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Whistleblower continues campaign vs #AuroraEnergy #DeltaUtilityServices

Last year’s news….


Back when….
Grady Cameron said on national television … “We Have A Safe Network” …
Did Grady get a tour of dangerous poles three years ago – or not ?
Was he shown just ONE pole at Green Island/Abbotsford.
Who would we rather believe.
Not Grader.

### newshub.co.nz 31/10/2016
Delta CEO fronts up on dangerous, toppling power poles
By Jendy Harper
A fortnight ago, we brought you the story of thousands of dangerous power poles which are putting lives at risk and have already been responsible for a death. The poles are the responsibility of lines company Delta and are dotted around Otago. A whistle-blower walked out on a 30-year career in electricity to speak out because he said management weren’t listening to his safety concerns. Richard Healey estimated there are 3000 power poles which need to be replaced. Today, Delta said they need to make dramatic changes and they will borrow $26 million dto replace 3000 power poles by the end of next year. Why did it take one man’s death and a whistleblower to speak out before the company acted? Delta CEO Grady Cameron finally speaks to Story.
MUST SEE Video [full Story report]


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█ Deloitte’s Aurora report (Dec 2016)

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