Delta ute attends Church on Sunday 27 November at 8:00 p.m.

Worship or work on a Sunday evening ? @ Knox Church, 449 George St

Full personal use of the ‘tool-of-trade’ vehicle ?
Is the company truck factored into the employee’s total remuneration package ?

Was the employee the driver ?

Images supplied.



Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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12 responses to “Delta ute attends Church on Sunday 27 November at 8:00 p.m.

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Delta vehicles can now be legitimately ANYwhere, any time.
    “We were on the spot anticipating imminent pole collapse” – proactive Care Of The Community according to Spinmeister deltaterius.

  2. Elizabeth

    If Delta’s old poles are dangerous, and we can’t source new poles :
    PRAY for deliverance.

    New Zealand lines companies heard Delta were in strife
    they rushed to buy all stocks of timber & concrete poles
    before Delta could say knife

    [a little ‘pome’ for Grady in his unpreparedness]

  3. Rob Hamlin

    Lots more ‘Delta derring do’ in the ODT today, but don’t overlook where the money has been going to: the ‘grass will grow’ rugby turf under the roof at the Foobar. It’s now late spring and the lawns and pitches are looking at their best – or should be. Take a look at the Foobar turf photo in this ODT article:

    Doesn’t it look fantastic!!!!?

  4. Rob Hamlin

    Now this article deserves careful attention.

    Grady’s makes some comments in defence of the practice:

    “”The significant growth and expansion meant we needed to extend the network and grow capacity to keep pace with demand.”

    Irrigation installations involved complex connections that required significant investment in capacity and infrastructure and it was important to make sure expansion was co-ordinated to avoid over- or underinvestment in supply capacity.

    “The only sensible response was for Aurora Energy to manage applications for new or upgraded connections through its principal contractor, Delta, to balance the interests of customers and contractors.”

    They appear to be inapplicable to which contractor actually does the job. Some very uncharitable parties might actually describe them as pure drivel. The Commerce Commission’s somewhat uncharitable but carefully diplomatic comments were also given:

    “However, Aurora had limited documentary evidence that showed the connection between the increasing demands and the policy. This led us to be sceptical of Aurora’s claims that the benefits of the policy would have outweighed the costs Aurora would have incurred in a competitive market.
    The lack of documentary evidence supporting Aurora’s claimed rationale for the policy challenged the credibility of Aurora’s explanations.”

    Which seem to indicate that they don’t believe this to be the case either.

    However the most interesting passage in the article is this one:

    “If Aurora was found guilty of breaching the Act, it could be fined more than $10million or three times the commercial gain resulting from the breach.”

    If this ODT comment is lifted directly from the Commerce Commission document that they have acquired, then this indicates that Delta’s estimated ‘commercial gain’ resulting directly from the breach was more then three million dollars.

    I would interpret ‘commercial gain’ as equating to additional profit, not additional revenue. This suggests that Delta charged these farmers three million dollars more for the work than they would have paid had they been at liberty to put the same work out to open commercial tender – and Delta profited (gained) accordingly dollar for dollar for it.

    Now if I was one of those farmers I would be highly pissed off. With Delta for doing it (among other service delivery/pricing/reliability insults and injuries), and with the Commerce Commission for not prosecuting them for it when the defence appears to be so weak. Three million is not a piffling amount – unless you happen to be one of the legendary (mythical?) Mosgiel Pool Trust’s donators community.

    When there is no sanction, it would make you very tempted to do it again, wouldn’t it?

  5. Rob Hamlin

    The Foobar drifting track above raises a number of interesting questions related to the almost unbelievable installation of a ‘temporary’ concrete race track:

    “D1NZ Drifting: R1 Dunedin 2016 managing director Brendon White said about 800 tonnes of concrete had been poured into wooden boxing on the turf to form a 360m track for the motorsport event to be held on Friday and Saturday. The first of 75 concrete mixer trucks arrived at 6am on Saturday and the last truck finished pouring at 2pm yesterday.”

    The length is cited at 360 metres and the width looks to be about ten, or about 3,600 square metres of cement or 15-20 house pads in developer speak. Installation of such a quantity is not a cheap proposition, nor is disposing of same. Five questions immediately arise from this truly extraordinary activity:

    1) Are we as ratepayers paying in any way for this thing, either via DVML or another DCC/DVML cash conduit?

    2) How does the manufacture, installation and disposal of this amount of concrete and shuttering etc for a single pretroheadfest square with this city’s green and sustainable aspirations?

