Brightness panicked [#effect]

What we like to see is President Donald J. Trump and his colleagues having a good go to crash the academic anaerobic anthropogenic climate change creepsters. The “effect” lands at Dunedin suddenly, with ODT supporting a septic tank on its front page. Dear old Lacksense Fudgebrain.

At Facebook:


Received from Douglas Field
Tue, 14 Mar 2017 7:42 a.m.

Subject: Jim Flynn’s rant in ODT
Message: God – those headlines in today’s paper are incredible. This guy is nothing more than a political activist – scientist he is not. Cull even giving space and having this clown attempt to convince the people of Sth Dunedin and St Kilda are doomed is nothing short of alarmist criminality given the economic condition of those people at present.

Later this morning . . .

“I’m sorry but I had to draw something on this bloody awful crap.”

“Well – intelligence does not necessarily equate with sense – Flynn seems to be proof of that. Reading the Wiki article he doesn’t seem to have had much of the latter – all over the place politically. But why on earth did Cull give this guy any oxygen. Yep I know!”

“….Richard S. Lindzen, Prof Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences
The following was sent by Lindzen to Trump. As you know, Lindzen is a pretty well versed physicist dealing with earth sciences but in this letter he sets out succinctly all that is wrong with Flynn’s arguments in that presentation written up in the ODT.”

“It is ‘hotting up’ in the US now that Scott Pruitt is in charge of the EPA.
There is a heap of screaming going on – mainly from Democrat senators and congressmen – but also from the tenured folk who will loose funding.
The ‘swamp is being drained’.”

“Ha ha”

“It will have a ‘flow on effect’ here and I think you can already see evidence of that – for example, Flynn’s outburst – but there are others – wouldn’t be surprised if Alan Mark doesn’t add his tuppence worth soon.”


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  1. Elizabeth

    April Fools comes early.

  2. Elizabeth

    At Twitter:

  3. Elizabeth

    To the new E.P.A. chief, concern for climate change, or just a basic belief in science, is yet another crazed form of political correctness.

    ###  March 10, 2017
    Scott Pruitt Rejects Climate-Change Reality
    By Amy Davidson  
    Scott Pruitt, President Donald Trump’s choice to run the Environmental Protection Agency, was explaining to CNBC’s Joe Kernen that the Paris climate accord was “a bad deal,” with provisions that were “not an America First type of approach,” when Kernen asked him if they could cut to the “nitty-gritty.” Did Pruitt believe that “it’s been proven that CO2 is the primary control knob for climate?”
    “No,” Pruitt replied. “No, I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do, and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact.” And then, lest anyone think that he was merely rejecting Kernen’s Spaceship Earth image of a planetary control board with big knobs on it—rather than the observation, validated by decades of data, of the profound effect of the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere—Pruitt added, “So, no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”
    Read more

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Sometimes it’s best not to be TOO much of a polymath.
    See Knitting, importance of sticking to one’s

  5. Calvin Oaten

    An interesting thing to me is the complete absence of any comments by the University’s Hannah and Bell, who collectively produced and published in 2012 regarding sea rise which became such a hot topic following the 2014 South Dunedin Floods. Strange that, unless they got the message from the hierarchy to keep their mouths shut if they wished to pursue their careers. This all notwithstanding the definitive proofs and history of just what is going on. Still, when they turn loose a raving fool like Flynn and the public support given by our Mayor and the ODT, I think I can understand.

  6. Gurglars

    I’d just like to open with a few bars of that great Leonardo Cohen epic song.

    “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallee loooouuya!

  7. Peter

    Would it be possible to debate the issue without the personalised attacks? I note the two academics who disagreed with Professor Flynn’s figures as being at the extreme end of possibility debated the issue, not the personality of Jim Flynn.

  8. Kleinefeldmaus

    I would like to emphasise one of the points that Professor Lindzen made in his letter to President Trump –

    “Observations show no statistically valid trends in flooding or drought, and no meaningful acceleration whatsoever of pre-existing long term sea level rise (about 6 inches per century) worldwide,”

    So please Mayor Cull and DCC – desist in your alarmist scaremongering and think about the negative effect you might be having on property values in that part of the city.

