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Tuesday, 3 January 2017
ODT: Mega-cruise ship docks at Port Chalmers
The mega-cruise ship ‘Ovation of the Seas’ has worked its way to its mooring in Port Chalmers this morning. The biggest cruise ship was met by a pilot boat about 7:30am and passed through the heads of the harbour about 7:45am. The second attempt at the vessel’s inaugural Dunedin visit would be marked by a “plaque and key” ceremony, in which Port Otago and the ship’s captain would exchange plaques to mark the event, a spokeswoman confirmed. The ship was supposed to originally visit Dunedin on December 22 last year but had to cancel the visit due to bad weather.


cunardliner32 Published on Dec 18, 2013
Ovation of the Seas®

RCI Ovation of the Seas official website


via Wikipedia

MS Ovation of the Seas is a cruise ship operating for Royal Caribbean International (RCI). The vessel is the third ship in the Quantum class, which surpasses RCI’s earlier Freedom-class ships by over 14,000 GT, becoming the second largest class of passenger ships behind RCI’s Oasis class ships on a gross tonnage basis.

Concept and construction
On February 11, 2011, RCI announced that it had ordered a new class of ships from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, the first of which was scheduled to be delivered by fall 2014. At the time, the project was code-named “Project Sunshine”. On February 29, 2012, the company announced that a second “Project Sunshine” ship had been ordered and would be delivered by Spring 2015. Just under a year later, on January 31, 2013, RCI announced that the official name of the new class of ships was the Quantum class.
Ovation of the Seas, the third vessel in the Quantum class, was laid down by Meyer Werft on March 5, 2015. Before the first piece of keel was lowered into place, Adam Goldstein, President and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the holding company of RCI, placed a lucky coin in the dock. The keel will eventually be formed of 74 blocks. The first section was launched on 20 June 2015. Ovation of the Seas was delivered on April 8, 2016. Ovation of the Seas entered service on 14 April 2016.

Service history
Ovation of the Seas arrived from Hamburg to the Port of Southampton, UK on April 10, 2016, to begin a series of inaugural events, including press previews and a limited number of “Shake-down” and mini cruises for VIPs, specially invited guests and members of the public. The ship berths at the City Cruise Terminal in the Western Docks, where its sister ships also dock when visiting the city. Following her entry into service, Ovation of the Seas departed on an inaugural 52-night Global Odyssey cruise from the Port of Southampton in the UK on May 3, 2016. The ship’s ultimate destination on that cruise was Tianjin in China, where she homeported and operated a series of cruises to destinations in Asia. During the summer of 2016–17, the vessel will homeport in Sydney, Australia.

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28 responses to “MS Ovation of the Seas —Royal Caribbean International

  1. Elizabeth

    Bring da noise
    Hamish McNeilly @SouthernScoop videos the ship!

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    You know when you mis-read something and you keep seeing it that way even when you know what’s correct? Mine currently: Ovulation of the Seas…

    …hotly pursued by sperm whales…..

    • Elizabeth

      It’s not even a pretty boat – gross overkill.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Not pretty but look at the carrying capacity. 4 breeding seasons, say 5 to be on the safe side, tethered end to end around the coastline, no more worries about cycle lanes or SH1 past Kaikoura, we’d pogo deck to deck from here to Auckland with dining and toilet facilities all the way.

  3. Elizabeth

    “It is excellent to sail.” –Captain

    Wed, 4 Jan 2017
    ODT: ‘Challenging’ harbour entry for huge liner [+ Photos]
    ….The $1.4 billion, 168,666-tonne cruise ship is the biggest to come to New Zealand [made] its second attempt to call at Dunedin after bad weather off the southwest coast of the South Island scuppered its first try just before Christmas. […] The vessel’s captain, Henrik Loy, described the morning as “challenging all the way” through the heads and up Otago Harbour, but praised the Port Otago pilots and operational crews for their “professional” work. […] Capt Loy, who was born in Norway but lives in the United Kingdom, said he had been with the ship since four months before its delivery last April. […] He said Ovation of the Seas was the most stable and powerful vessel he had captained. Cont/


