancy type people, rob the masses and f… the people and their little lives. Makes me sick.

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