  9. russandbev

    Professor Flynn is on a political crusade and his area of expertise is not in climatology or anything associated with it. Talk to him about philosophy but I would have thought that he was one of the last people to listen to when discussing climatology.

    The University will not limit in any way what he says because of academic freedom so it is up to those that can spread his words to closely examine his credentials before giving him oxygen. That seemingly has not happened.

    As I’ve said many times in the past, following the money when looking at the issue of climate change will reveal just where the truth lies. The whole question of why and how the world’s climate has changed over the millenia has never been explained to universal agreement. But it does and on many different levels and of very different time scales. Those changes have occurred and will occur in the future. The argument is just how those natural changes will be modified by man-made activities.

    Flynn’s contribution does nothing to better understand or predict anything.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I agree with what you say, russandbev, while hoping you did not intend “As I’ve said many times in the past, following the money when looking at the issue of climate change will reveal just where the truth lies” to be applied to Jim Flynn. Jim Flynn never could be bought, not even when he was young and poor.

      • russandbev

        No, I can’t imagine Jim Flynn financially benefiting from the world-wide rort that is connected to the money round climate change. His motivations for speaking out and, as many would say, embarrassing himself in the process, are “political”, and no different from some other academics that I can think of that pursue their beliefs bolstered by academic waffle.

        It is just a shame in my mind that he has chosen to talk publicly on something that he is really not qualified to lecture on and a bigger shame that his content was not more closely examined before publication.

        I have to say that listening to Jim lecture on philosophy is another different matter – that is something that he has knowledge of.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      As for political crusade, I believe the Anthropogenic Climate Change movement has gathered, cult-like, many very sincere believers whose concern for the earth and all that live on it is 100% well-meant. We all seek out evidence to back up our beliefs, ahead of evidence to the contrary – academic training goes some way to moderate this innate human tendency but as is clear in innumerable instances in every field (education, penal policy, health, diet…) we remain stubbornly, humanly, flawed.

      • Elizabeth

        I really question editor Barry Stewart for offending, and with the likely effect of further impoverishing, the good people and businesses of Dunedin by allowing these senseless unproven allegations of property ‘inundation’ to power the front page. It’s as bad as the Mayor of Auckland Phil Goff blaming “climate change” (in part) for the heavy silting of drains with recent rains. I mean, Hello Weather!

        • Hype O'Thermia

          I’m disappointed Phil Goff didn’t also use Dave Cull’s Sth Dunedin swerve around infrastructure neglect: sea level rise.

  10. Ray McKendry

    Thanks Dr. Flynn for your kind words. Now my property values in South Dunedin have just dropped so low I won’t be able to sell.

  11. Calvin Oaten

    People like Mr Jim Flynn fly way above such things as house values being affected by his rantings. He is one of those very exalted strange types that crop up from time to time, bleat and depart. Generally nothing is upset, but when we have a similar raving Mayor it becomes a problem for the city. How do we shut them up? With the ODT being out of control and giving the front page to it we are in for interesting times, no doubt.

    • Elizabeth

      But Calvin, Flynn wrote the book on it. And Daaave is such a natural -ahem- leader.

      Toe rags (urban slang!)

  12. photonz

    Professor Flynn suggests we should fill the oceans with unmanned ships automatically making sea spray, but rules out a simple dyke system as “absurd”.

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    Given that many of the houses ARE built too low for normal-range “extreme!” events, and the means were demonstrated in Christchurch for lifting whole houses to take them elsewhere, why isn’t the big discussion about lifting houses and putting them back on higher foundations to take them above the inundation levels that can be non-hysterically expected in future? Future meaning whatever’s reasonable to house owner, considering age and condition of house and whether owners would rather move elsewhere anyway.

