DCC 2017/18 Annual Plan —Call for Submissions by Mon 1 May at 5 pm

Updated post
Fri, 21 Apr 2017 at 3:37pm

The site owner has corrected the post below for Cr Hawkins’ name and apologises to the councillor for the error in judgement and any offence or distress the now deleted form of addresss may have caused. A full apology will be emailed to the councillor later today.


If you’ve stacked all your furniture up and carefully placed your mattress on top where it’s dry, here’s a DCC Sudoku to while away the hours before the FLOOD WATERS (what flood waters) recede from your property. Yarp, study the numbers and statements, the patterns, in the (draft) Annual Plan 2017/18, and go Bonkers.

The rain has become fractionally heavier for a moment due to AUTUMN WEATHER, that’s no reason not to try the DCC Sudoku. Do critique where YOUR MONEY is disappearing to, and slap Daaave’s wrist if you Disagree with the prescribed budget lines. Treat this as a warm-up for the Long Term (Community) Plan. Is your money ACTUALLY being spent on core infrastructure services, or more of the soft-goo and popcorn programmed by Cr Hawkins on behalf of the Labour/Greens vote in September.

The DCC summary of the current (draft) Annual Plan says:
“We’re on track. We listened carefully to you when we developed the Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) in 2015 and the Annual Plan for 2016/17. We’ve responded to calls to reduce our debt and rates increases and to provide services to high standards.”

Ah well. Rates increases at Dunedin are still far ahead of the national rate of inflation and…. are about to escalate strongly.*

[screenshot – click to enlarge]

*The council-owned Aurora/Delta fiasco is Not Mentioned by your elected mayor and councillors – that’s ONE BILLION DOLLARS WORTH of burnt asset (the totality of Otago’s electricity network) that Dunedin Ratepayers will have to (paying twice!) finance in replacement.

[screenshot – click to enlarge]

Active links:

Click here for the Annual Plan summary.

Submissions: Use this online feedback form.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DunedinCityCouncil
Twitter feed (@DnCity Council): http://twitter.com/DnCityCouncil

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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5 responses to “DCC 2017/18 Annual Plan —Call for Submissions by Mon 1 May at 5 pm

  1. KolA

    “3% per annum limit on our rates increases, unless there are exceptional

    there could be some hard decisions in the next LTP about service levels, increasing maintenance costs and affordability”.


  2. Calvin Oaten

    When they’re not able (or willing) to comment on the Delta/Aurora developments, the effect that will have on the Stadium debt or the running of, then why would we bother. Between them all it seems like they’ve missed out the guts of everything that’s wrong and just highlight the goodies.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Ack-Sen-Chu-8 the positive
    E-lim-in-8 the negative

    Latch on to the affirmative / Don’t mess with Mister SPin-Between

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Dave Cull has the gift of the gab down to a tee and will shuffle it off when the brown stuff hits the fan. Not that Aurora’s problems are not the fresh billing at the moment, but the Delta Yaldhurst situation seems no closer to solution either. In all respects there seems every indication that these two operations could well go down in flames with the inclement management stepping off the ship as it founders ever closer to bankruptcy. That is what happens when the elected Mayor and council sell out to the rugby ‘mafiosa’ and take the resources from the hapless managers of Delta/Aurora to fund its desperate measures to “save” rugby for the masses. Dunedin “It’s all right here” seems a distant echo from the past, not that it ever meant anything anyway. Just a ‘brain fart’ of Jimbo and Malcolm. “Where to now Dunedin” ought to be the question. Ratepayers all stand to attention and PAY!

  5. Elizabeth

    This is a sensible submission to the DCC Annual Plan – these are Our Records at Risk.

    At Facebook:

    Wed, 19 Apr 2017
    Call for archive protection
    By John Gibb
    The archives professional body is warning about the need to improve the protection of precious local government records, housed in a Dunedin City Council basement, near water and sewage pipes […] there had already been some leaking from overhead pipes in the Civic Centre basement, and any big leak or pipe failure could mean “disaster”, and precious records “could be destroyed”. These included records of the Dunedin City Council’s predecessor bodies, before local government amalgamation, as well as the records of former city departments, such as the gasworks. Also involved were infrastructure records going back to the 1850s, and showing official locations of bridges, gas, water and foul sewer pipes. Cont/

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