Audit NZ admonishes commissioner Grant and SDHB #Health


“By not declaring all interests, particularly the pecuniary interests, exposes the DHB to an increase in conflict of interest risk and potential for reputational damage.” –Report, Audit New Zealand

The auditors were also disappointed at a lack of progress in other areas. There were no up-to-date disaster recovery plans, a shortcoming identified previously. (ODT)

### ODT Online Mon, 9 Jan 2017
SDHB rapped over non-disclosures
By Eileen Goodwin
Audit New Zealand has told the Southern District Health Board to sharpen up its act on financial  disclosures after finding some interests had not been declared. Commissioner Kathy Grant made new declarations after the issue was raised by auditors, she confirmed to the Otago Daily Times. Mrs Grant had not realised they had to be declared.
….In its 2015-16 audit, Audit New Zealand recommended the DHB implement regular checks of the New Zealand companies office register to check for non-disclosures.
….The auditors said the DHB’s “key challenge” was maintaining sustainable services while trying to improve its financial position.
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Kathy Grant is a consultant at Dunedin law firm Gallaway Cook Allan.


Southern District Health Board
End of year update on the Dunedin Hospital redevelopment project

Wednesday, 14 December 2016
The Southern Partnership Group (SPG) is pleased with progress towards having an Indicative Business Case, with a shortlist of options for the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital, completed by mid-next year. “Despite the ambitious timeframe, we’ve met our deadline to workshop the longlist of options by Christmas and are on track to have that narrowed down to a shortlist by mid next year,” SPG Chair Andrew Blair says. “The longlist options range on a spectrum from replacing the Clinical Services Building and refurbishing or replacing the Ward Block, to moving all hospital facilities to an entirely new hospital campus either nearby or somewhere else in Dunedin City….”
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SDHB Annual Report 2016

Audit NZ 2015-16 Management Report

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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21 responses to “Audit NZ admonishes commissioner Grant and SDHB #Health

  1. Rumpold

    The Audit Office recommends. If you have a concern about a pecuniary interest, you should seek advice from a lawyer.
    At $1400 a day you would expect Kathy to know the rules.

  2. Elizabeth

    Wed, 11 Jan 2017 at 9:52 a.m.

    Subject: Another one for the “safety is the top of our minds” stable…

    Kathy Grant told the ODT that disaster recovery had been “to the forefront of our attention as we gather more information as to the state of the clinical services building”.
    Is anyone saying this before the bad thing happens?
    Or in fact saying what turns on safety being a top priority for them?

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Operating theatres – working around buckets to catch rain water.
    New technology requires more electrical connections, as we all know from our homes. No longer one light bulb in the middle of the ceiling and one power point!
    Now, it’s like a student bedroom in a run-down flat where extension leads and multiboxes form a bizarre sculpture or “installation” a.k.a. tripping hazard.
    Electricity and water, we don’t need Richard Healey to explain why that’s a risky mix do we, Kathy?
    We don’t want people with scalpels in their hands skidding on wet floors or tripping over buckets and wires, do we Kathy?

    Is SDHB’s money being spent the best way?

    Well I suppose anyone in receipt of large chunks of it, to decide on priorities for the rest of it, would have opinions on that, that might not be the same as SDHB clinical staff and other taxpayers.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes, old wiring, overloaded, probably not compliant even for residential use by today’s standards. Add water coming into the building where it’s not meant to.
    “Nurse, fetch the tilly lamp! We’ll just have to soldier on with inspired guesswork and some ether on a cottonwool ball.”

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Special induction course for new clinical staff coming to work at Dunedin Hospital – watch complete set of MASH

  6. Elizabeth

    The most chilling thing about the SDHB is the ratty ‘team’ of commissioner and accomplice deputies.