  14. Elizabeth

    Wed, 15 Mar 2017
    ODT: Flynn’s sea level figures disputed
    By David Loughrey
    Two University of Otago academics with expertise on climate change have questioned claims parts of South Dunedin could be uninhabitable in 17 years. Associate Prof Nicolas Cullen and senior lecturer Daniel Kingston have described the predictions by Jim Flynn as “very unlikely”.
    […] Prof Cullen, whose expertise includes glaciology and climate change, said Prof Flynn’s figures were “questionable”. […] Dr Kingston, whose expertise includes atmospheric circulation patterns and climate change, said he agreed with Prof Cullen. “The numbers in that article, like 5m by 2090, are at the very, very extreme end of what’s likely.” Cont/

  15. Calvin Oaten

    The timid refutations of the University ‘experts’ is frightening. It simply proves what a hot bed of ‘Climate Change’ people are in charge of the University systems are. That a raving old fart like Jim Flynn can have such an impact by just ‘ranting’ is frightening. It seems to stir any who have had the slightest connection with the University to leap on the bandwagon and go along with the charade. Just listen to that ‘expert’ from the ORC Mr Bodeker not to mention our own crowd waver Mayor Cull have to say. God help the South Dunedin folk.

  16. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:


    Wed, 15 Mar 2017
    ODT: Research lifts uni finances
    By Vaughan Elder
    ….The record level of external research funding pushed the university’s operating surplus last year up to $26.366 million, $10.927 million higher than budgeted. University chief financial officer Sharon van Turnhout told yesterday’s council meeting last year had been a “very, very good year”, driven by “remarkable progress” on externally funded research. […] The majority supported research in Dunedin, as opposed to the smaller Wellington and Christchurch campuses.
    ….The [financial] review also confirmed the university last year recorded its first year of overall enrolment growth since 2010, with numbers climbing 0.7% to 18,287 equivalent full time students (efts). A strong gain in first-year student numbers, up by 7.5%, more than offset some returning student decline. Student growth was shared between the divisions of commerce and health sciences, with gains of 1.6% (47 efts) and 2.6% (157 efts) respectively. Cont/

  17. Peter

    Calling Jim Flynn out for not being qualified because it is not his natural area of expertise might in the fullness of time prove to be correct. However that has not stopped other ‘experts’ on a very complex, scientific subject from doing the same despite their lack of qualifications.This includes the climate change deniers as well as the believers.
    We simply don’t know the full ramifications of what may or may not happen.
    The Jim Flynn story and its sequel is a case in point.
    Some people need to calm down and be prepared to see what transpires in the next decade or two and keep assessing what is/is not happening. Though l accept on both sides there are those whose views are likely to remain fixed no matter what.

    • JimmyJones

      Peter: Jim Flynn shouldn’t use his academic reputation to promote his loopy ideas. He seems to be taking advantage of his expertise in one area, to give a false appearance of creditability in an unrelated field. We could avoid personal attacks, and only attack his arguments, but I don’t think he deserves that.

      We don’t need to wait to see what transpires in the next decade or two because we have had long enough. The claim has always been that rapid warming and accelerating sea-level rise will happen very soon – but it never has. Instead what we get is indoctrinated children and manipulated global temperature data. After 30 years of alarmist propaganda, what has happened to South Dunedin is – nothing. There is no physical manifestation of any of their alarmist predictions. It’s a fabrication, a marketing trick. There is no evidence of any rising trend in South Dunedin ground-water (according to the ORC measurements). The only hazard is Dave Cull and his team, who show no interest in upgrading the drainage system to a modern standard.

      Waiting is dangerous, with people like Prof Flynn and Dave Cull trying to cause real harm to the prosperity and peace of mind of the residents of South Dunedin.

  18. Elizabeth

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  19. Elizabeth

    most important is a well rounded performance


  20. pb

    Question all scientists and so-called experts. 70% of modern scientific papers found to be junk:

  21. JimmyJones

    Hype O’Thermia: as well as the sincere believers (the deluded), there are also the insincere pragmatists who care about the end result and don’t care if they tell a few lies to get there. There is a variety of quotes saying it doesn’t matter if it’s true because they are making the world a better place – a sneaky type of income redistribution (between countries) seems to be the main objective.
    As well, it is the United Nations’ principal weapon used to promote their global political campaign. They call it various names: 2030 Agenda, Agenda 21, Local Agenda 21, Sustainable Development etc, and this campaign is integrated into all of the UN’s activities. The UN is evil. President Trump just announced a reduction in the US annual contribution to the UN. Very sensible.

