Delta #EpicPoleFail : Tuesday’s problem at Waldronville

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 at 5:40 p.m.


CD’s Latest from Delta

Today’s Pole Replacement Failure Debacle :

The following is not a promising portent for the pole programme; Delta/Aurora replaced 5-6 poles at Waldronville very recently, like a couple of weeks ago…. The infamous algorithm said everything was hunky-dory. However real humans got in the way, and now, the freshly installed NEW poles ….have red and blue tags (Blue = structural defect). The poles were not installed correctly. Apparently the poles were installed near a ditch, possibly by an inexperienced new subcontract crew, or perhaps without a proper set of installation instructions because there are now no longer enough engineers and experienced staff at Delta/Aurora to function properly.   

Godfrey and the Gyroscope, we look forward to your fake takes on this episode.


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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7 responses to “Delta #EpicPoleFail : Tuesday’s problem at Waldronville

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Several years ago a gang of council workers were doing a job up our street. “That’s not going to work,” I said to them. “WE know that,” was the response. “We just do what we’re told.” Told, by someone paid 3x what they earn, with a degree or two and some diplomas, who wasn’t open to learning anything from “underlings”, a.k.a. insubordinate troublemakers if they try to point out real-life facts.

  2. Gurglars

    Monkeys being paid like Einsteins

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Yes, it’s interesting what goes on. A few weeks ago Wingatui Road, that runs past my house, was resurfaced, widened and raised between 6 inches and about 18 inches. I presume for the convenience of Highland Park and the considerable inconvenience of the rest of us.

    The process of resurfacing it interested me. What I am used to seeing is the preparation of a sub-surface and then the application of 1-2″ of tarseal by a giant tracked gizmo. The seal is then promptly rolled flat while still steaming – and there’s your road.

    This didn’t happen this time. What happened was a strange process by which the surface seemed to appear gradually and was combed over several days by a 4 x 4 towing a giant brush affair. No giant gizmo, and no steam. And particularly – no solid tarseal going down, yet a sealed surface of sorts gradually appeared, which was then marked out.

    It seemed a bit friable, and after the not-terribly-hot day yesterday its frailties were revealed, stones and liquid muck were everywhere – along with a generalised distortion and disintegration of this nearly brand new surface at the junction with Factory Road.

    I suppose, that a bit like the CTV building, this mess will turn out to be nobody’s fault and the whole 1.5 kilometres or so will now be done properly on a cost plus basis. If anybody knows any more about this strange, new (bargain????) DCC road surfacing procedure I’d be interested to know more about it.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    The process of disintegration continued today. Now a 30 kph limit on the affected parts.

  5. Wingatui Flyer

    You are onto it, Rob. The road has been raised to protect your mate’s development. Now as the Taieri is a flood plain, and raising Wingatui Rd will interfere with stormwater and surfacewater flow, the question that needs to be asked is: By raising 1.5km of Wingatui Rd, did DCC require a resource consent from the ORC to raise the road? Others have felt the heavy hand of the ORC for interfering with surface and stormwater flows. But may be they just didn’t have mates in the right places.

  6. Wingatui Flyer

    Rob, your mate has got it sussed. No trucks down one side of his development, and no stormwater intruding down the other side. I thought that they had put in an extra large stormwater pipe, and pumping station to assist the development. Was that down Wingatui Rd ?

  7. Elizabeth

    People out Waldronville Brighton way on visual reconnaissance tell me the aforementioned power poles (I’ve no idea where they are exactly) haven’t yet been tagged in those lovely primary colours. Nope. But that’s the Delta assessment – hurrah.
    I really don’t know what to think. Other than:
    Don’t climb poles anytime soon, y’all.

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