SH1 Cycleway : Carnage for Dunedin road users and city parking

The cycleway construction MANGLE is a MASSIVE over reaction to the loss of just two lives – TWO academics(!), who individually decided to risk their lives on the State Highway rather than take available quiet streets.

NZTA corralled by the DCC upstarts such as Mayor Cull, Cr Wilson and the dreadful DCC transportation planners…. is about to cripple the State Highway one-way system that caters for motorists, our trucking companies and large freight movers – as well as savage the public resource of city car parks.
258 parks to be lost.

Expect more cycle deaths and maiming as a result of the new segregated cycleways.

New Zealand road deaths are rising. An indictment but not due to the use of pedal cycles in urban centres so much as motor vehicles and motorbikes on the open road —no one, it appears, likes to wear seat belts, keep their speed down, stay free of distraction, or drive on the correct side of the road, any more. The Road Rules represent real inconvenience for petrolhead homies and overseas nationals.

The Liability Cull council likes to believe cyclists are important in a hilly aging town – or that the absolutely Vast minority of toasted ones were important (just the 2). But cycling, like skiing and boarding, has the excitement of the odd bruise, graze, break or concussion. Mincemeat too, is an option. Not sure it isn’t ‘natural’ to dice.

So we all must pay. And pay again on the one-ways.

This is yet another disreputable DCC detour from putting public funds (ours!) to core infrastructure. We know what core is.

Latest cost estimates for the SH1 segregated cycleways, noted as $8M in the DCC propaganda published by Pravda, are set to spiral wildly out of control – a certainty!

All that DCC touches in its project work FAILS, immeasurably so, since council staff time and labour costs are kept fully hidden to keep the populace from casting pitchforks at the suited ones (men and women with desks at the City) who pillow out on stipends and salaries.

Give us a break. People die every day.
Why should that disfigure our heavy transports of delight….
The evil DCC staccato of red lights through town is bad enough.

More information on UGLY….

New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Dunedin one-way system separated cycle lanes

Dunedin City Council
Cycle lanes in the city | Proposed Cycle Network


### ODT Online Thu, 26 Jan 2017
SH1 cycleway work to start
By David Loughrey
Work will start soon on an $8 million separated cycleway on Dunedin’s one-way system. The project is intended to provide safe cycling on a roading system overrepresented in fatal and serious crashes, with [merely!] two fatalities since 2011. The first stretch to be built will run between the Botanic Garden and Albany St. Work is expected to start in May.
Read more

“The loss of parking [258 parks] is justified in terms of safety, and supporting cycling can reduce parking pressure in the long term.” –University

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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12 responses to “SH1 Cycleway : Carnage for Dunedin road users and city parking

  1. Raymond

    It was a long time in planning. Does anyone know how much “consultation” was done?

  2. Elizabeth

    Thu, 26 Jan 2017 at 9:01 p.m.

    Mayor to introduce rating system that will ban vehicles with the worst driver visibility from capital’s roads by 2020

    A significant proportion of cyclist deaths involving lorries in London happen when the truck turns left across the bike, with the driver unable to properly see anything in a large area around around the truck, or does not properly check all their mirrors.

    ### Fri 30 Sep 2016 at 11.25 BST
    First published at 09.00 BST
    Thousands of lorries to be banned from London for cyclist safety
    By Peter Walker
    Tens of thousands of lorries with poor visibility will be banned from London’s roads within four years to better protect cyclists and pedestrians, the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has announced. Road safety campaigners have long called for action against some types of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), especially high-wheeled construction lorries, which have significant blindspots. […] Khan’s plans, immediately welcomed by cycling groups, will give construction trucks and other HGVs a star-based safety rating from zero to five, based on the amount of vision the driver has. By January 2020, those with a zero rating – primarily construction trucks with a high cab and big clearance under the wheels – will be banned. By 2024, only trucks rated three stars – “good” – or above will be allowed in the city.
    ….However, the Road Haulage Association said the plans were unfair. Its chief executive, Richard Burnett, said: “Lorries, including construction vehicles, play a vital part in the economic life of London. Without them the capital’s businesses would grind to a standstill.
    ….A series of organisations have sought to design lorries with significantly better surrounding visibility. The European parliament has passed a law obliging the use of such trucks, although the new standards will not come into force until 2022.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      As a driver I’m uneasy coming up to lights when on the left of some of those vehicles. Did the driver indicate left turn while we were travelling side by side? Will the truck do the wide left turn from straight ahead lane – because it is too big for staying in correct lane when turning?
      That “too big for staying in correct lane” issue isn’t going to improve with cycle lanes now the same width as vehicle lanes – especially where the vehicle lanes are barely wide enough for a normal camper-van.
      Are cycle lanes that wide so cyclists can ride side by side for company or competition? Is it so that fast cyclists can overtake slow ones?
      Motorists stuck behind slow motorists will be delighted if it’s the latter reason, since it implies all vehicle lanes will at the same time be widened for their benefit. [Not a joke, this summer is so bad hell is about to freeze over.]

