New pool —Or, SAFE electricity network for Dunedin and Central Otago


THE BULLSHIT METER is off the Scale:

At a Mosgiel Community Board meeting on Tuesday, Mrs Mosley said research revealed the community was willing to give up to $7.5million for the project.

### ODT Online Thu, 24 Nov 2016
Get your togs on, Mosgiel
By Shawn McAvinue
A date to get your “togs on” and make a splash in a new Mosgiel aquatic facility has been set and a decision about location is down to two sites. Taieri Communities Facility Trust chairwoman Irene Mosley said a timeline to build the facility had been made and people should prepare to enjoy a dip in November 2019. The trust had worked with the Dunedin City Council to identify two sites in Mosgiel to build the facility. […] The announcement of the sites would be made in the Otago Daily Times before Christmas so the public could provide feedback to the trust over summer.
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Oh Yeah! Let’s consult on the site for a new ‘4-pool’ complex [DO NOT mention the $$$$$$$$] while EVERYONE IS AWAY ON HOLIDAY. That way we the pool trust (using submissions from our pet Unmonied stakeholders) can easily shove it through Council, led and supported by Cull, Staynes and the new Lord of Finance…. who together, will never see large AURORA/DELTA DEBTS looming for Dunedin City Council ie for the Ratepayers and Residents of Dunedin and Central Otago.

WE the ratepayers, on behalf of DCC, DO NOT accept unsecured pledges from the Pool Trust– that’s a Stadium mugs’ game we CAN’T AFFORD to play anymore.

Comment from Jacob
Fri, 25 Nov 2016 at 11:23 a.m.
Did anybody bother to read the ODT front page propaganda from Irene Mosley ‘Get your togs on, Mosgiel’ ? Research had revealed the community was prepared to throw $7.5million, and might even want to make it $10million. Yeah Right. Then reported in the Taieri Times the same day, the Mosgiel food bank declared that earlier this year demand was at a 10-year high, and was to have a collection to ensure that nobody goes hungry over Christmas. Sounds to me like an awful lot of people out Mosgiel way can’t even afford to buy togs, let alone donate twice for a pool – once through their rates, and again through a donation.

Received from snorkel
Thu, 24 Nov 2016 at 12:43 p.m.
It’s an interesting ODT story, but let’s read between the lines. No transparency (not wanting to be up front with the sites – maybe a landowner with close connections to the trust, will get an inflated price). The timing of the new pool will suit Mike Lord as he’s made his intentions clear that he’ll run for Mayor next time.

30 November 2015
Department of Parks, Recreation and Aquatics (49 pages)

*OPM – Other People’s Money

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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11 responses to “New pool —Or, SAFE electricity network for Dunedin and Central Otago

  1. Elizabeth

    From the pool trust’s website [aka Taieri Community Facilities Trust or ‘Pooling Together’):

    Taieri Aquatic Centre – Capability Study (PDF, 7 MB)
    [Compton Report 6 Nov 2014]
    A report on a Fundraising Resources Study to determine the capital fundraising potential of Mosgiel Swimming Pool.

    “In presenting this report, the Taieri Community Facilities Trust (Trust) is conscious of the Dunedin City Council’s twin objectives of city growth and strong fiscal management. It recognises that growth is both economic and social, and that the two are correlated. If Dunedin is to grow then it needs investment both in economic development and in facilities that enhance the city’s quality of life.
    A city is defined by its people. So as a city, if we are to grow and prosper then the community must stand beside Council. Only by working together can we both grow as a city and reach the Council goals for financial stewardship.
    Community-based organisations are key to solving some of the most difficult neighbourhood issues. It is therefore important from the outset to understand that a swimming pool is not just about a place but about our people. Pools help to bind communities together and meet the challenges of building social inclusion within a community. They help to address the health issues within a community as we endeavour to meet national obesity and activity targets. A swimming pool is more than just somewhere to swim. It is a meeting place and heart for the community and a conduit for many activities.”

    Or read online at

    Real HEART : We need a secure and safe power supply, People.

    PS. Dunedin is static. Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes districts have measurable and productive growth.

    • Jacob

      The Trust’s capability study makes for interesting reading. Especially that headed ‘Campaign Leadership’. “Just under half interviewed suggested that, although local former Council members would provide strong leadership, their public involvement would have to be limited due to their perceived connection to the current council debt associated with the stadium.”
      Former council members associated with the stadium debt. Who could that be ???

      • Elizabeth

        COIs but when has that stopped them.
        Sydney Brown.
        Malcolm Farry.
        Peter Chin.
        Colin Weatherall.
        Andrew Noone.
        John Bezett.
        [I doubt they would consider Neil Collins or indeed Bill Acklin the kind of support material they need.]

