Stadium : Used car and underwear sales down #missdpopularitycontest

The man running Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium says the venue is still hunting for sell-out concerts, despite being overlooked by a string of top international acts.

### ODT Online Tue, 27 Dec 2016
Concert quest ongoing despite setbacks
By Chris Morris
After a bumper period last year in which Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Diamond all performed at the stadium, the venue’s international concerts have dried up, the last being Black Sabbath’s show in April. Hopes more big acts would stop in Dunedin this summer were dashed when performers such as British rockers Coldplay and pop superstar Adele opted for shows in Auckland instead…. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive Terry Davies [said] this summer’s “dry” period for concerts in Dunedin would continue for the first half of 2017.
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### Fri, 12 Dec 2008
Radio NZ National : Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
Carisbrook Stadium in trouble (Link)
09:30 Malcolm Farry, Chairman Carisbrook Stadium Trust; and Jeff Dickie, property investor and outspoken critic of the stadium.
Audio | Download: OggMP3 (13′15″)

The instant the CST and the council started believing in their own hype and spin about Dalai Lama visits, world swimming championships and Royal tours was the moment that this city’s ratepayers were doomed to have to meet all of the “private funding”.
–Russell Garbutt ODT 13.4.12

garrick-tremain-on-the-chin-13-5-12Garrick Tremain – 13 May 2012

At various times, it was imagined that it might host international soccer, rugby league and even swimming; that penguins would frolic in a (converted) adjoining quarry, and not just that the biggest names in rock music would visit, but, perhaps, the Dalai Lama and British royalty.
–Steve Kilgallon Stuff 3.6.12


### Tue, 17 July 2012
Dalai Lama’s proposed visit puts smile on face
The Dalai Lama’s proposed visit to Dunedin has put a wry smile on the face of the man behind Forsyth Barr Stadium.

garrick-tremain-our-room-17-1-14Garrick Tremain – 17 Jan 14

garrick-tremain-punchbag-1-oct-2014Garrick Tremain – 1 Oct 2014


Full article:

[before we knew the GOBs were completely buggering Dunedin and Central Otago’s electricity network]

### Last updated 05:00 03/06/2012
House of Blame
By Steve Kilgallon – Sunday Star Times
AMBITIOUS: The Forsyth Barr Stadium has left a city divided and its ratepayers facing vast debts.
….In June 2008, two major concert promoters had told the D-Scene newspaper what should have been self-evident: Dunedin was too small, remote and student-oriented to provide the sales base to attract big-name acts. In February this year, council-owned stadium management company Dunedin Venues Management Limited’s (DVML) chief executive David Davies said concert bookings for the stadium would be “thin” in 2012. “What’s thinner than one?” asks Garbutt. Cull says the council has to leverage the advantage of having a roof, guaranteeing events won’t be rained off. Farry, who wanted to run the stadium for its first two years, is disappointed the council hasn’t attracted more concerts.
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*The same article, retitled, appears at Stuff Sport: Stadium builds under fire


### Last updated 12:38 14/09/2012
Councils should stay away from business
By Chalkie – Tim Hunter
There are people who believe local councils should own businesses because they generate returns and ease the burden on ratepayers. Chalkie is not one of them. Your humble correspondent thinks councils should stick to their knitting. The reasons are many and varied. Taking a couple of examples at random:
a) Councils can start to think they are there to make money instead of, say, distribute water; and
b) Councils are not commercially savvy shareholders.
Poppycock, you say. Show me a single case of a council’s emptyheaded pursuit of unprofitable goals. In response, Chalkie invites you to consider Dunedin. In that southern city the council is the proud owner of Dunedin City Holdings, whose job, according to its report, is “to manage the commercial investments of the Dunedin City Council to maximise returns”. The businesses under DCH’s umbrella include electricity network company Aurora, forestry company City Forests, the Taieri Gorge Railway Company and an engineering business called Delta Utility Services. DCH’s 2012 numbers are not yet available, but last year it trumpeted an improvement in revenue and profit and a total cash return to the council of $23.2 million. If you thought that was a good result, you’d be wrong. When you look at several years of DCH numbers a disturbing pattern emerges of ever-increasing millions being borrowed and pumped into underperforming assets. The cashflow statements tell the story.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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25 responses to “Stadium : Used car and underwear sales down #missdpopularitycontest

  1. Elizabeth

    If anyone has Malcolm Farry’s original words on potential uses of the stadium, we would be grateful for copy. Not sure if they came from a CST feasibility report, marketing or media interview.

    • nick

      Well, if the big-name concerts have dried up, and the concrete is still down from the bogan drifting, tyre squealing, rubber burning ‘entertainment’, why not go to the next level with smoke.

