The EVIL Blend: Delta, Aurora, Fubar Stadium, Our Rates

Received from nick
2016/11/22 at 11:06 pm

Think Rundown Infrastructure
Think Pigs in Troughs
Think High Living at Ratepayers Expense
Think Cynical PR Spin
Think Appalling Attitude to Public Safety
Think Expendable Linesmen
Think Bloody Hard about What Comes Next
Think Richard Healey has Shown Us Up
Think the Game Might Be Over.


Angina attack.

Oh my lord! Nooooo. The DCC can’t be ‘surprised’ after ALL these years (each and every year) of information slung at it about ongoing stadium spending and subvention payments (particularly by the likes of Calvin Oaten!), Not after the (effortless?) Stadium Review…. Which planet are you on, DCC ?

Some backside covering ERUPTS at ‘city hall’.

Then there’s poor Grady Cameron, he’s someone just not coping with Questions these days. Mr Cameron has turned into quite the veritable rapidly depreciating, $417M cracked record. After the ‘concretising’ Drifting event, let’s see him Put Out To Pasture at the Stadium —once DVML restores the hallowed Otago Rugby turf, of course.

“It is patently clear that Delta/Aurora/Dunedin City Holdings Ltd’s priority over the last few years has been to support a rugby stadium at the expense of public safety by way of subsidies/subvention payments.” –Bev Butler

### ODT Online Mon, 28 Nov 2016
Delta payments to stadium queried
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin councillor charged with overseeing Delta and Aurora says the beleaguered companies should be concentrating on their business and health and safety before pouring money into the Forsyth Barr Stadium. That came after it was revealed the companies have paid $29.9 million in subvention payments to the stadium in the past five years. It also appears a Deloitte investigation into the companies will consider the payments issue.

“In no way should people’s health and safety be compromised because we’re trying to pay for a stadium.” –Cr Mike Lord

A Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request from stadium critic Bev Butler, passed to the Otago Daily Times, showed the extent of the payments. It also showed Delta had paid $392,499 on its corporate suite and other costs at the stadium since 2010. The details of the spending come after weeks of criticism of the companies in which it has been revealed infrastructure has not been maintained, leaving thousands of power poles compromised and potentially dangerous.
Read more

ODT: Stadium drifting track build ‘ambitious’
The turf at Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin handles 1600kg scrums with ease but it is now bearing a load 500 times heavier….

On the issue of the corporate suite, Mr Cameron said like any large business, “from time to time we host our customers to strengthen the working relationships”. (ODT)

So, Grady:
Question, you splurge Many Dollars on your main customer – Aurora Energy – by entertaining them at the Stadium? The champagne lifestyle. On Our Money.

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22.11.16 Delta/Aurora spend-up at Stadium —Degraded electricity network, Us ? (said the GOBs) #LGOIMA #Rugby

█ For more, enter the terms *delta*, *aurora*, *dchl*, *grady*, *cameron*, *crombie*, *noble*, *yaldhurst* or *epic fraud* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

cull-evades-the-question-again-18-11-16Douglas Field 18.11.16 [click to enlarge]


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11 responses to “The EVIL Blend: Delta, Aurora, Fubar Stadium, Our Rates

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    “… full details of the company’s obligation to the stadium came to light…,”

    Obligation to pay.

    There’s a way yer prison-inked villain gets a regular income. Must be only in UK TV programs because it couldn’t happen here.
    Basher & Knifey go to corner dairy and smash a shelf-load of goods, then explain to owner that this is nothing, there are people “out there” who would cause real damage including to his and his family’s kneecaps. However for the regular price of $$$ they will guarantee safety to operate his business without interruption or personal injury.

    Without scrutiny of what else he does with his money………
    Protecting him from authorities querying his decision to invest in, say, majorly stupid property development, and as a consequence making up his “profits” by selling past user date goods at full price.

    Isn’t it odd the fanciful stories that drift into one’s mind! Please excuse me for daydreaming aloud.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    ‘On the issue of the corporate suite, Mr Cameron said like any large business, “from time to time we host our customers to strengthen the working relationships”.’
    Dunedin is such a tiny dull primitive village that there is no other way to host customers from time to time, other than this: ‘It also showed Delta had paid $392,499 on its corporate suite and other costs at the stadium since 2010.’
    Just think what a boon it would be for other Dunedin businesses if Delta spread its “hosting” around, providing a variety of enjoyable experiences that would appeal to those with a variety of interests!

