Mayor ignores serious plight of DCC’s FAILED Otago power network in favour of urban cycleways and CBD

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said one factor behind recent delays was the council “definitely screwed up” with the South Dunedin cycleway.

Mr Cull said he understood the NZ Transport Agency was about to start work at the north end of the one-way system. He was looking forward to the NZTA building its planned separated cycle network on the city’s one-way streets. “I’ll be very pleased when they actually get something going, because it has taken too long.”

### ODT Online Sat, 21 Jan 2017
Cycleway work to crank up
….The Dunedin City Council will spend $2.6million of government money on links between the Portsmouth Dr shared cycleway and the city, and State Highway 88 and the Dunedin Railway Station. Those improvements will help link cycleways on West Harbour and the Otago Peninsula. Council spending has been delayed on the peninsula, with $3million spent this financial year instead of an expected $10.3million. […] There were no plans for more cycleways in South Dunedin, other than remedial work on five intersections there, following botched work in 2015.
….The cycleway budget will be discussed at a meeting on Monday to consider the annual plan for the next financial year. […] The strategic cycle network budget would return to the long-term plan next year for community consultation.
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In which THE BLOODY CLUELESS (see italics) needs a freaking rocket.

Comments at ODT online (our italics):

Boldor Sat, 21/01/2017 – 7:06am #
My my Mr I’ve got no agendas is back to wanting to spend untold millions of dollars of ratepayers hard earned money on useless cycleways this money would be be better spent on infrastructure and a small but important thing known as the power grid and poles.

AJPemberton Sat, 21/01/2017 – 10:40am #
A quick rebuttal to Boldor : Cycleways are infrastructure and far from useless. It is not untold millions: they mention costs in the article. And it is a small fraction of the total spend on roads. The NZTA won’t be funding Delta to replace power poles either, that money is only for the cycleways. I was unaware Delta’s power grid maintenance was funded by Dunedin ratepayers, when did that happen?

█ For more, enter the terms *cycle*, *cycleway*, *cycling*, *bicycle* or *$47 million* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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5 responses to “Mayor ignores serious plight of DCC’s FAILED Otago power network in favour of urban cycleways and CBD

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    What we really need is more tiles. More tiled segments on the streets, more outbreaks of tiling on footpaths.
    Tiling is brilliant. It takes days and days and days of workers and workers and more workers, then repeats when random tiles move higher or lower and people trip over. Tiles provide excellent value. Due to the multiplier effect an increase in tiling would not only make Dunedin more appealing to tourists, it would result in rapid decrease in the city’s debt.

  2. Gurglars

    No Hype, right material wrong object. What the city needs is more Teeth, increase the number of teeth on Portsmouth drive and all those tourist cyclists coming from other countries with cycleways unused will book their tickets to see the greatest show on earth, Teeth. No one is going to travel to look at Tiles? I mean have you ever seen a travelling dentist look at tiles on a bike?

  3. Elizabeth

    YAWN to the writer-real estate ‘agent’….who opines for SPRAWL [to make him rich] and to DCC in general on the subject of GROWTH whatever that means in the proposed 2GP.

    Dunedin must address its lack of population growth if it wants to attract jobs and retain its young people.

    Our Dunedin house prices have increased over 30% in the last two years due simply to a lack of supply.

    Tue, 24 Jan 2017
    ODT: Growth essential to sustain quality of life
    By Judd de la Roche
    OPINION The front-page article (ODT, 16.1.17) made for sad reading where it stated that Dunedin had lost its fifth-largest New Zealand city status to Tauranga. We are very much aware of what Dunedin, our amazing wee city in the south, offers to all who also choose to live here and this lifestyle that we all enjoy is a secret which is now well and truly out. […] The lack of population growth is, of course, going to preserve all the facets that Dunedin offers its residents and indeed, we must do all we can to preserve what Dunedin offers, but a perception by our council of a stagnant population is a dangerous viewpoint to have. Cont/

    ● Judd de la Roche is a Dunedin real estate company owner.

    [Dunedin City Council City Development Manager Dr Anna Johnson replies: “The zoning of land for future housing is the subject of submissions on the Proposed Second Generation District Plan (2GP). Submissions on this topic will be heard at the Urban Land Supply hearing scheduled to begin on March 15. There are a range of submitters on this topic, some of whom have expressed views similar to those of Mr de la Roche. At the hearing, the 2GP Hearings Panel will hear from submitters and any expert witnesses they call. They will also hear recommendations and revised evidence on housing demand and supply from DCC planners. This information is still being worked on and will be publicly released closer to the time. One of the 2GP’s strategic objectives is that “Dunedin has quality housing choices and adequate urban land supply”. This is an important topic for the city and one that the 2GP Hearings Panel will no doubt give serious attention to.”]

  4. Elizabeth

    Tue, 31 Jan 2017
    ODT: Market St intersection remediation ‘a priority’
    After crashes and controversy, the Dunedin City Council says it will return a problematic St Kilda intersection to its pre-cycleway layout. The intersection at Market and Tedder Sts has been blamed by residents for crashes and near misses after a change to give-way rules to accommodate cyclists, part of the roll-out of the botched South Dunedin cycle network. […] The council said last week it would do remedial work at five intersections in the area.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thu, 25 May 2017
    ODT: Peninsula road project costs blow out
    By David Loughrey
    The cost of road improvements including a cycleway on Otago Peninsula have blown out, but the project is set to go ahead. The Dunedin City Council announced this morning a cost estimate rising from $20 million to  $49 million. That came after work on a detailed design, when it became apparent forecasted costs were “substantially under-estimated”, council transport group manager Richard Saunders said. […] The NZ Transport Agency had reviewed the new business case for the project and agreed to fund their share, which was around $27 million, 55% of the cost. Cont/

    [The council transport group manager is considered a straight player. Inherited all sorts of messes. -Eds]

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