      Open up the stadium for the students to come along on cold and rainy Dunedin nights so they can stay dry while they burn their couches.

      Otherwise, I’m starting to run out of ideas and think we might need Mr Farry to take charge of the promotion of it. He did have so much enthusiasm for the project to begin with.

  2. russandbev

    Well, I certainly remember the World Swimming Champs, Dalai Lama visits, monthly rock concerts attracting an extra 1000 students per year to the University, Long course motorcycle speedway for starters. The reality is and was that all of the potential uses were so much crap which were added to by the Marketing Bureau. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on creating nothing worth a cent. It was all part of the game. I vividly remember the meeting I attended with Farry when he said that rugby league would be one of the main users of the stadium. That was the meeting that he assured me that the $2m debt of the ORFU would be written off – as it was – by the friends of rugby in the Council.

    • Elizabeth

      Possibly I wasn’t moderating the website back when Farry said that. I remember reading it but not where. Google didn’t help, nor ODT.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Was it at Farry’s “sell this to the peasants and convince them it’ll be beneficial to THEM” meeting I attended in the council chambers? Presumably same sales script was delivered at the meetings in – Port Chalmers? Mosgiel? – at the beginning of his campaign.

  3. swinging vicar

    A proposed visit by a zen master is actually a visit. No one said you’d see him.

  4. John P.Evans

    30 prominent wealthy Dunedin businessmen (and me) were preached to by Malcolm at a meeting at Ombrello’s spruiking about the many benefits of the stadium and finally calling for support, supporters and potential finance. There were no takers. When he called for the support, there was none nada, not a sausage and after he had left the discussion over a few beers was, well that’s a dead duck then, thank goodness we cannot afford it.

    And then the great businessmen on the council, the elected, the chosen, the geniuses, the ones who allowed continuous theft of cars, ran the companies that are a commercial joke, DCHL, lose $20 million dollars at stadium every year, send the ratepayers broke, lose most of the commercial heart of the city, support investment by Delta in Jacks Point, Delta and Yaldhurst, to save their associates, build the Chinese Garden (failure), the Toitu museum (won’t charge), don’t process the sewage into potable water, don’t organise rubbish collection, etc etc etc.

    These muppets approved the stadium.

  5. Peter

    Back in the middle of the year when Chris Morris did his big pro stadium advertorial there was mention of ‘pencil bookings’ for later this year and into early next year. Terry was very upbeat, bragging about his aggressive approach to concert promoters, by kicking the heads in/stomping on the competition from up north.
    Now the ‘pencil bookings’ are for late next year/early 2018.
    Clearly pencil bookings don’t mean much.
    Still, we might be grateful for his failure. Less ratepayer money to pay for these entertainers to come… ‘to make the stadium work’ according to Dave. Now the tap will have to be turned off from DCHL companies, to pay for updating our core electricity infrastructure, Terry is further up shit creek without a paddle.
    If I was Terry, I would put my house on the market, while it is still strong, and find another job in the deadbeat stadium business. People who go from one stadium job to another are like drifters in the huge sea of life.
    As he acknowledges it’s tough getting these acts in geographically distant, low population centres. We could have told him that when the stadium was first mooted for concerts…aside from rugby which has been its real, sole purpose.

    • Gurglars

      Pencils are so 20th Century and since BIC entered the fray have had no commercial value.

      Quite a coincidence that-

      “Pencilled in” also has no commercial value.

      The greatest shame of the stadium is that the more events the bigger the losses. Every decent potential revenue gatherer becomes a liability due to incentives staff costs and promotional expenses.

      • Elizabeth

        Gurglars you are no sketcher, builder, artist, or architect perhaps.
        Long live pencils (all colours and leads), and computers.

  6. Elizabeth

    Received from Gurglars
    26/12/2016 9:37 p.m.

    Tue, 20 May 2008
    ODT: Queenstown support for stadium show
    After a poor turn-out in Invercargill and a cancelled presentation in Gore, Awatea Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry’s funding roadshow attracted a decent show of support in Queenstown last night. Mr Farry said he was doing a hard-sell “blanketed in information” to try to build support for the Dunedin stadium throughout the region. About 50 people were at the Crowne Plaza hotel last night to hear what facilities the stadium would provide and what sponsorship products were on offer. The biggest-ticket item was the stadium’s naming rights, but Mr Farry was seeking indications of interest in the lounge seats, which are available for $1500 plus GST per year. Along with guaranteed seating at most sporting events and preferential bookings for events managed by outside interests, buyers would be given membership to a lounge area.

    With the project estimated to cost $188 million, he needs to find the last $45-$50 million before the project can be confirmed.

