Aurora/Delta can’t be trusted on dangerous poles —some reasons why

Primed to FAIL.

Richard Healey reveals the dreadful reality of Aurora’s fast-track pole replacement program to be rolled out by Delta and other crews, with little regard for workplace safety —or public safety.

In a frightening note posted at Facebook tonight, Richard says:

So what are we looking at? A divided workforce, where there is an us and them culture, with many off network workers, [led] by people, some of them with little or no leadership experience, who don’t have skills managing multiple teams or complex projects, working on a decayed asset, much of which has been mysteriously upgraded by some backroom process, presided over by a group of people with a vested interest in covering up mistakes and aiming for an unachievable target in a pressure cooker environment, for a company with two convictions for unsafe work practices in the last seven years?

Surely not – that sounds like Pike River Coal Ltd. But maybe if you have no background in the industry, and your previous job involved dodging bombs and bullets, it all sounds pretty reasonable?

Please read the whole note, and click on each of the links Richard provides:

Good news! Delta plan to have all the condition zero poles replaced by April 30th.
Richard Healey · Monday, 30 January 2017
The bad news? I think the chances of a serious injury, or a death, are extraordinarily high.

Why? Let me count the reasons:

In the last 20 years, the largest number of replacement zero or one poles Delta has achieved in a year is around 400. Don’t believe the bollocks that Grady Cameron comes out with about Delta having “replaced” thousands of poles in the last two years. Here’s a clip from their website.

Aurora Energy has replaced 1,670 poles in the past two years, of which 802 were either condition 0 and 1. We have already replaced 155 poles in the first four months of this year”.

Just how thick do you think the people of Otago are? From September 2014 to September 2016 Delta’s own GIS system shows 1528 poles installed, for all reasons. Many of those poles were new installs, most for new irrigation load – they were not replacements.

But let’s look at the sterling work you have done in the “first four months of this year” – 155 poles! That works out to 465 for a whole year, hmmm… that would be about half the number of poles that you claim to have replaced in each of the previous two years!

So let’s get this straight, you are claiming that in the last four months your replacement program has halved in speed? But now, miraculously, you are going to replace more than 1000 condition zero poles in a couple of months? So an increase in the rate of replacement of around 1300% – thirteen times the rate of replacement that you are achieving now. Bugger it, let’s be generous, let’s say that by some miracle you kick all this off tomorrow and have three months to finish, that would be an 860% increase in the speed of replacement.

So how is this sleight of hand to be performed? Well, more crews. That’s got to be good right?


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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3 responses to “Aurora/Delta can’t be trusted on dangerous poles —some reasons why

  1. Elizabeth

    At Facebook yesterday, Richard Healey said the “official count for the accelerated program, announced in October last year is – NIL”

    Grady Cameron IS NOT IN CONTROL
    We pay Grady an arm and a leg, don’t we (OK, well, more than that to twiddle his thumbs and do up his house on his lifestyle block) —so why no progress on the accelerated pole replacement program ?

  2. Gurglars

    Richard, it’s not that Grady Cameron thinks we’re thick. He knows.

    We are thick, all of us.

    We elect fools and we pay idiots over $500,000 p.a. to do nothing.

    We are all thick, write it down and contemplate it.

    • Elizabeth

      Gurglars, luckily for us all, Richard sees through most of the inadequacies presenting in his line of business and qualifies as a highly competent communicator and educator. Always, good faith leadership and strength is required to turn minds.

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