Oi Grady— “It’s Us, Delta’s Electrical Workforce, unanimously!”

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Received from Richard Healey
Thu, 1 Dec 2016 at 10:15 a.m.


After a month of silence, the operational staff at Delta have finally spoken out. Despite massive pressure to remain silent they have come clean on their concerns. More than a hundred staff, more than half non-union, gathered yesterday over their safety concerns. The union asked their members to vote – unanimous support for the motion. The non-union staff asked that their vote be taken – unanimous support for the motion.

Here are some verbatim clips from a message that they sent to Grady, the board, the council and the rest of Dunedin:

“much of the network is now in a run-down state”…..

“it is time Aurora and Delta management admitted there are safety issues on the network”….. 

“Delta needs to ensure, through talking to the workers involved, that information they release to the media about faulty equipment and safety issues is accurate and factual, something which has been sadly lacking so far”….. 

“They need to…… surround themselves with the best people to plan and prepare for the massive task ahead.”…..

“To continually blame the problems and safety issues on an aging network when we all know the problems have arisen through lack of maintenance, lack of planning….. is quite frankly farcical.”

“the council needs to begin an inquiry, as to why the company structure it set up, and the management of those structures has led to such a prolonged period of poor maintenance and a lack of capital investment.”…..

“our greatest concern is safety for the public, followed by their security of supply we believe the continual denial of these problems is preventing progress for resolving the issues and not working in the best interest of the public and workers alike.”

Grady’s response is: “We have regular communications with our staff, but we can always do better and one of the things we will be discussing is how we can better meet their needs for better information.”

That’s why you’re the boss Grady! I would have read that letter as a damning indictment on your leadership and a stinging criticism of what appears to me to be an unconscionable attempt to cover up the failings of the network you operate at the expense of your workers’ safety and safety of the public. You on the other hand see it as a polite call for more information.

Get Gyroscope Johnson to turn down the speed on the Delta spin machine, I think that you’re all getting really giddy.

Apparently you’re meeting with a group to discuss this today. Will Derek Todd, the now ex General Manager of Asset Management be going? I understand from your email late last night that his resignation is with “immediate effect”.

[ends] FB post

O when the Saints go marching in
When the Saints go marching in
O Lord, I want to be in that number
When the Saints go marching in

There is by now a TEAM of whistleblowers plugged in at Delta, with Richard Healey determinedly positioned as external generator.

How DIABOLICAL At Work does it have to get before unionised and non unionised staff band together to thump their Boss IN WRITING. But the story does not end there.

More insights arriving daily…. on how Grady Cameron Is Not Coping as Chief Executive.

This, as Public Knowledge turns to Public Quandary :
WHY IS Mr Cameron still ma-LINGERING at the sinking helm.

Then too pull out your black armbands in memory of the company directors whether honest and law abiding or in the Vastly Bleak alternative. Examine, if you will, the nasal hairs of DCHL’s SpongeBob Crombie, wiping the floor as *** controller of all things DCC, temporarily.

spongebobs-hiccup-giphy-comspongebob’s hiccup [giphy.com]

T H E ● N E W S
The Otago Daily Times has worked strenuously to raise critical public awareness of Delta/Aurora’s dangerous and degraded power network:

1.12.16 ODT: Delta’s explanations ‘farcical’, staff believe
30.11.16 ODT: Delta staff want answers
30.11.16 ODT: Pole request not ‘overly reactionary’
28.11.16 ODT: Aurora in firing line over policy
28.11.16 ODT: Delta payments to stadium queried
26.11.16 ODT: DCC takes pole risk seriously, CEO says
26.11.16 ODT: The questions we asked Delta/Aurora
25.11.16 ODT: Cameron cancels Delta’s end-of-year functions
25.11.16 ODT: Central Otago council tackles Aurora over poles
23.11.16 ODT: Delta/Aurora ‘in good hands with advisers’
22.11.16 ODT: $16,000 spent on consultants
21.11.16 ODT: Leaked surveys show Delta workers’ concern
17.11.16 ODT: Delta denies 6600V danger
12.11.16 ODT: Every day at Delta a ‘storm’
12.11.16 ODT: Network ‘decayed, neglected’
11.11.16 ODT: Delta/Aurora board query for DCHL
9.11.16 ODT: Delta ignored warning
2.11.16 ODT: Aurora’s chief told to ‘man up’
1.11.16 ODT: $30.25m to replace poles
31.10.16 ODT: $30m fast-tracked to replace poles
29 10.16 ODT: Crombie: heads could roll
29.10.16 ODT: The rot must stop
29.10.16 ODT: Hoping husband did not die in vain
29.10.16 ODT: Warned, in black and white
28.10.16 ODT: Criticism for Cull on poles approach
26.10.16 ODT: Delta, Aurora subject of three investigations
22.10.16 ODT: Call for heads to roll at Delta
22.10.16 ODT: Worksafe starts looking into Delta
21.10.16 ODT: Fears poles could kill

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Louis Armstrong – When The Saints Go Marching In

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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8 responses to “Oi Grady— “It’s Us, Delta’s Electrical Workforce, unanimously!”

