DCC leases space for South Dunedin community hub at Cargill Enterprises

How many years has this taken DCC
It’s still only “temporary” accommodation….

South Dunedin has been waiting for a public library since the time of borough amalgamation.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Home found for South Dunedin pop up hub

This item was published on 02 May 2017

A home has been found for the South Dunedin pop up community hub. The Dunedin City Council this week signed a two year lease to set up a temporary hub in part of the Cargill Enterprises premises at 199 Hillside Road.

[screenshot – click to enlarge]
DCC Webmap – 199 Hillside Rd, South Dunedin JanFeb 2013

Group Manager Arts and Culture Bernie Hawke says, “We are delighted to have a confirmed location for the pop up hub. This is a well known, central location and we look forward to providing a range of services on site for local residents.”

The DCC is leasing about 200sq m, which includes space for community activities, meeting areas, DCC service centre and library activities, and kitchen and toilet facilities. The hub will also provide access to Gig wifi for the South Dunedin community. It is hoped the pop up hub will be open about mid year. As well as providing access to DCC services, the hub will provide an opportunity for the community to have input into the development of the permanent South Dunedin Community Hub. While the opening hours for the pop up hub are still to be confirmed, the hub is expected to be open about 25 hours a week, across five days and including one evening and Saturday morning.

Cargill Enterprises Chief Executive Geoff Kemp says, “Cargills are thrilled to be in a position to accommodate the city’s South D interim hub initiative. “A community centre and library adjoining the main facility will give our 94 staff easy access to the many services planned, particularly the opportunity to explore a wide range of reading material and multimedia. We view the hub as complementing our employer-led numeracy and literacy training programme. Very exciting!”

Mayor of Dunedin Dave Cull comments, “The establishment of the pop up hub shows the Council’s commitment to South Dunedin and is a key part of a much wider engagement with the South Dunedin community and agencies working in the area.”

DCC Chief Executive Officer Dr Sue Bidrose says, “When the pop up hub has been established, we will turn our attention to the location and development of the permanent hub. The signing of a lease for the pop up hub is an important step in this process. In addition to the pop up hub development, our Community Development team has been working alongside groups within South Dunedin to look at the social and economic needs and strengths of this community. As part of this, on 18 May we are organising a number of local community-based groups and individuals to meet to see if a collective action plan to support improved social and economic wellbeing can be created within the South Dunedin area.”

Contact DCC on 03 477 4000.
DCC Link

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8 responses to “DCC leases space for South Dunedin community hub at Cargill Enterprises

  1. Elizabeth

    The temporary and permamnent hub should be on the main street, King Edward Street no less.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      King Edward Street is a long street, the coast end is further away from Pak’n’Save and the Warehouse, 2 major destinations that sell necessities unlike most of K.E. St, than 211 Hillside Rd.

  2. Elizabeth

    No dark alleys please. Make the hub prominent and close to main route bus stops – a number of vacant properties and spaces are available of appropriate scale and location in the immediate South Dunedin townscape precinct.

    Because it’s a shared space, DCC/Community use at the temporary hub is restricted to only 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. Hardly the convenient drop-in hub for ‘real’ G-wifi users, even if everyone that’s back-patting themselves has ticked their own glowing ‘social agency’ boffin boxes.

    At Facebook:


    Wed, 3 May 2017
    ODT: Hillside Rd pop-up hub expected to open midyear
    By Chris Morris
    The wait for a South Dunedin community hub to pop up is nearly over, after the Dunedin City Council yesterday confirmed the temporary facility would be in Hillside Rd. The council had signed a two-year lease for the Cargill Enterprises premises at 199 Hillside Rd. The hub was expected to open by the middle of this year, offering library services, a DCC service centre, Gig-speed Wi-Fi, meeting spaces and other public facilities. It was expected to be open for about 25 hours each week, spread across five days and including one evening and Saturday mornings, council arts and culture group manager Bernie Hawke said. The announcement came two months after South Dunedin Business Association chairman Craig Waterhouse voiced frustration at the time being taken to confirm the pop-up plans. Cont/

    █ Community groups and individuals will meet on May 18 to consider a “collective action plan” to lift the area’s social and economic wellbeing.

    DCC isn’t good at business or economics – good luck with that.

  3. Be a laugh if you got people travelling from elsewhere to the South Dunedin Community hub – because there’s really nothing like that in the central city. Hardly anywhere even to sit down in the warm and the dry in the central city without having to buy something in a coffee bar. But I suppose cities are now making their streets people-unfriendly so as to deter those who live and sleep on the streets.

  4. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:

  5. Elizabeth

    Former Dunedin City councillor Anne Turvey writes a very poignant letter.

    Sat, 6 May, 2017
    Otago Daily Times – Letter to the editor

    South Dunedin hub decision came after 27 years of trying
    Was it worth it? Yes. I believe that it was worth making a submission for a library in South Dunedin at every annual plan hearing for the past 27 years! This library was promised by the Dunedin City Council at the time of amalgamation in 1989 and was seen as part of a promise made to the amalgamating St Kilda Borough Council representative for what was then seen as an overdue amenity for the whole of the southern area.
    St Kilda stood aside in the face of the structural and other needs of the other five amalgamating authorities, not realising that the offer may not be honoured.
    I doubt that those who have planned this new community centre will agree the decision to provide a “hub” in South Dunedin (ODT 3.5.17) which will include this library has come about solely through pressure from the community but many have played their part in contributing their enthusiasm for it.
    Be warned though. This hub or community centre has been discussed at length over the years, only to disappear again. I am holding on to this promise and remind the community who will use it that it is a prize hardly won.

    Anne Turvey
    St Leonards

  6. Elizabeth

    Tue, 18 Jul 2017
    ODT: Library work begins
    By David Loughrey
    South Dunedin’s pop-up library and community hub was abuzz with power tools yesterday as work began in earnest in Hillside Rd. The hub will be in the unusual situation of sharing its space with local housie players, meaning the room will have to be cleared four days a week to make way for that activity. The hub, announced in May after the Dunedin City Council had trouble finding a permanent site for the long-awaited facility, has also become a pilot for the city’s new arts policy. […] Yesterday, council arts and culture group manager Bernie Hawke said he hoped the 200sqm space would open next month. Cont/

  7. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:

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