Oh dear, John Key unPM

Nothing left in the tank.


Wikipedia: John Key

Not by lunchtime.
A new prime minister by this time next week.

█ Perhaps Grady will take the hint.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

Less tired… John Key and Milly the kitten at Parliament


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18 responses to “Oh dear, John Key unPM

  1. Gurglars for Prime Minister

    On TV1 tonight, the left wing journos managed to point out many if not all of Key’s faux pas. The Labour lovers queuing up to promote Andrew Little, the unelectable. Reality tells us that NZ suffered the least of all first world economies in the aftermath of the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. In addition Key has kept the economy steadily moving forward despite the Christchurch earthquakes. Key has demonstrated a remarkable respect for himself and New Zealand with major International leaders and countries even promoting to the best of his ability Helen Clark’s tilt at the position of head of the United Nations.

    It is clear that Key has been one of, if not the greatest Prime Minister New Zealand has had.

    The problems of Auckland poverty, rising house prices, Australian owned banks only funding housing and lack of regional development will weigh heavily on his legacy, but one must be fair and say that given the GFC there must have been significant unsolvable problems whilst ensuring the economy was not completely stuffed.

    I’d give him a strong 9/10 taking all into consideration.

    • Elizabeth

      John Key couldn’t have achieved all that “íncrementalisation” that kept NZ pumping through the GFC without the incredible Bill English. The two of them together gave stability. Although I feel rather poor as a result…. I’m not feeling like an Icelander or a Greek….

      What now if Collins tilts at PMship.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Elizabeth has expressed what I thought on reading Gurglar’s paean on praise of John Key.
        Key was a brilliant front man, always ready to do selfies with people in quake zones, always ready to play Jack the Lad on laddish media. Seldom available for non-daggy interviews e.g. Radio National with interviewers who ask searching questions and prepare beforehand.

        Quite likely he deserves credit for herding cats and picking the people to do the heavy lifting – and shifting the less able away from areas where cockups are embarrassingly visible without getting emotional about it. He made good use of the skills of Bill English and the multipurpose satin-finish cyborg Steven Joyce, and human steamroller Brownlee, leaving himself free to be popular on behalf of the team. His tolerance for the shiftiness and toenails to dandruff unpleasantness of Judith Collins remains a mystery, as does his insensitive repeated hands-on behaviour towards the cafe worker with a ponytail.

  2. Gurglars

    Crusher Collins, better signing her up for the after Parker-Ruiz fight.

    Just how many dodgy deals with the husband would one want with a Prime Minister-

  3. russandbev

    I still think that Pike River was a grave failing of his. English seems comfortable in Finance and cannot handle robust debate, so the choice National has is whether to go for a bland front-person to match Little or go for a more evident leader like Amy Adams keeping English in Finance. It still is surprising to me that he chose now to go and maybe there will be other hints as to why. But many problems remain unsolved. Affordable housing, the biggest gap ever between rich and poor, the unspoken racial issues underlying crime, prisons etc. But will be fascinating to see the fights between Collins, Finlayson, Coleman, Joyce and co. What will be also interesting to see is how much Winston will benefit from this. A lot of voters will, I suspect never want to vote Labour/Green but will be turned off by someone like Collins on one end of the spectrum and English on the other. Winston is a believable alternative….

  4. Rob Hamlin

    Note to Bill English:

    Would you buy an ‘as is, where is’ second-hand premiership off this man? What is the reason for hurried unconditional sale? Groans under the economic and social hood may be signs of long term over revving and public rockstar-style economic ‘donuting’. They should be investigated before committing to ownership.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Good advice, Rob Hamlin.
      As chalices go, this one may not be exactly poisoned but I don’t think it would get an A-OK rating from an unbribed Environmental Health Officer.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    I think John Key more than anyone, due to his financial background knows that the world is in a parlous state and that there are serious problems coming up the turnpike that perhaps he doesn’t want to face. He gets off the bus and watches it hit the wall. Clever, and still leaves him with all his glitter attached. Like you, Russell, I think that Winston will be the big winner. Interesting the timing.

  6. Rob Hamlin

    This little item may explain a little:


    My suspicion has always been that Jonky fancied the top dog job at either the IMF or the World Bank as his terminal appointment. They don’t come, up that often, so one has to be well positioned to acquire. The timing looked good a few years ago for a skip off in that direction after his second election win, but the incumbent, Strauss-Kahn inconveniently got himself caught interfering with the chambermaid and had to leave early, suddenly and at an inconvenient moment for potential antipodean successors. He was replaced by the current incumbent.

    Now this incumbent is in trouble for historical seedy dealings. Also Aunty Helen is no more as a contender for the UN top job, thus removing the spectre of a ‘Kiwi overpopulation at the top’ potential IMF top dog candidate’s PR problem. Another opportunity thus presents itself. Would Jonky be a desirable candidate? One would think so given his teflonesque capabilities, background, sympathies, friends, associates and connections.

    The article that appeared today states that “Outgoing Prime Minister John Key has been tipped as a potential candidate to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF), an appointment signed off by US President Barack Obama.” If that is the case, then he will have to be ‘signed off’ pretty promptly – like in the next six weeks before Obama leaves office on January 20 next year.

    I guess that being Prime Minister here is quite a nice job. So one wouldn’t want to let it go unless one had a cast iron assurance that the IMF job was ‘in the bag’. The private bilateral leaders’ talks at the very recent APEC meeting might be an ideal forum and opportunity to move a long way towards achieving this objective.

