Mr Trump, help !!! [councils gunked up on Mythical man-made climate change, Again] #!$%^&!@#

D R A I N ● T H E ● S W A M P ● A T ● D U D

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Dunedin City Council – Media Release
International review of rising groundwater protection options

This item was published on 02 Mar 2017

International experience in managing rising groundwater is being reviewed as part of a broad project on the future of South Dunedin.

The Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council are preparing a programme of work that will develop possible options to mitigate or manage the effects of rising groundwater in South Dunedin. Any options developed will have to be investigated further and discussed with the community.
DCC Group Manager Water and Waste Laura McElhone says, “To help us with this overall project, we want to have a better understanding of how communities elsewhere in the world have managed the challenge of rising groundwater, particularly in areas that have similar social, economic and environmental settings to South Dunedin.”
The two councils have jointly contracted global environmental specialists Golder Associates to carry out an international review of places where protection options have been, or are being, put in place to manage rising groundwater. Golder Associates, which has a strong New Zealand presence, will be working with not-for-profit organisation Deltares, based in the Netherlands, which has international experience in this field. The two councils will pay an equal share of the $36,000 contract.
ORC Director Engineering, Hazards and Science Gavin Palmer says many cities around the world are facing the same issue of rising groundwater so much can be learned from experience elsewhere. “This review will incorporate what protection options have been used elsewhere, what has worked and lessons learnt. This information, along with our own science and monitoring, will help us and the community to identify viable options for South Dunedin.”
The contract was awarded last month and the work is expected to take about 10 weeks. The DCC and ORC are working together to develop and deliver a programme that responds to the climate challenges facing South Dunedin, while recognising the broader impacts across Dunedin and the wider region. The Otago Regional Council released a report in July 2016 outlining the hazards facing South Dunedin. The report pulls together information and analysis gathered over seven years, particularly regarding the increased likelihood of surface flooding associated with rising sea level. This was followed up by drop-in public information sessions held jointly with the DCC. The two councils are also collaborating with other groups and agencies in South Dunedin to develop more effective communication channels.
Dr McElhone says, “We are at the beginning of a long term project to plan for climate change. Once we have a lot of this technical information together, we will be able to discuss next steps with the community.”

Contact Group Manager Water and Waste on 03 477 4000.

DCC Link


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9 responses to “Mr Trump, help !!! [councils gunked up on Mythical man-made climate change, Again] #!$%^&!@#

  1. pb

    Climate change is the weapon of choice to bring about the global socialist revolution.

    Instead of draining the swamp, why not fill the harbour. It was good enough for the city’s founders. They had no flat land, and an annoying hill, so they simply moved Bell Hill into the muddy harbour and created the vast swathes of Dunedin’s industrial land.

    I propose hooking into the quarry hill opposite the stadium, on a vastly more panoramic scale. Level it, artistically, and dump it into the harbour, extending from the Yacht Club to Ravensbourne. Imagine the value in that land! Move a few rowing clubs. Create some massive sporting fields. Get the sun shining on Ravensbourne in the afternoon.

    Don’t worry about liquefaction. Most of Dunedin would be liquidated in an earthquake. It is built on mud. But not the new flat land where Signal Hill used to be! Roll with it.

    • Mike

      If you want to cheaply reclaim a whole lot of land to extend the city, and to protect against sea level rise you’re far better off building dikes at Port between the islands.

      Remember Dunedin’s lowest point is already protected by dikes from flooding, though they are not high enough and occasionally fail (of course I’m talking about the airport).

  2. Peter Hall

    Puny mankind cannot affect the climate. Man made climate change is a crock generating fabulous income streams for a lot of companies, organisations and individuals. It’s a natural cycle, like everything in a humans life ( cycle )… Everything in nature cycles. It’s a natural cycle, not affected by puny humans!

  3. Elizabeth

    Let’s drum up as much unnecessary consultancy and superfluous engineering work as ‘climate change’ can ultimately traffic ratepayer dollars to private pockets.

    At Facebook [Video]:

    Fri, 3 Mar 2017
    ODT: Experts to help plan for ground water rise
    ….The initiative comes three years after the DCC commissioned a report by Beca, which in 2014 recommended a $75million network of pumps and wells, to draw groundwater away from South Dunedin over the coming decades. Pumps would be needed first, perhaps by 2040, and could cost $10million to install, while wells needed by 2090 could cost $65million, initial estimates suggested.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    I remember when we built our new building on Andersons Bay Rd in 1975 or thereabouts. It is No. 541 if interested, and during the excavation for the footings we experienced tidal fluctuations into the trenches, up to within around 300cm of the surface. It was such a problem that we had to wait for dead low tide to pour, and to use rapid hardening concrete. Once that was done the rest was history and the building completed. Still there today, some 42 years later. ‘Balls ‘ to rising groundwater I say.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    My cousin lived in Botha Street and had a garden… there are SO MANY people living out south, or lived there at some stage, who know how close water was to the surface back 40, 50 or more years ago. So how has this “ground water rise” gravy train been licensed for money removal from ratepayers’ funds? It should have been turned down on [mental] Health and [fiscal] Safety grounds.

  6. JimmyJones

    Hype O’Thermia: the $36,000 cost of this fake investigation is only a small part of the DCC+ORC’s communication plan for their Climate Change evangelisation of the citizens of the city. It will continue: they won’t be content until people are too scared to live in South Dunedin. They want it to be a ghost town. They want to change the reality of South Dunedin so that it fits the deluded visions of their diseased minds. By doing this they will be creating what they will believe is proof that Global Warming and sea-level rise are real. The South Dunedin ghost-town will become a monument to their twisted beliefs. All the other Climate Change sickos of the world will be in adoration of this manifestation of their truly held beliefs.

    South Dunedin doesn’t deserve this. All they need is a fully functioning stormwater system – but what they have got is Dave Cull and his team of Climate Crusaders.

  7. Elizabeth

    At Twitter:

  8. Kleinefeldmaus

    Jan Wright simply wants to reintroduce the ‘fart’ tax. Silly old moo.

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