    Thu, 19 Jan 2017
    ODT: SDHB reports don’t have to be released
    The Southern District Health Board says releasing reports to the public about possible service changes would have a “chilling effect” on its ability to conduct its affairs. That argument appears to have persuaded the Office of the Ombudsman, which issued a provisional opinion this week in response to an Otago Daily Times complaint. […] The documents are an analysis of Dunedin Hospital operating theatres; an orthopaedics analysis; and a plastics service analysis. The ODT first requested them last July. The reports were written by a consulting firm. Cont/

  7. Gurglars

    It’s having a chilling effect on me right now!

  8. Elizabeth

    Sat, 21 Jan 2017
    ODT: SDHB ‘active review’ worst performer
    More than 40% of “active review” patients in the South have not had a check-up in the past six months, the highest proportion in the country by far. It is one of six measures watched by the Ministry of Health, and there can be financial penalties for health boards not meeting them. Southern District Health Board interim chief executive Chris Fleming said the board had 83 patients in active review. Cont/

  9. Hype O'Thermia

    Attention Consultants
    Re patients neither sportsmen nor on the brink of death, to whom treatment must be denied
    From today January 22 2017 revised terminology is to be used. In place of the outdated term “active review” for clarity and standardisation substitute “comatose review”.

  10. Gurglars

    About bloody time they had an active review of the Compass food also. If I could get my active review, I could then get published an active review of the slops fed to active review clients!

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    No Gurglars, the procedure formerly known as “active review” is where someone with a treatable condition that causes ongoing pain and/or disability is deemed to be not eligible for treatment “now” and must wait until their condition deteriorates further to reach the “points system”. They are referred back to their general practitioner who is to provide ongoing care i.e. painkillers and other prescriptions. They do not get to sample Compass food unless they are receiving Meals on Wheels.
    Fortunately, having been sent back home to suffer, they can now order delivered meals from several suppliers, most of whom provide delicious dinners. The snag is that only Compass food is subsidised.

  12. Gurglars

    So Hype it’s correct name is “inactive review”

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    I see where you’re coming from and we always welcome input from lay persons, up to and occasionally including patients.
    The specialist vocabulary is often confusing to lay persons including the media, a not entirely undesirable adjunct to the other managerial toolbox of obscuration.
    “Inactive” is a term in popular use generally condemnatory in nature suggesting slackness, failure, and obesity. In revising correct vocabulary we are passionate about avoiding negative associations with our euphemistic processes.

  14. Gurglars

    Nomenclature was invented by health professionals to describe natural problems that were going to lead ultimately to your death. Given the certainty of this, it was felt that treatment would cost more if the names were not pronounceable.

  15. Elizabeth

    Southern District Health Board’s caretaker chief executive has now been given the permanent role.

    Tue, 31 Jan 2017
    ODT: Fleming appointed SDHB chief executive
    DHB staff were told this morning that Chris Fleming had been appointed. Last year, he was seconded from Nelson Marlborough DHB as an interim six-month chief executive. In an email this morning, commissioner Kathy Grant told staff that Mr Fleming was the strongest candidate. Cont/

  16. Calvin Oaten

    Well, Kathy Grant, she’d have to say that wouldn’t she. I wish Mr Fleming well in his task but wait till he rings the bell and does an escape, stage left. By then it’ll be a bit late and the commissioner will have flagged it as well. That only leaves Richard Thomson. He of course is the self styled master of intrigue and magic, you only have to look at his handling of the Mike Swann Affair with aplomb, to the point where he was told by the Minister of Health to “piss off”. Next he moves to the back seat and as a filler pops up on the DCC. There he does a lot of fizzing but no difference is there? He’s now gone from there as there’s a better racket as an assistant to the SDHB commissioner at $900 per day. A professional “grifter”.

  17. Trev

    If Kathy Grant, as a qualified lawyer did not know that under the law she had to declare an interest. How can it be that she will make the fluoride decision for the region if the bill becomes law (ODT 23/03/17). A lawyer who is not up with the law, who could be making decisions on the region’s behalf, on medical issues.

  18. Chris

    With her expertise now branching into medication for the region, maybe she should join the Aurora or Delta boards. They have created quite a headache for themselves recently.

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