  3. Elizabeth

    Fri, 27 Jan 2017
    Cycleway development divides the pundits
    Dunedin’s $8 million cycleway on the city’s one-way system has the support of educational, motoring and cycling interests — but it has been given an overwhelming black mark by many Otago Daily Times readers … the ODT Facebook page attracted plenty of negative comment. Of the more than 350 comments, the vast majority opposed the project.Cont/

  4. Rumbold

    It is reported in the ODT. That AA Otago District Council deputy chair Alan Race said the organisation had been involved as the project developed. “It’s good to see it happen.” He is later reported as being happy with the consultation they had with the NZTA. A question for Mr Race. How much (if any) consultaion did the AA have with its membership on this issue before the AA decided to support this project ? As a member of AA, and other members spoken to, Nobody appears to have been consulted on this project, that will have major effects on all members. Safety and parking being only two of many concerns.

    • Elizabeth

      Rumble. If you minimise identification of ‘stakeholders’ to consult then projects can be steamrollered into place very simply. It’s called capture. It’s dangerous and anti-democratic.

      Guilty: NZTA, DCC, Spokes, AA, University of Otago and Otago Museum – and frankly, to hell with anyone else affected.

  5. Pb

    Why not finish the gap toothed portobello rd track? That ride is awesome and would be Dunedin’s rail trail.

    The one way work is green politics jammed down our throats. Gag.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    The one-way isn’t green politics – well, if all cycle lanes are green politics it is, but not the one-way scheme in particular. Putting cycle lanes on SH1 is putting the desire for “free money” from Jimbo Harland’s NZTA. If cycle lanes are put more safely, more sensibly, on roads that aren’t the main highway that trucks use to get into, out of and through Dunedin, the DCC won’t get the NZTA subsidy.
    One might say they’re putting money-saving ahead of cyclists’ safety.

  7. pb

    Makes sense. Encouraging cyclists onto SH1 is madness. The intersections are killers.

    Plenty of cities have done away with all traffic signs, bicycle tracks and found that accidents dropped dramatically. But this is old news…

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Of course it’s safer to reduce intrusive “safety”. It’s madness to encourage the belief that “they” have removed danger from life so one can – and might as well – sleepwalk through it. Sleepwalk or plug ears with non-survival-relevant input, focus eyes on anything but the world around one.
      Learning to drive, I was drilled in the importance of looking at the road ahead, the rear vision mirrors, both sides in case of traffic (motor and cycle) at side roads and driveways, and pedestrians, especially children who were to young to have learned to overcome impulsiveness.
      This is still apparently taught, and tested before a driving license is issued.
      Yet road users and the populace is being constantly swaddled / smothered by safety idiots intent on inculcating the belief that one’s safety is the responsibility of “someone else” not oneself.
      Awareness, the habit of watching and hearing and evaluating input then adjusting behaviour accordingly, is the route to safety. On roads and off roads, up hills and fixing the roof and at the beach and in the kitchen and workshop and bars – there is potential risk. For generations we got smarter, fast. It was called growing up >> becoming a mature adult. Swaddling was for a short period at the << end, pre growing UP.

  8. Gurglars

    A lovely bit of uncommon sense elegantly expressed, Hype – a great start to my day. Health and Safety bulls..t requires more traffic wardens, more managers and higher rates!

    Here’s a beauty for you.

    Has the DCC considered a commensurate reduction in traffic officers and parking revenue with the reduction in car parks?

    Or in typical bureaucratic response, merely increase the penalties and kick a few upstairs to become report writers and managers!

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