    “We won’t know if the stadium is going to be built until February or March next year,” he said. He promised a multipurpose facility which would be used throughout the year by the University of Otago and the people of Dunedin. Cont/


    Received from Gurglars
    27/12/16 at 8:20 a.m.

    Subject: “Sports research facilities and a gymnasium for the Uni”
    [You did want to know what goodies Uncle Malcolm was spruiking]

    Super Rugby Standings
    Argentina | Australia | South Africa | New Zealand
    The Super Rugby Super Rugby standings are made up of the four conferences and the leaders of these conferences earn a place at the top of the group table…. An overall Super Rugby standings table is available here.

  7. Elizabeth

    Mr Malcolm Farry (decorated, but only slightly) might like to pay for all the SAFETY MESSAGES that Dunedin and Central Otago people are owed to avoid being hurt or killed (manslaughter) by the Aurora/Delta degraded and dangerous power network, as developed by the criminally negligent people still in their high paying jobs and collecting stipends (and currently taking glorious holiday breaks in the sun with all the trimmings), and by those who have suddenly scooted sideways thinking they can get away with it. WE are left to PAY for their gross criminal acts – to the tune of close to ONE BILLION DOLLARS. And folks, we are now paying TWICE.

    To whom did all the money go – let’s ask the appalling Dunedin City Council at the very top of the food chain, shall we.

    • Peter

      In China Malcolm would have been strung up on one of those power poles for such fiscal incompetence. The only thing to save him would be if one of the cross bars was rotten.
      It has been done before elsewhere. Benito Mussolini for example. Dolce Vita, senor.

  8. Elizabeth

    Received from Bev Butler
    26/12/2016 at 10:23 p.m.

    Here is the information I copied some time back.
    Note the mention of the Matariki celebrations.


    It could serve such diverse purposes as a cardiac rehabilitation centre or the world’s largest marae to host New Zealand’s mid-winter Māori New Year Matariki celebrations.

    Netball or basketball, swimming, tennis, extreme sports, horse events, polo, motocross, skateboarding or a key venue for a joint Commonwealth Games bid with Christchurch.

    Show promoters will book it for anything from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, through to Professional Wrestling as seen on television, to carols by Candlelight, knowing the weather won’t ruin the event.

    The Academy of Sport could regard it as an indoor arena available daily for its elite athletes and on weekends it will again host rugby tests.

    Big non-sports crowds at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium have ranged from the Rolling Stones to a multi denominational festival of faith and there’s no reason the same can’t happen here.

    Rare Once in a Lifetime Gift for Future Generations

    A world class, fully enclosed, boutique stadium is the vision we are asking the region to embrace. Of all of the options this has the highest price tag, but it is also the best long-term and fiscally robust option.

    This recommendation provides the region’s leaders with a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to deliver a stunning public facility for the enormous enjoyment of present and future generations.
    The Carisbrook Stadium Trust anticipates extensive debate, letters to the editor and public meetings that will largely focus on the economic and social benefits the new stadium will generate and its affordability for ratepayers.
    There is a fall back position. No roof on the Awatea site with provision for it to be added later. But with this lesser option the negatives outweigh the positives. Cheaper in the short term, may prove to be more expensive in the long run.
    The ratepayers of the region need to respond on matters of its affordability and where the new stadium sits in relation to other planned large scale projects that are presently listed in the Long Term Community Consultation Plan programme.

    The new stadium does not necessarily need an increase in rates. The Trust would prefer to see projects re-prioritised. If a new multi-purpose stadium is chosen, then its cost would replace or delay other expenditure comitted over the next 5-10 years in the next LTCCP.

    The Dunedin City and Otago Regional Councils accept the Awatea Street stadium as the preferred choice and are now taking this option out to the people for consultation.

    Supplied by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.


    Other Sporting Events
    Other sporting events such as football, league, tennis, basketball (four courts), equestrian, softball and various other activities are all possible.
    It could also be used for events such as the Masters Games or the Crusty Demons.
    School sports events can be held regardless of the weather.
    It has the capacity to hold a competitive swimming pool or an ice skating rink.

    The new Dunedin Stadium will be notable for many reasons.
    One of the key ones is this:
    It is not a stadium.
    Rather, it is a world class, civic, academic, cultural, sports and entertainment facility with the potential to transform life in the city and the region.
    Designed as a truly multi functional facility, it will sit on a site that, itself, is one of the finest stadium locations in the world.
    It will provide a cornucopia of events and activities that will allow every element of our community to enjoy the benefits of this visionary facility in a way that no other stadium in New Zealand currently does.
    Whether that’s being thrilled by an All Blacks Test Match in a cauldron of more than 30,000 fans sitting closer to the pitch than any other comparable venue, having every sense in your body tingling from the spectacle of international live acts that have never performed in the region before or, more sedately, losing yourself in the melodic waves of an exquisite orchestral performance – the New Dunedin stadium will deliver all this and more – and so close to the heart of the city.


