Delta goes for *cheapie Chinese steel poles in replacement

Delta has 1181 red-tagged power poles. The rest of the country has 321.

### Thu, 10 Nov 2016 Last updated 12:29 PM
Under-fire Otago lines company has most of NZ’s red-tagged power poles
By Hamish McNeilly
An under-fire Otago lines company has more than three times as many dangerous power poles as the rest of the country combined. Delta came under scrutiny after former manager-turned-whistleblower Richard Healey said its power poles were dangerous. A survey of all 29 lines companies found Delta had 1181 poles rated condition 0, the lowest level. Other lines companies had different rating systems, but together had 321 “red-tagged” poles across four companies. […] Healey said since going public there had been a rush by lines companies to secure New Zealand-made concrete power poles, “but when Delta got in there the cupboard was bare”. Instead the company was forced to secure Chinese-manufactured power poles from an Australian supplier. Given concerns raised over Chinese steel Healey feared “rushing [those poles] into service may introduce a few problems they may not expect”. In a statement the company downplayed those concerns, but declined to reveal the origin of the poles.
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power-steel-poles-china-diytrade-comSteel power poles – China


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.

*Note to pole image (China) sourced from; this does not imply Delta is using for supply.


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14 responses to “Delta goes for *cheapie Chinese steel poles in replacement

  1. Richard Healey

    Tim Cadogen and Dave Cull are sitting on a couch together in Clyde right now. What a pity it would take me a couple of hours to get there. If I was quick I could speak to both of the mayors who refuse to talk to me, at once.

    Hmmm, I wonder if they have seen the Stuff article yet.

  2. Gurglars

    Keep the pressure up Richard!

  3. russandbev

    I think that Crombie is not far away.

  4. Elizabeth

    Received from Douglas Field
    Thu, 10 Nov 2016 at 10:30 p.m.


  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Shush, Richard. Dave Cull knows what you should do and in his infinite generosity he hands out advice to you:

    “Delta staff already reeling from the power-poles scandal are being hit with the threat of restructuring.
    This comes as Mayor Dave Cull suggested whistleblower Richard Healey should stop being critical in the media and instead focus on helping the Deloitte investigation into Aurora and Delta……
    A representative from the union, Etu, said mainly middle-management were affected by restructuring and the process started some time ago. ……..
    Poles were not mentioned in the review’s terms of reference and after speaking to a Deloitte staff member he got the impression the issue was not part of the review. ……. He would still talk to Deloitte ….. but felt the review was flawed. “The primary question is not there.”
    Asked for a simple yes or no answer over whether the review would examine whether the state of Aurora’s poles put workers and the public at risk he [Mayor Cull] said: “I can’t give a straight yes or no answer to that. What I am saying is that the allegation that Deloitte will not look at it, is not correct.” ”

    • Kleinefeldmaus

      @Hype O’Thermia
      November 11, 2016 at 8:32 am

      You observe “he [Mayor Cull] said: “I can’t give a straight yes or no answer to that. What I am saying is that the allegation that Deloitte will not look at it, is not correct.” ”

      Obfuscation is the name and obfuscation is the game with this person. But it seems that he was right in the first five words he used about ‘answer’. The rest is the obfuscation bit.

    • PG

      It is very concerning to me that we seem to have a Mayor who lacks the intelligence required to judge for for himself what is or or isn’t patently unsafe. Mr Cull, do you think there is no risk to a member of the public should a pole fall on them? You know, like the Forbury Rd pole a couple of months back. Or that a child running into a dangling live line is at absolutely no risk whatsoever? Or is it more that you are so concerned at protecting yourself and colleagues that appearing utterly stupid and unfit for your role seems like a better option?
      I see that Richard Healey has, via Facebook, kindly offered to personally take any city councillors or Delta/Aurora Board members to unsafe places on the network to show them at first hand dangers that are present, and to answer any relevant questions they may have. I strongly urge them to avail themselves of this opportunity.

      {See new post: Healey responds to statements in today’s ODT —Delta review #WorkSafety #PublicSafety -Eds}

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    “Delta has 1181 red-tagged power poles. The rest of the country has 321.”
    Adventure tourism is big. Huge.
    There’s not much in Dunedin though, no white water rafting, no bungy jumping. Why don’t we promote “walking around Dunedin” as a tourist attraction? Ours isn’t sanitised, authorised, OSH’d and cottonwoolled – we offer genuine risk of being maimed or killed!

  7. jeff dickie

    Mayor Cull’s first sentence in the last paragraph above is succinct. “I can’t give a straight yes or no answer to that.” Possibly the most succinct summary of his entire time in office. Cull suggesting whistleblower Richard Healey should stop being critical in the media, points to a fundamental fault with this administration, a fear of public scrutiny. That is precisely why media exists in democracies and why it really doesn’t in places like China with a totalitarian regime. A place Cull has far too many ratepayer funded visits to. This has clearly modeled his perception of his own role.
    The mudtanks and DCC failure of South Dunedin residents, the cycleways debacle, the Citifleet fraud, and amongst many other examples the numerous Delta property and recently revealed power pole infrastructure failures, wasting not just millions but tens and tens of millions of dollars, points to ongoing inept local government bungling, aided and abetted by poor media scrutiny. The best thing Richard Healey can do is shout about the failures from the rooftops. That way there is at least some mechanism to assist in removing the idiots and incompetents. We should be grateful to him for speaking out because clearly neither the mayor or Delta wanted us, the owners, to know! Had this happened with the two Delta property failures at Jacks Point and Luggate, ratepayers might have been spared the even more monumental “behind closed doors” failure at Yaldhurst. The Auditor-general Lyn Provost’s infamous Delta investigation fitted very nicely with Cull’s “no accountability” philosophy. The simply astonishing conflicts of interest and negligence were obvious even to a fool. The same Lyn Provost has just rubber stamped the scandalous Saudi sheep farm deal that has seen around $12M of taxpayers’ funds diverted clandestinely to a private favoured individual.
    A lack of public scrutiny allows these rorts of public monies. Hence Cull’s desire to keep wraps on it all. I didn’t notice the mayor wishing to work with either ex DCC drainage boss Bruce Hendry or consulting engineer Neil Johnstone over their assessments of DCC liabilities for South Dunedin flooding. For both Cull and CE Bidrose, just the opposite was true.

    {Link added. -Eds}

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Lyn Provost is a puzzle. Pwned, bought, shallow or clueless? Indoctrinated lifelong with “If you can’t say something nice….”?
    Promoted several rungs above competence?

  9. Tussock

    I don’t know if anybody else has noticed another little game being played out under the guise of a resource consent hearing? Probably not. Delta has been the big distraction lately.
    If you follow the news, you would have noticed that a hearing is taking place, concerning the expansion of mining at Macraes, and the effects on water ways.
    The interesting thing about this is that Fish and Game, who protest about everything to do with water ways. Especially dairy farmers. Have not made a submission on this one, and we pay big dollars to Fish and Game for a fishing license, and to represent us at such hearings. Could the reason be that they appear to have a cosy arrangement with the mining up at Macraes to do with a trout hatchery, or maybe it is because one of their own is sitting on this hearing as a hearing commissioner. Could there be a conflict of interest here ?

  10. Gurglars

    The Hyper Principle.

    The Peter Principle- that each bureaucratic person rises to the level of his incompetence has been Trumped (like that?)

    By Hype O’thermia with

    The Hyper Principle-

    Some elected and unelected persons rise two levels above their level of competence.

    I think she means that Cull, Crombie, McLauchlan, Cameron, Thompson, Thomson, Grant, Bidrose, and others are overpaid – by a considerable margin.

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