  22. JimmyJones

    Prof Flynn, Emeritus Professor in Politics, deserves much criticism for his use of fake facts to support his presentation to the DCC councillors on Monday. He is said to have a good understanding of scientific methodology and so he should have known better than to use spindoctored, hyper-exaggerated data. Perhaps it was deliberate. Remember that he is a red-to-the-core Lefty, having been an initiating member of the New Labour Party and the Alliance Party. He was an Alliance electoral candidate for a few elections and was #4 on the Alliance list near the end. Here is what he got wrong:

    ● the sea level at Dunedin isn’t the ludicrous 10mm/year, it’s not the fake 3.5mm/yr, it’s only 1.3mm/yr (source- Statistics NZ). That means that 25cm of sea level rise will take 192 years not the 17 years that the panicky professor said.
    ● the 25cm danger level seems to be his own creation – the ORC LIDAR data shows that South Dunedin is mostly over 1.0 metre above sea level and only a handful of properties are below 500mm. Probably there are no houses within 25cm of sea level; he says there are 1932. For the sea level to increase by 1.0 metre will take 769 years. Put it on your calendar.
    ● fear-monger Flynn tells us about the “huge erosion of polar ice” that started in 2014 – unfortunately he didn’t check the sea-level data which shows us that nothing unusual has happened to the sea level since 2014.
    ● Prof Flynn tried to scare us by saying that insurance companies are unlikely to cover sea-level rise in their policies in future (ODT- Flynn’s sea level figures disputed), but it turns out that even now, none of us are insured for sea-level rise. There has never been cover for gradual damage. He’s talking crap.
    ● The Otago Regional Council has had groundwater sensors at South Dunedin for several years and they tell us that there is no detectable increase in groundwater level (no increasing trend).

    In fact, there is no reason for a rising sea to cause rising groundwater. There is no connection, except for some places which are close to the shoreline. Also, the South Dunedin groundwater level is about 600mm above sea level and so it is mostly not affected by the sea, since water doesn’t flow uphill. Have a look for yourself: the ORC has recently given us (almost) live groundwater sensor graphs for South Dunedin and other places – thanks ORC. There are four South Dunedin groundwater sites:

    Of the four groundwater sensors only the one closest to the shoreline shows a tidal influence. Other places similarly close to the sea are likely to have some tidal influence on their groundwater level. Further inland there is no effect.

    • Elizabeth

      JimmyJones, thank you. Your comment will be raised to a post later.

      Ran into a couple of elderly people from South Dunedin today who were obviously distressed by the monster piffle put out by Jim Flynn and who were fearful of what this would cause DCC to do next to the value of their only asset which has gouged succession value for their children, thanks to the likes of freaking Cull and his bandits.

      • JimmyJones

        It’s appalling – much more obscene that that french tourist shitting in the gutter, thinking that no-one was watching – well we are all watching Dave Cull and his cling-ons and we know that when they are gone there will be a big smelly mess left behind. The longer they stay, the bigger the pile.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      JimmyJones, I think they have this covered: “Flynn tells us about the “huge erosion of polar ice” that started in 2014 – unfortunately he didn’t check the sea-level data which shows us that nothing unusual has happened to the sea level since 2014.”
      *explanation* : there is a delay before effects are felt, then they happen really fast. Same with use of fossil fuels and all the other anthropogenic planet-murdering practices.
      You really should keep up – with the “reasons” predictions that haven’t come true aren’t wrong, I mean.
      It won’t be long before Paknsav have kayaks instead of shopping trolleys.

  23. Peter

    A great shame I will not be around to see the inundation of the stadium, but I suspect it will be torn down well before then. As in having reached its use-by date.

    • Mike

      speaking of which, the EFTE roof was supposed to last 10 years, how is the budgeting for replacement going? …. they’re putting aside profits from DVL to pay for it right? it would be a shame if the poor little snowflake rugby players got wet.