    Our emphases.

    • Peter

      So much promise! Looking at upcoming events for 2017 at the stadium we see rugby, more rugby and yet more rugby. Month after month.
      Terry has included cricket, but that is at the University Oval. Not the stadium. Nothing like a bit of padding to fill out the calendar.
      Multipurpose? Not on your sweet nelly.
      But we all knew the stadium was for rugby, didn’t we.we’ve

  9. Elizabeth

    Received from Bev Butler
    27/12/2016 at 10:34 a.m.

    Here is one of the Marketing Bureau reports for Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust with stadium uses on page 12.

    [full name] Dunedin : The New Stadium Private Sector Funding : Strategy & Progress (December 2007)
    Prepared for Carisbrook Stadium Trust
    Prepared by The Marketing Bureau Ltd (marketing media & corporate communications consultants)

    Go to page 12: A Roof. A Roof. My Kingdom for a Roof A commentary on the potential for a visionary sports, entertainment and tourism project

    █ Download: Marketing Bureau Report Dec 2007 Private-Sector-Funding

    This Horwath HTL report also lists some of the proposed events.

    [full name] New Dunedin Stadium Development : Update of Financial Feasibility Projections (November 2007)
    Prepared for Carisbrook Stadium Trust
    Prepared by Horwath HTL (consultants to the hotel, tourism & leisure industries) – A member of Horwath International

    Go to pages 9-23, section 2. Potential Activity Schedule

    █ Download: Marketing Bureau Naming Rights Horwath HTL Report Nov 2007

    DCC Online: Marketing Bureau Naming Rights Horwath HTL Report Nov 2007.pdf (PDF, 455 KB)

    Click to access Report—Horwathth-HTL.pdf

  10. nick

    Worth a read, and an acknowledgement to yet another prominent Dunedin citizen who tried to stop the rugby zealots.…/Dunedin-stadium-plan-stuffed-says-opponent

    • nick

      . . . and a little more nostalgia to round out the year with.
      End The Stadium Protest March | Scoop News › Regional

      Of course, no one was able to foresee the extent of the $1 billion liability from deferred Aurora maintenance network spending that would eventually also fall to ratepayers.

      “$188 million and not a penny more.”

      Who from Dunedin gets New Year’s Honours this year?

  11. Gurglars

    World class stadium, that can seat 35,000 most of whom cannot hear properly!

    World Class- which world?

    We often berate the USA for its view that the world exists from LA to New York.

    But when we in Dunedin, believe that the world exists from Pine Hill to Caversham that is the type of megalomania that prods Cull de Mayor to believe he can affect the climate.

    • Elizabeth

      What of the person who started the Signal Hill fire today. He changed the ‘climate’ of the view. Temporarily. And used up a lot of Our Resources, because he was short-sighted, selfish and criminally minded.

      Or a flashover. Or spontaneous combustion in a SW wind.
      Weather that is weather.

  12. Rob Hamlin

    Nice fire on Signal Hill. At present, somewhat like the similar fire in Mosgiel/Chain Hills earlier this year, ‘official’ sources seem strangely quiet as to how it started. Of course if you talk to those who lived in the earlier fire’s area there appears to be a fairly firm and detailed understanding as to how that one stated – a fairly common ‘line’ so to speak.

    Now I need to be reassured – Anybody got any details?

  13. russandbev

    There was a very similar fire a few years ago in exactly the same area. I don’t recall if there was any published cause of that fire, but again it was fairly close to Logan Park HS and threatened to go over the hill to the homes in Ravensbourne.

  14. Hype O'Thermia :
    Downed power lines caused a small fire last night on Mt Cargill Rd, Dunedin, and an attending fire appliance slipped into a ditch while avoiding the lines.
    Mt Cargill Rd resident Hamish Morrison said power was cut to his house about 9.40pm.
    ”The lines came down and set a patch of grass on fire.”

  15. Elizabeth

    Thoughts that plague…. around post at top of thread.

    Received Wed, 28 Dec 2016 at 11:34 a.m.

    Douglas Field Published on Dec 27, 2016
    Arfer Davies on the make
    This clip lampoons the council for its ineptitude in management. Bereft of any acumen, it dreams up hopeless schemes to remedy a problem that it created for itself – leaving the ratepayers…. well …to foot the bill.

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