  1. lyndon weggery

    Between Richard Healey and the ODT the poor suffering ratepayers and power consumers have greatly benefited by their courageous dedication to get to the truth of this latest Dunedin scandal.

  2. Gurglars for change for the better

    Long Suffering ratepayers:

    The Danger now is that Grady Cameron becomes the sacrificial lamb and that real generational change is avoided by the Bure’ Cats (my new Fijiian handle for the overpaid/overhyped/over represented).

    Dunedin needs new blood at the helm, new ideas at the management level and new business not tied to the narrow strictures of Agenda 21 and sustainability. Any new business employing Dunedin residents is clearly a requisite.

  3. Elizabeth

    Fri, 2 Dec 2016
    ODT: Resignation blow to pole work
    The man who was to head the accelerated power pole replacement programme for under-fire Dunedin infrastructure company Delta has resigned. […] It was one of two resignations this week. Delta asset management general manager Derek Todd left for medical reasons. The Otago Daily Times understands that Jarrod Stewart, who had been with the company for eight months, quit his role in the past few days. Cont/

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Looks like a Serial Titsup Event.
    Has The Grader been retrofitted with roll bars?

  5. Elizabeth

    TODAY Richard Healey gets a verbal report….
    Goodness knows how that will pan out.

    [never mind the clowns and their BS in this video clip]

    Thu, 1 Dec 2016
    ODTtv – Delta staff want answers
    A report on an investigation by consultant Deloitte on the issue is expected next week, and Mayor Dave Cull confirmed by email to whistleblower Richard Healey he would be given the first verbal report on the results on Friday. Credit where credit is due. The DCC could have shut out Mr Healey but have chosen to include him, in what we all hope is the conclusion of this saga.

  6. Elizabeth

    Previously at another thread Delta Workers met with ‘mgmt’
    November 30, 2016 at 11:07 pm

    Received by phone:
    Notice of change management Grady-style, by email to Delta staff at 7:04 p.m.

    Asset Management
    Faster transition to the ‘Project New Energy future state’ :

    ● Derek Todd, GM Asset Management -resigned with immediate effect (surgical recovery). Derek will move to a specialist support position (limited hours) until March end 2017 only.

    ● Alec Findlater will be GM Network Commercial, reporting to Grady, effective 19 December 2016.

    ● John Campbell is Acting GM Network Performance, reporting to Grady, effective immediately.

    ShawnMendesVEVO Published on Sep 21, 2016
    Shawn Mendes – Mercy
    From Shawn Mendes’ new album “Illuminate”
    Music video by Shawn Mendes performing Mercy. (C) 2016 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  7. Elizabeth

    From: Richard Healey
    Sent: Friday, 2 December 2016 2:48 p.m.
    To: Elizabeth Kerr
    Subject: In case you missed it on FB

    What will it be this time. We have already seen a sudden resignation this week due to “health reasons”, could Jarrod Stewart’s resignation be due to “family reasons”?

    I’m surprised about Derek Todd. Everyone I talked to said his back surgery seemed to have gone very well and he was looking forward to a rapid and full recovery. I can empathise with him, I’ve had a lot of sharp stabbing back pain myself lately.

    I hope that his new “special support position” allows him to be paid at a rate substantially higher than his normal salary. That way he would effectively get a very substantial golden handshake to help carry him through.

    The “New Guy” is Godfrey Brosnan. When I say new I mean brand new. He’s only been there a few weeks and has no relevant background in the industry that I’ve found. As far as I’m aware he has no relevant construction background at all, I’ll check it out. I’m told that he’s capable but, judging by the happenings this week, he will need all the survival skill he picked up during his stint in the military to survive at Delta.

    Delivering SAFELY on Grady’s, shall we say “aspirational” plan to install 3000 poles before next December is getting tougher by the day. Let’s start a count – number of additional poles installed to date 0000. FB

    2CELLOS Published on Nov 24, 2016
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    2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of The Show Must Go On by Queen. Tribute to great Freddie Mercury for the 25th Anniversary of his death. Director: Zdenko Bašić
    Produced, mixed and mastered by 2CELLOS and Filip Vidovic (Morris Studio, Zagreb)

    [2CELLOS 4th December @ Sydney Opera House]

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