    If one achieved some certainty on this, and given a six week IMF top dog job acquisition timeline that includes Xmas, then one would want to drop any inconvenient employment attachments such as the premiership of a piffling country that had served its purpose like a dead mouse wouldn’t one?

    Clearly this might well require the production of an alternative explanation for one’s surprised constituents and colleagues. Such as ‘My wife (and adult kids) want to see more of me, there’s no gas in the tank’ etc etc. These may sound a bit unlikely as a cause for an abrupt resignation for a premiership that seemed to be going well. But are they any more unlikely than the claim made in the above article: “Key was unaware of the speculation [about the IMF job] when contacted”?

    That leaves the wretched Ms Lagarde, the current IMF incumbent, as the remaining obstacle. So….Wikipedia notes in its entry on Jonky: “Some co-workers called him “the smiling assassin” for maintaining his usual cheerfulness while sacking dozens (some say hundreds) of staff.”

    Sackings…..Ms Lagarde’s trial in France over the ‘Tapie Affair”, that will likely determine her fate as head of the IMF, or maybe provide a reason for its abrupt termination, is scheduled to occur in France between December 12 to 20. That’s next Monday to a week on Tuesday. Obama, the friendly ‘signer offer’ of her potential successor leaves office exactly 31 days later

    The timing looks tight but tidy.

    There is still the firm claim made that he has no intention of leaving the country. Well, in this day and age one could reasonably suppose that it might be possible to run the IMF from Parnell via Skype? We shall see. If it’s going to happen, then we won’t have long to wait.

  7. Elizabeth
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain – 6 Dec 2016

    Garrick Tremain – 7 Dec 2016

    Garrick Tremain – 8 Dec 2016

  10. Elizabeth

    “I won’t do it the same way as John, I’m a different person,” English said. “It will lead to changes in how the national party will operate.”

    Thu, 8 Dec 2016 (via Reuters)
    ODT: English will be new PM
    Finance Minister Bill English is set to be confirmed as the country’s next leader after both his competitors for the prime ministership dropped out of the race on Thursday. Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and Police Minister Judith Collins both conceded the race as it became clear English had the support of the 59-member caucus. English said the swift agreement within the  National Party on a new leader would help the Government ensure a smooth transition following John Key’s surprise resignation earlier this week. Cont/

    English, who will be formally named prime minister at a caucus meeting on Monday, has already lined up senior cabinet minister Steven Joyce, the minister for economic development, to replace him in the finance ministry.

  11. Elizabeth

    Fri, 9 Dec 2016
    ODT Editorial: The political challenges
    The new prime minister of New Zealand will be Finance Minister Bill English, who late yesterday had secured enough votes to see off his two challengers, Judith Collins and Jonathan Coleman. […] Mr English has admirable qualities as a politician, husband and father. His economic stewardship has kept New Zealand safe during the various global financial crises overtaking other parts of the world. However, Mr English is seen as solid, in the mould of a Jim Bolger-type prime minister. He needs to hit the road, selling himself and his ideas to the country to galvanise support in the way Mr Key did. It is not enough to expect the voters to latch on to a cautious leader. /Cont

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    The main thing that disturbs me about Bill English as PM is his wa-a-a-ay retro moral conservatism. His wife too is an upfront supporter of slow death without dignity, the birth of unwanted babies, and denying homosexuals the right to live honest full lives just like “normal godfearing” people.
    In all other ways I think Bill English is a good choice. He appears to give a damn about poverty and homelessness – and being short on facile charm he has expressed this concern in more effectual ways.

  13. Elizabeth

    Prime Minister in waiting Bill English says he welcomes Bennett as his deputy, saying she would be the second female deputy PM in New Zealand’s history after Helen Clark.

    12:34 PM Saturday Dec 10, 2016
    NZH: Paula Bennett on being Deputy PM: ‘It’s a bit overwhelming at the moment’
    An emotional Paula Bennett says she is excited and a bit overwhelmed by the knowledge she will be deputy Prime Minister on Monday. Bennett is now almost certain to become deputy Prime Minister after National’s caucus meeting on Monday after her rival for the role, Simon Bridges, withdrew.
    Bennett will work under Bill English, with whom she said she had a very strong relationship. […] She said it had been a whirlwind six days since John Key announced he was going. Key had rung her this morning. “He just said he was really proud of me. And as I said to him ‘I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t given me the opportunities he did. I’m incredibly grateful to him.” […] She expected to catch up with English in person tomorrow. She said the relationship between them was one of respect and “a bit of fun.” Cont/

    “She is an outstanding politician whose work on welfare reform is world leading. I am proud to have a smart energetic woman as New Zealand’s second only female Deputy Prime Minister.” –Bill English


    Sat, 10 Dec 2016
    ODT: Bridges out, Bennett last left standing
    Transport minister and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges …. is withdrawing from the contest to be National’s deputy leader today – handing it to Paula Bennett. Mr Bridges confirmed he was stepping out of the race at a press conference in Auckland this morning. “While my numbers were good, they weren’t good enough.” … Mr Bridges said Ms Bennett was a “massive talent” with huge strengths who would make an excellent deputy. Cont/

  14. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain – 10 Dec 2016

  15. Elizabeth

    At Facebook: [Comments to the post are interesting!]

    Mon, 5 Jun 2017
    ODT: Proud to be made a knight
    Sir John Key says he is immensely proud of his knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours to mark his eight years as prime minister of New Zealand. […] Sir John was made a Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit, a level one honour which most former New Zealand leaders have been offered. Cont/ NZME

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