Delta/Aurora : Nobody’s willing to call it after misrepresentations

### ODT Online Wed, 7 Dec 2016
Delta, Aurora report for release by Monday
By David Loughrey
A report on under-fire Dunedin City Council-owned companies Delta and Aurora is expected to be made public by Monday.
Mayor Dave Cull said he hoped the report could be released before that day, following a non-public council discussion on the issue that lasted well over an hour yesterday. Dunedin City Holdings Ltd director Keith Cooper faced a grilling from councillors when he gave them a “progress report” on an investigation by consultant Deloitte into the companies.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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3 responses to “Delta/Aurora : Nobody’s willing to call it after misrepresentations

  1. russandbev

    And just what does Cull mean when he is quoted in the ODT by saying that he is comfortable that the report is heading in the right direction?

    I can only assume that the DCC will be exonerated for demanding Aurora borrow to pay DCC dividends to build the wretched stadium, that DCC will be exonerated for setting up subvention payments from Aurora/Delta to keep the stadium going, that DCC will be exonerated for not paying any attention to the behaviour of one of their own companies, that DCHL will be exonerated for all sorts of governance failures….the list goes on and on.

    He may not have the same influence over the other two inquiries going on though….

  2. Elizabeth

    Some mulling this week.
    If one of the three Delta/Aurora reviews (investigations!) results in charges being laid, how will that marry, say, with a soft audit by Deloitte to please the Good Old Boys.

    If Health and Safety matters for Delta staff and the Public are not adequately addressed —because no new poles have been ordered or batched, because Grady’s (new) $30M does not exist, therefore no contractor crews can commence ‘salvage and salvation’….well, well, well.

    Poor young out-of-his-depth Grady, the barely breathing Dr Parton and his highly inept if not corrupting Boards of Directors, and Spongebob Crombie and his blindly ineffective Board of Directors….they are all ‘care’ (own bank accounts) and no responsibility.

    Not forgetting the flimflam Dunedin mayors and city councillors of the last 20 years. All of them. What Governance.

    Here comes the superduper Christmas Cracker to avoid upsetting Troughers – on Monday!

    Tourism, growth and production in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes without a safe and secure power network. Thanks to the idiots at Dunedin City.

    The cost of that major Regional economic disincentive is upon each of the Feckless Wretches / Robber Barons named or alluded to above.

    Kyle Cameron has a thankless task — however, ethically, professionally, he should make the hard calls and not become part of the problem.

    Our cynicism is unbeatable.

  3. Elizabeth

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