    3) The Foobar turf already looks knackered in the picture. It is hard to see how it will survive such treatment (weight, heat and lack of light – even if it was healthy, which it clearly isn’t. Does this mean that the turf has finally failed as many including myself predicted, and is this being used as an opportunity/excuse to replace it?

    4) If the turf is to be relaid, what is the extent/expense of this re-laying – and who is paying for it? Given the consistent losses, and rotten power pole outcomes associated with maintaining this dedicated pro-rugby surface, what is the justification for replacing it if it has failed?

    5) What is the expected revenue/attendance for this event?

    Further info about this drifting mob and what they do can be found here:

    The season appears to have six events, all of which, bar one, seem to occur on proper race tracks. The exception appears to be Mt Smart Stadium, the Auckland base of the Warriors, with whom there might well be a good deal of market overlap, but the video available below seems to indicate that the drifting occurs in existing sealed areas outside the grassed arena of the stadium itself.

    Which seems to make this pop-up-inside concrete track a first for Li’l Ol’ Dunedin – How exciting!!!?

    • Peter

      Rob. This is a fantastic bogan event for the stadium. lt fits in so well with the stadium’s primary raison d’etre…. rugby. Another bogan sport where blokes scrum with their faces jammed up against other blokes arses while grunting and farting to their hearts’ content.
      Be a good fella and celebrate boganism.

  6. Gurglars Robbed

    Aurora/Delta charged me $8800 deposit in prospect of purchasing a 500kva transformer for a potential development in Central Otago. When due to the GFC February 2008 I decided not to go ahead with the project, I went to Aurora to get my deposit back. As a parallel the CODC refunded my payment for building consent, a large six figure sum.

    Aurora refused.

    Later evidence determined that Aurora did not pay anything for the transformer and did not order it.

    They did however apparently write two internal memos and that justified them taking my $8800.

    So the theft from Central Otago farmers is not new, nor is it probably only connected to centre pivots.

    The reality is that when you pay such high salaries to employees, you basically have to rob someone to pay them.

    In Delta’s case they have to rob everyone they deal with, all customers current and potential, as not only do they have to pay exorbitant salaries, but they have to pay crushing dividends to support a monolith and a leaking organisation running the monolith.

    In addition for both of these reasons and being caught in the sandwich of oversight and legal requirements they basically cannot do the job they were created for.

  7. Rob Hamlin

    The ODT remarks in their concreting over the Foobar article:

    “D1NZ Drifting: R1 Dunedin 2016 managing director Brendon White”

    There is no record of a company “D1NZ Drifting: R1 Dunedin 2016” on the NZ Companies Register, so exactly what type of organisation Mr White is managing director of is open to question. However, a Mr White does figure as the leader of another drifting body corporate that does appear on the company’s register. A street view of ‘HQ’ is available here:,174.7384819,3a,75y,229.49h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sWZHTsW6YwPpkV-nxj-rJJw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x498f8661b768226c!6m1!1e1

    It would be interesting to know, in addition to the questions on the last post whether DVML has kindly exposed us to either an underwriting or other form of credit risk with regard to either “D1NZ Drifting: R1 Dunedin 2016 ?”, D1NZ Events Ltd.” and this event and its sea of short-term disposable concrete. Prior DVML form is not encouraging.


    Company number: 3015623
    NZ Business Number: 9429031471893
    Incorporation Date: 05 Jul 2010
    Company Status: Registered

    Entity type:
    NZ Limited Company Constitution filed: No
    AR filing month: March, last filed on 03 Mar 2016
    Ultimate holding company No

    Company addresses:

    Registered Office
    114, Sunnybrae Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0760, New Zealand

    Address for service
    114, Sunnybrae Road, Glenfield, Auckland 0760, New Zealand

    View all addresses
    Directors Showing 1 of 1 directors

    Brendon Andrew WHITE
    114 Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

    Company record link:

    Mr White is also the sole shareholder

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Tramps used to leave a mark on the gateposts to indicate to fellow Gentlemen of the Road that the householder was a skinflint, or a generous type good for a hot dinner and even a dry bed for the night.

    Brendon Andrew WHITE, company director, found the modern equivalent by googling “Dunedin venues gullible suckers”.

    • Elizabeth

      Aside. Tonight I’m told burglars/scouts working over houses in the City Rise and Mornington are chalking properties to show which houses are worth busting…

  9. Elizabeth

    A family member politely contacted me today to say who runs the Delta vehicle parked at Knox last night – while attending a church service. Well known chap about town.

    We didn’t get to questions in the post.

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