    • Elizabeth

      If you’re getting service at Terry Davies’ Stadium ‘donedirtcheap’ (Yes! not all costs itemised by invoice….), subsidised by Ratepayers, why look afield ?

    • Peter

      Grady Cameron tries to tell us it is not possible to strengthen working relationships without entertainment being paid for by us. Bullshit.
      If he can’t do it without our money he must be more bloody useless than what is currently evident.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Good relationships thrive on honesty, doing a good job in return for fair payment, courtesy and respect. Sincere thanks is never out of place. Being straight about unexpected problems and delays is good, as is putting things right as quickly as possible.
        Without those no amount of free liquor and tucker strengthens working relationships, though most people will take them – particularly if they feel they’ve been poorly treated so they might as well eat and drink as much as possible to make up for the shittiness of having to work for/with A-holes.

  3. Gurglars Robbed

    Delta/Aurora is a monopoly!

    It needs no largesse to obtain or keep customers.

    The only value is to the employees and directors of Delta who got a free lunch or free drinks.

    What it needs is capital and revenue attuned to maintaining a good electricity network, its customers current and potential will stay around and very happy with this simple philosophy.

  4. Elizabeth

    Richard Healey today:

    M U S T ● R E A D

    [post] Too little, too late – a tale of Delta, Deloitte and DCHL
    Richard says: Tomorrow Deloitte are to deliver Mayor Dave Cull a “verbal” summary of their report into…. well actually, I’m not sure what. Cont/


  5. Calvin Oaten

    Oh Dear!! Director Stuart McLauchlan (currently in Kuala Lumpur) says that it is imperative that directors are familiar with matters of Health and Safety of the activities of the companies that are under their watch. Oh yes, that makes a lot of sense with Delta/Aurora today doesn’t it. Only thing is it’s a bit late on dawning.

    {Read ODT: Safety liabilities stop with directors (26.3.14) and related post and comments Delta blues . . . and Easy Rider (25.3.14). -Eds}

  6. nick


    This from page 16 of Delta’s 2016 Annual Report. Director McLauchlan probably feels there is a bit of wriggle room with this provision in place.

    “In accordance with the Constitution, the Company has arranged policies of Directors’ Liability Insurance, which ensure generally that the Directors will incur no monetary loss as a result of actions undertaken by them as Directors, provided that they operate within the law.”

    I am wondering more about Aurora/Delta’s Public Liability Cover.
    Insurance companies are flatly uninterested in paying out on any claim where negligence can be shown. Delta and their directors in my view are seriously exposed with the present chaotic state of the network.

    Recategorising of all those rotten poles is the issue here.
    A polite term would be fudging it.
    A lawyer in a civil lawsuit might refer to it more as constructive criminal negligence.

  7. Elizabeth

    Links received.
    Tue, 29 Nov 2016 at 14:57

    See Chris Lee’s latest client newsletter with mention of Aurora/Delta.
    Chris has given What if? Dunedin permission to use both these links.
    Please note the copyright restriction.

    Taking Stock – 24 November 2016

    An older newsletter, Taking Stock 27 March 2014

    The correspondent Christchurch Driver [CD] commented on central Otago property values at his post Delta #EpicFail : L is for (Slow) Luggate Learner and T is for Turnip. (4.516).

    If DCC had held the Luggate and Jacks Point properties longer, to sell at an appropriate time, there was ability for Aurora to stop making subvention payments to prop up the stadium companies. Ditto Yaldhurst ….but oh dear, Delta will take a big hit for Ratepayers at Yaldhurst too, owing to the DCC/DCHL/Delta deal done on August 1 this year, ie the (cough, Mr Crombie) Delta JV with the ‘crooksters Noble’ (Gordon Stewart & Co)…. and beautifully wangled, (unsecured) Infinity Yaldhurst on side as ‘loss leader’.

    DCC never learns. For this, Mr McLauchlan keeps earning his goodies and haircuts to stay pretty.

  8. Hype O'Thermia
    If the intention was to make money by getting the infrastructure work when sections were sold, isn’t this the anticompetitive behaviour that has been pointed out recently, disapprovingly?

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