    Wed, 4 Jan 2017
    ODT: Bold cruise passengers leave comfort zone [+ Photos]
    The streams of people [75% of them Australian] disembarking from Ovation of the Seas at Port Chalmers became a torrent as a population not far short of Alexandra’s made landfall. They poured down the three gangways, and flowed towards the recently redeveloped sheds at the port where shuttles awaited. It was, to be fair, cold. […] The shock of nature was perhaps no surprise, because on board the largest cruise ship to nudge its bow into New Zealand waters, the environment is caressed and controlled into hotel-like conditions where comfort is king. Cont/

  4. Elizabeth
  5. Peter

    Age old questions.
    Is big better?
    Does size matter?

    • Elizabeth

      Size matters cruising into our sounds and harbours, and along our coastlines, if something goes wrong. Do we need floating multistorey buildings.

  6. Gurglars

    Ruining Te Ruone beach

  7. Gurglars

    The ORC and Port Otago keep moving the goalposts away from the citizens who have pledged – wait for it – ‘$300,000’ to fix up a problem for which Port Otago and the ORC are legally responsible IN TOTO.

    Port Otago now want a contribution of $2,000,000 to commence restitution!

  8. Gurglars

    Good Bye Geoff, a Disgrace!

  9. Elizabeth

    Cruiseship season expected to bring 87 cruise ships with a total capacity of 250,000 people to Dunedin, an almost 40% increase on last season’s passenger numbers.

    Sun, 8 Jan 2017
    ODT: Big weekend for cruise ship visits
    The Noordam, with capacity for 1918 passengers and 820 crew, arrived at the container terminal at 6.30am from Fiordland, and would set sail for Akaroa at 6pm. It will be joined by Golden Princess, with capacity for 2624 passengers and 1100 crew, berthing at Beach St wharf at 7am today from Akaroa, before leaving for Fiordland at 6pm. Cont/

  10. Elizabeth

    Size is not at all glamour. The fear and dread are that the monster will ground or sink in the oceans one day. Please not on our NZ coastline.

    A Facebook:

  11. Elizabeth

    Thu, 19 Jan 2017
    ODT: Look what turned up in time for dinner
    Passengers and crew of mega cruise ship Ovation of the Seas enjoyed an unplanned night in Dunedin last night. The largest cruise ship to come to New Zealand arrived in Dunedin at 3.47pm yesterday. […] Strong winds could delay the scheduled departure from Beach St wharf at 5pm today, he said. […] Today was set to be Dunedin’s biggest cruise ship day yet with Ovation of the Seas and Celebrity Solstice in port. […] Seven Seas Voyager, with capacity for 708 passengers and 445 crew, is due to arrive at the container terminal at 6.45pm tonight from Milford Sound and will stay overnight, sailing to Akaroa at 7pm tomorrow. Cont/

  12. Elizabeth

    Otago Daily Times Published on Jan 18, 2017
    Hundreds welcome mega ship back
    Timelapse video by Jonathan Holloway

    Otago Daily Times Published on Jan 17, 2017
    Ovation of the Seas returns to Dunedin
    Hundreds of people have again turned out to welcome mega ship Ovation of the Seas back to Dunedin, despite drizzly and miserable weather.

    Schiffs Kanal Published on Apr 9, 2016
    Riesenschiff OVATION OF THE SEAS verlässt Bremerhaven am 9. April 2016
    A day after the handover to Royal Caribbean Cruises, the new cruise liner OVATION OF THE SEAS left Bremerhaven and Germany today. Built at Meyerwerft Papenburg, Germany, the vessel will enter service now, heading to Southampton to start the first cruises in May.


