Richard Healey : How Aurora’s lines killed in-calf dairy cows and some sheep

No, really.

M A N D A T O R Y ● R E A D I N G ● F O R
Y O U R ● P E R S O N A L ● S A F E T Y ● A R O U N D ● L I N E S

The following note at Facebook also includes a LGOIMA request directed to Grady Cameron, CE Aurora/Delta, and his interim reply.

Death on the Taieri
Richard Healey · Friday, 27 January 2017
Why should you care about eight dead cows and a dozen dead sheep? Let me explain… In 2010 eight cows were electrocuted on a farm on Maungatua Rd. You can read the story here. Have a close look at this photo:


The black line about a quarter of the way down from the top is 33,000 Volt powerline. The round object attached to it, just to the right of center, is the top section of an insulator that has failed. Now look carefully at this photo…


Reiteration of the SAFETY VIDEO showing at Richard’s Facebook note – please share it widely.

Fortis Alberta Published on Jun 17, 2013
Step and Touch potential
Watch what to do and not to do in the event of a power line contact.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: – dead dairy cows by Stephen Jaquiery, Maungatua Rd, 2010


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2 responses to “Richard Healey : How Aurora’s lines killed in-calf dairy cows and some sheep

  1. nick

    You would have to say that Delta has been playing Russian Roulette with its lines and the public for so long now that they think their chances of another human death are pretty slim – enough to risk more near misses.

    Either that, or they have an extremely benevolent Insurer with some hugely generous Public Liability clauses, covering for injury and/or death through negligence. That’s unheard of in my experience.

    Perhaps an official request for A/D’s insurance cover information might help allay some of our fears. I wouldn’t like to see the poor old ratepayers having to foot the bill for any civil litigation over another death that insurance won’t cover.

    • nick

      Or perhaps it’s just enough for the Aurora – Delta directors, as intimated recently by Mr McLauchlan, to recognise their own liability under April ’16 H+S legislation, for which they have already arranged ‘directors insurance cover.’

      Bugger the public risk . . . we’re all right.

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