Tunnel Beach #Dunedin #NZ

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█ drone footage…. watch in HD

T.Doan Published on Jan 15, 2017
Tunnel Beach – Dunedin NZ
A visit to Tunnel Beach in Dunedin NZ in Jan-17

Aerialpixel Published on Mar 17, 2016
Aerial, Tunnel beach, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, DJI Phantom 3 4k stunning view
We have been on a cruise through New Zealand and Australia and could shoot this wonderful stunning aerial footage of the tunnel beach in Dunedin.

Sam’s Playground Published on Jan 8, 2015
Tunnel Beach Drone Flight
Best watched 1080p. Tunnel Beach offers spectacular coast line scenery a short drive from Dunedin city. On the walk down the rolling green farm land and ocean views are rewarding (back up is a little harder). A hand mined tunnel leads to a private cove (Tunnel Beach) which is best accessed around low tide. Flight views taken with a TBS Discovery Pro drone | GoPro 3+ | Skyzone FPV goggles.

Exploring New Zealand Published on Nov 11, 2014
Dronie: Tunnel Beach, Dunedin – New Zealand in 4K
Tunnel Beach is located two kilometres south of Dunedin. The walkway is an easy one hour return walk – although there’s a bit of a climb involved on the way back to the car park. During spring the walkway is closed because of lambing. In the 1870s the tunnel was carved through a rock promontory to allow access to a secluded and sheltered beach the cliffs. The best time to go is around low tide. Filmed with DJI Phantom 2 & GoPro Hero 4 Black in 4K @ 30fps (Ultra HD).

█ ground access…. by standard video camera or GoPro

Alexey Abramovsky Published on Nov 21, 2016
Tunnel beach, Dunedin, New Zealand [at high tide]

SpotNFlo Published on Feb 17, 2016
Tunnel Beach Dunedin (4K)
The only way onto this secluded little beach near Dunedin is down a tunnel stairway carved out of the rock cliff that surrounds it….. Not for the faint hearted, the walk back up from the Beach is a good fitness test.

█████ [next video essential FUN viewing …….or why dogs deserve continuing access to our local beaches – stuff off Dunedin City Council with your proposed Reserves and Beaches Bylaw 2017]

Kate Davidson Published on Dec 19, 2015
Tunnel Beach – Dunedin, New Zealand
1st video editing effort with my new GoPro!

Yehad Rabba Published on Mar 17, 2015
Tunnel Beach , Dunedin – New Zealand
Fantastica y paradisiaca playa.. lo mas increible es como se llega a ella!

Azani Talhah Published on Dec 14, 2014
Tunnel Beach Dunedin : Miyas’ Queenstown Adventure!

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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2 responses to “Tunnel Beach #Dunedin #NZ

  1. russandbev

    No doubt about it that drone technology and incredible camera technology have led to the ability to show features in new and incredible ways. But apart from being a new way to visually promote an area all videos rely on telling a story in one way or another. Being able to fly a drone does not mean that the operator can tell a story.

    • Elizabeth

      True russandbev. Some will want to simply record place, marinescapes, landforms, textures, skies and atmospherics, plays of light and shadow, flora and fauna, individuals, people in relationship, whatever.

      Others will endeavour to craft stories about these visually – with or without audio.

      Typically, the more familiar you get with your ‘new’ recording devices and editing apps the more creative you get… if you can ‘visualise’, for the audience you decide (self or other).

      Some will load footage to Youtube leaving the assault of wind over the mike to disturb – not replacing this with music or commentary….

      For those used to variability of freely accessible contemporary music videos, there may never be a story as such, just a series of impressions that don’t thread, this leaves the viewer to their own storytelling on some level of identification; simply picking up on rhythms, beats, repeat lyrics, digital effects, hairstyles, consumer goods, frequent changes of costume and clothing, or ‘looks’….

      Screen life is increasingly flickering and random, this might not be a substitute for the skilled documentary approach but it can still be seriously involving and affecting.

      Since uploading the Tunnel Beach clips here yesterday, views have shot through the roof. I hope a few more people go buy drones and GoPro !!

      The mincer of rapid eye movement culture. What’s this doing to brains, and yes, storytelling or the ‘sharing’ ability of millennial and other global travellers.

      Rather than shredding, the result appears to be ‘commonality’ – an immediate grab working across the trade of ethnicities, cultures, places and languages. Global vernacular. A conceit.

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