    Otago Daily Times Published on Apr 11, 2016
    Dawn Princess leaves Dunedin
    Dawn Princess leaves Port Chalmers ending the Dunedin 2015-16 Cruise season

  13. Elizabeth

    Inside Published on Oct 2, 2016
    Ovation of the Seas ship tour
    Royal Caribbean

    ramkaran1 Published on Jun 22, 2016
    Ovation of the Seas 2016 – Windjammer Buffet.
    Dubai to Singapore Cruise 2016

  14. Calvin Oaten

    “Ovation of the Seas” is an abberation of decency. It is the ultimate gesture of thumbs up by the ‘one percenters’. The size and ridiculous spendthriftness of it all hurts the intelligence. God please send it together with its complement somewhere else, a long way away.

  15. Elizabeth

    Not Ovation of the Sea.

    Emerald Princess at Port Chalmers

    “No-one wants to die at work.”

    Fri, 10 Feb 2017
    Blast kills crewman
    A passenger aboard a cruise ship on which a crew member died has recounted the harrowing scenes which followed the horrific incident. Crew and passengers of Emerald Princess are reeling after the man was killed while carrying out technical work on the ship in Port Chalmers about 4.45pm yesterday. Police this morning said they had completed a scene examination, and confirmed the man was Filipino. […] Passengers were told the crew member was filling [a nitrogen] cylinder at the time it exploded. […] Carnival Australia corporate communication manager David Jones said the cruise operator was assisting authorities with their investigations. “First reports indicate that the incident happened during some technical work on the hydraulic launching system on a tender vessel,” he said. Cont/

    Fri, 10 Feb 2017
    ODT: Crewman’s death hits passengers
    Passengers say the death yesterday of a crewman on board a cruise shop docked at Port Chalmers has “affected everyone” on the vessel. The Filipino seaman was killed while carrying out technical work on the Emerald Princess about 4.45pm. Police this morning completed a scene examination, and investigators have travelled to Dunedin from Wellington to begin an inquiry into the incident. Cont/

  16. Elizabeth

    Dunedin writer Tony Eyre revels in the charms of Port Chalmers.

    Tue, 14 Feb 2017
    ODT: Port life never boring
    OPINION From  my home in Vauxhall, a day hardly goes by when I am not captivated by the busyness of Dunedin’s upper-harbour shipping lane. The frequent maritime visitors are the bulk carriers hoisting and loading endless stacks of logs at the Leith Wharf yard and lpg and oil tankers discharging gas and petroleum products at the oil jetty.
    Just as fascinating are the majestic cruise ships like L’Austral and Caledonian Sky, which because of their much smaller draught can berth in Dunedin at the T/U sheds in the upper harbour, instead of Port Chalmers.
    But the real action, of course, has been at Port Chalmers during this ongoing cruise ship season, where the big glamour players like Emerald Princess, Celebrity Solstice and mega-ship Ovation of the Seas compete with container terminal gantry cranes and the truncated Observation Point to impose their towering presence over this little port town. Cont/

  17. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:
    [should read 34,000 passengers]

    • Peter

      Each to his own, l suppose, but personally l find this style of holiday a bit depressing. Thousands crammed on a big ship, scurrying up and down stairs and lifts, comings and goings from bolt hole cabins, and heading for your next feed with tables of overflowing food laid out for you.
      All seems a bit crass and sad.

  18. Farmer

    I haven’t either Peter, but I have been on board a few of them. It would take a week to explore them entirely, heaps of options for activities, or just read a book. All the food and drink you need. Wake up in a different port each morning – go exploring or stay aboard. Meet new folk, talk, play cards etc etc. What would there be not to like? Cruising is a huge growth industry and the cost of a base fare has come down so now it is in the reach of most people. Certainly more relaxing than airports, taxis and hotels. From their popularity it would appear that most people don’t share your view. Everyone I have spoken to who have done a cruise would do another.
    I like the idea of doing a northern hemisphere cruise – Mediterranean or Alaska.

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