#RNZAFBlackFalcons performing over Dunedin’s St Kilda beach today

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[unfortunately Dunedin has fog and low cloud but we still Heard….. the #RNZAFBlackFalcons]

Photos received from Rose McRobie, maxing out her iPhone zoom:


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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    Sun, 9 Apr 2017
    ODT: Falcons impress in Queenstown display
    The Royal New Zealand Air Force Black Falcons aerobatic team  wowed onlookers with a display in the skies above Queenstown yesterday. ODT Online reader Trudy McKay sent in these images, taken from Fernhill, of what she described as an “awesome display”. The Queenstown visit was part of a South Island tour by the team to thank the public for its support during the air force’s 80th anniversary this year.

    Royal New Zealand Air Force T6C-II [via fencecheck.com]


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    Check out air force plane photos at this post:

    ### downunderaviationnews.wordpress.com
    Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) 80th Anniversary Air Tattoo 2017
    Report and photos by Marco Keller, New Zealand
    The Royal New Zealand Air Force held it’s celebratory 80th Anniversary Air Tattoo at Ohakea Air Base on the 25th and 26th February 2017. With a crowd of around 31,000 attending from around New Zealand from overseas over the 2 days, it was a great opportunity to see the Royal New Zealand Air Force on show along with some great military flying not always seen.
    The airshow was predominately focused on current operational military aircraft. Whilst there were a couple of older warbirds around, it was no where near the extent that Wanaka or Omaka display them. The RNZAF certainly made sure that it was a spectacle for all those who made it. There was a mass start of all current aircraft – A109, NH-90, SH-2G, T6C-II, B200, P3K, C130, B757 – and it was pulled off magnificently. Each of those conducted flying displays individually and as a group – except the B200.
    Not only was every aircraft fleet on display from the RNZAF, but aircraft from some of it’s closest allies. The Australians, Americans, Canadians, British, Japanese, Singaporeans and the French were all present at Ohakea over the weekend.
    Since the retirement of the RNZAF A-4 Skyhawk fleet in 2001, fast jets are a rarity within New Zealand, so the prospect of seeing the F-16’s from the USAF and the F/A-18’s from the RAAF put on thrilling performances certainly made the crowd enjoy them even more so. Credit must also be given to the pilots who pulled off the stunning displays. Singapore sent their F-15’s down as well, but they did not conduct aerial displays.

    More at https://downunderaviationnews.wordpress.com/royal-new-zealand-air-force-rnzaf-80th-anniversary-air-tattoo-2017/

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