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Yes, it’s all of those things as claimed, except of course the money. Until Dunedin City Council gets its act together and deals to the realities currently happening then I don’t believe that new pools at Mosgiel are at present viable possibilities. In a word, “Forget it”, and get real to the true situation existing. With the lacklustre Mayor and Council we have delivered ourselves for the next three years this is not going to go away. Let’s just relax the pressure on all of us until the DCC can, if capable, use its meagre talents and get the ship back on course. A difficult task for anyone to contemplate let alone this shower of misguided misfits.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Coincidentally today Stuff has some wise words on the subject of how to have happy relationships. I reckon they apply to communities as well as to couples:
      “…Studies have consistently found the number one factor for relationship breakdown isn’t infidelity, or whose turn it is to wash the dishes. It’s money. If you’re not on the same financial wavelength, you’re doomed.
      Frugal living is an excellent way to reduce the money stress that ruins relationships. Budget Buster readers know how to build a financial emergency kit, free themselves from the crushing jaws of the debt trap, and save up for whatever makes them genuinely happy….”

      Overspending by an already deeply indebted city that needs to urgently find money for recklessly delayed maintenance of vital infrastructure, can only result in higher costs per household. Less money remaining in the household budget is a recipe for stress and resentment.

      Those like Ms Mosely who are dead-set on acquiring a new pool complex will be happy enough to ignore the extra costs. Those who don’t use swimming pools, or think of them as nice-to-haves for when there is spare money in the kitty, are likely to take a dim view of those who forcibly take their money, when they have priorities of their own they’d rather spend it on. The scope for division and disharmony in the community is great.

  3. Elizabeth

    Search engine term used at What if? today:

    *what are the solutions when santas sleigh is broken*

  4. Jacob

    We have seen the effects of taking millions $ out of the Dunedin economy to build and prop up the stadium. Aurora/Delta and the South Dunedin flooding being good examples. What will this $7-$10 million being sucked out of the Mosgiel economy do to the area. Businesses must suffer. The local clubs and charities that rely on donations must suffer, while this enormous pool sucker sucks up any spare cash in the community. It would appear that the pool trust is taking the Mosgiel residents to be the biggest suckers of all.

  5. Elizabeth

    I don’t actually begrudge a community wanting a new pool facility. What I deeply object to is Ms Mosley and team adopting the same derelict funding model as the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust, and given DCC – no doubt to be swung by Cr Lord as new chair of the Finance Committee – accepting the full rates burden (when the pool trust’s fundraising efforts fail) for the capital expenditure and poorly estimated annual operational costs. Having the likes of Brown, Chin, Weatherall et al (ORFU / stadium councillors) in the background is the tipping point for me. Ms Mosley just represents more of the same.

    If however a brazen housing speculator or two carving up high class soils on the Taieri want to donate a site and the majority construction cost of a community pool (not a 4-pool complex, that would be greedy) then I could be persuaded that all is not lost, a compromise.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      At the beginning of the pool discussions wasn’t there information about several pools already in Mosgiel? School pool, maybe others. For Community use, as opposed to elite training for competitive swimmers and other athletes and rugby players, isn’t it actually more useful to have pools within easier reach – walking, cycling, more car-parking spaces – than mega edifices with all the p.i.t.a. issues of large numbers trying to be in the same place at the same time? Eg Fubar Stadium – recent letter to ODT editor about disabled person unable to find close park, turned away by poorly trained (this was the reason given) staff and having a painful trek.
      Community in Mosgiel means considering children and elderly too, it’s a place people move to when they can’t manage hills. I wouldn’t like to see vast expenditure on a Fubar-elite type of facility that effectively bars use by slow, disabled, inexperienced, and easily bullied swimmers. When Moana Pool is closed for maintenance and the high-powered swimmers come to the Physio Pool they are impatient and frequently intimidating, charging inexorably up and down and regarding other users as impediments to their own entitlement.
      Swimmers for health don’t require mega facilities. The average school pool re-purposed for community use is perfect, and several “humble” pools in different places, with funding not reliant on school funds for supervision and maintenance and available to the public outside school-use hours looks like the best value for money.
      The restricted hours scheme applies at the Physio Pool. It is reserved for therapeutic use for a few hours per day, available to the public early in the morning then after the reserved hours are over. It works.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Actually the eggs-in-basket and value for money aspects of pool provision should be carefully considered.
    Good school pools have been closed because the huge elf’n safety OTT risk aversion that blights our society has resulted in costs that schools cannot afford.
    Many schools had after-hours public access, some by keyholder schemes for locals.
    Taking a family to Moana pool from many parts of Dunedin is expensive and time consuming, even for those who have their own transport. By bus it’s a major expedition and a budget buster for many families. Local pools are better value for providing exercise opportunities and for community-building, meeting the people from one’s neighbourhood, getting to recognise and be recognised by local kids (it takes a village to raise a kid, eh) and being a focal point. As such there is more engagement, including willingness to fund-raise, do working bees, be a community.
    Big Fubar-style facilities are not “community building” – nor community buildings even though we are all forced to pay for them. A small in-group feels ownership and feels the benefit (sarcasm and skepticism intended) and the experience for the rest of us either as passive consumers or victims of wallet plundering.

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