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With a full calendar of events designed to send you into fashion heaven, iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2017 kicks off on Saturday March 18, 2017! Featuring exhibitions, designer talks, runway shows, open design studios in the iD Hub at Dunedin’s Golden Centre Mall, and more, Dunedin is set to come alive with an amazing fashion week.

Tickets are still available from Ticketmaster for iD’s premier shows – the iD International Emerging Designer Awards and the iD Fashion Show at the Dunedin Railway Station.

Secure your seats today!



This year’s iD International Emerging Designer Awards will be moved from the Dunedin Town Hall to the Dunedin Railway Station giving emerging finalists from around the world an opportunity to be part of the unique Railway platform runway experience associated with iD’s premier Fashion Show.

“This is an outstanding opportunity for these young designers to be more integrated with the overall events of iD Fashion Week,” says iD Committee Chair Cherry Lucas.

“Experiencing the magic of iD’s iconic runway show at the Railway Station as a new designer is exciting and unique. And for iD audiences, this is a fabulous opportunity to see the platform runway reinvented through the iD Awards, with all its distinctive, edgy and experimental qualities that people love to see.”

The venue will also enhance the audience’s experience, giving fashion lovers a closer look at the designs, say organisers.

“I’m so excited for the audience,” says Otago Polytechnic Professor of Fashion Dr Margo Barton.

“I get to see these creations up close every year but I never cease to be amazed by the creative talent out there. For the first time the audience will have that up-close experience too.”
Ms Lucas says the move to the Railway has also helped reduce set up time.

“This is the first year that we have had a large cruise ship visit on the day of our Railway Show. A growing number of logistical challenges were developing and it was decided that by bringing the set-up forward a day, many of the logistical challenges we were facing could be avoided or reduced.”

Ticketmaster and the iD team are working together to ensure all the current ticket holders receive similar seating to what has been purchased for the new venue. Current ticket holders will be contacted by Ticketmaster.

The iD International Emerging Designer Awards is supported by the principal partner for the event, the Otago Polytechnic.

iDFW insider Published on Mar 2, 2017
Meet 2017 iD Awards finalist Zhuxuan He
Meet University of Technology Sydney fashion graduate Zhuxuan He as she prepares for the 2017 iD International Emerging Designer Awards to be held in Dunedin, New Zealand in March.

As iD’s major sponsor, Dunedin’s Golden Centre Mall becomes the iD Hub every year, holding meet and greet experiences with international guests and awards winners, alongside catwalk shows, VIP events and shopping experiences. Dunedin’s Golden Centre Mall is the city’s most fashionable retail space, with shops such as Hype, I Love Paris, Storm, Ziera, and Platypus offering shoppers fabulous clothing and shoes from New Zealand and abroad. The Golden Centre has been a major partner with iD for the past seven years.

This year’s Hub offerings include an open studio from the Otago Polytechnic’s School of Design, meet-and-greets with iD awards winners on Friday March 24, and many more events that you’ll find at


O T H E R ● V I D E O S

iDFW insider Published on Feb 15, 2017
iD Fashion week 2017 – Teaser
The 13th annual iD International Emerging Designer Awards will take place during iD Fashion Week (Dunedin, NZ) 18 – 26 March 2017. One of this year’s 35 international finalists Cecily Reed (a graduate of the Otago Polytechnic) shares some of her designs for the Awards.

iDFW insider Published on Oct 18, 2016
iD Fashion Show 2016
Set along one of the world’s longest catwalks on the platform of Dunedin’s historic Railway Station, the iD Fashion Show 2016 featured UK-based designer Emilia Wickstead, alongside top Kiwi designers including Kate Sylvester, Zambesi, NOM*d, Carlson, Company of Strangers, Mild-Red and Charmaine Reveley.

OtagoDailyTimes Published on Mar 17, 2016
Dunedin iD International Emerging Designer Awards
iD International Emerging Designer Awards is New Zealand’s largest fashion design competition and a highlight of the iD Dunedin Fashion Week. Thirty finalists have been selected from a field of over 90 applications from some of the world’s most prestigious design schools. All finalists will be in Dunedin to present their collection and vie for the cash prizes, internships and other benefits provided to the winning designers.

