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### Last updated 16:35, March 27 2017
Rugby Heaven
Marc Hinton: With apologies to ballroom dancing, Aussie rugby decline hits new low
OPINION: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Australian rugby, along comes this. Fellow Kiwis, please keep your sniggering to acceptable levels.

Latest research from Australia shows that rugby union now ranks alongside ballroom dancing in terms of participation levels.

Can the news get any more dire for a code in a spiral of decline across the ditch?
In fact this latest body blow might now make it official: Australian rugby is in the toilet. No one flush the dunny. Australian teams have played a collective 24 matches in 2017. They have won just six of them. On top of the continuation of the abject performances by Australian Super Rugby teams, whose record against Kiwi opposition this season now reads played seven, lost seven, and the recognition they now lack the resources to field five teams in the southern hemisphere’s pre-eminent franchise competition, the playing numbers debacle might represent the knockout blow.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

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4 responses to “Strong Opinion #lost(rugby)balls

  1. Gurglars

    400,000 people went to the AFL games on Saturday.

    Rugby Football is a poor fourth after AFL, Soccer and Rugby League in terms of bums on seats.

    Perhaps Kiwis should play AFL, at least the stadium would be full sometimes.

  2. Elizabeth


    ORFU board is now financially sound and, with money in the bank, it now has an asset base.

    Tue, 28 Mar 2017
    ODT: ORFU in healthy financial position
    By Steve Hepburn
    Five years on from nearly going under, the Otago Rugby Football Union now has assets of $1.5 million and equity of just under $1 million. The union has also appointed a second female director as the game continues to strive for diversity. At the union’s annual meeting last night, Jane Leahy was appointed as a director of the union, joining fellow Dunedin businesswoman Rowena Davenport as a female board member. Cont/

  3. KolA

    No wonder, rugby is very traumatic and dangerous sport so people started to realize it and opt out. Rest of the world plays football (erroneously called ‘soccer’ in some countries), ice hockey, basketball, tennis… In fact anything but rugby.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    So, the ORFU has assets of $1.5m and equity of $1m. Excellent, but when are they going to start paying some back for the massive free ride its had, and having from the people or ratepayers. A fare thing is a fare thing as they say, but this consistent hand in glove robbery has gone on long enough.
    Think about where their money comes from and it’s just obvious.

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