Channel 39 Published on May 1, 2016
Dunedin International Emerging Designers Awards 2016
Highlights of the 2016 iD Dunedin fashion week show. Featuring live performances from the ‘Dunedin Sound’ Musicians, zealander 2, Carter, Morley and Yeats….


█ Criticism. Frankly, iD Fashion organisers, get over yourselves – let’s hope there’s better music for this year’s runway shows! The dismal so-called ‘Dunedin Sound’ was an abject failure, on and off made the audience grossly uncomfortable. Must’ve been bloody hard for the runway models – JFC, bad enough watching the videos!

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2 responses to “iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2017

  1. Elizabeth

    Watching the Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards on television brings back memories for many of us around in the 1960s to 1990s. Rebecca Fox takes a look at a new exhibition paying tribute to its role in fashion. (ODT)

    Wed, 15 Mar 2017
    ODT: Turning dreams to gold
    By Rebecca Fox
    Life & Style Fashion
    Neither wearable art nor street wear, the fashion featured in the Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards always surprised. The awards, considered the premier fashion design event in the country, ran from 1964 to 1998, although following the abolition of cigarette sponsorship in 1995, the awards became known as the Smokefree Fashion Awards. From the mid-1980s, the show was televised, becoming a must-watch in many New Zealand households.
    Dunedin researcher Dr Natalie Smith has always been interested in fashion’s role in society, completing her PhD in art fashion and master’s degree on the wearable art awards. “I was looking for a meatier project in my post-PhD life and I kept coming back to the Benson and Hedges.”
    In 2014, she received a Ministry for Culture and Heritage New Zealand History Research Trust Fund Award to assist with her research on how entrants constructed their identity as designers against the backdrop of significant changes in New Zealand’s social, cultural and political landscape.
    That research is now being used as the basis for an exhibition “When Dreams Turn to Gold” at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery co-curated by Smith and DPAG curator Lucy Hammonds. Cont/

    The exhibition
    “When Dreams Turn to Gold: The Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards”, Dunedin Public Art Gallery
    March 18-June 15

    Offering glamour, spectacle, opportunity and reward, the Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards elevated the profile of New Zealand fashion from the 1960s to the 1990s. The awards offered a platform for design excellence, high style, cultural change and political comment. Featuring garments, photography and film footage, When Dreams Turn to Gold explores the changing face of recent New Zealand fashion through the lens of this prominent award. Co-curated by Lucy Hammonds and Dr Natalie Smith, with curatorial support from Andrea Bell.

  2. Elizabeth

    Tonight, first of the Catwalk shows at Dunedin Railway Station tonight [Dunedin International Emerging Designers Awards 2017].

    Thu, 23 Mar 2017
    ODT: ‘Craziness’ key to something special
    By David Loughrey
    From outfits that barely covered the essentials to others that concertinaed, floated and bounced around their models, the output of this year’s emerging fashion designers confounded the medium, and sometimes the judges. But ”a little craziness” was most definitely encouraged – for quite practical reasons – as graduates from New Zealand to Argentina, Austria, Shanghai and elsewhere dressed their models to impress. Yesterday was judging day for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, a day in which underpants made more than one quite unexpected appearance on supposedly fully clothed models, and the designs on show brought plenty of ”oooohs” and ”whoas”. Judging day, which takes place the day before the awards, allows judges to question each designer on their creations, the intentions behind the design, and the work that went into it. Cont/


    Channel 39 Published on Mar 21, 2017
    Judging begins for Emerging Designers
    iD Fashion Week judges in Dunedin are at this moment sifting through entries in the Emerging Designer category looking for winners. The designers are showing their creations at the Dunedin’s Railway Station for the first time, allowing the public get up close and personal with the garments.

    iDFW insider Published on Mar 15, 2017
    Meet Ann Xiao – 2017 iD International Emerging Designer Awards finalist
    Being chosen for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards has been incredibly humbling…

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