Otago Polytechnic : EXCITE Student Showcase 2016 #OPexcite

Our students create, achieve and innovate so much every year, and Excite celebrates their successes and shares them with the community.
█ Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand


█ Go to https://www.op.ac.nz/about-us/excite/ for live tiles leading to more showcase and sector information, event dates and how to RSVP.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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5 responses to “Otago Polytechnic : EXCITE Student Showcase 2016 #OPexcite

  1. Elizabeth

    More details for EXCITE:


  2. Elizabeth

    Otago Polytechnic


    19 – 24 NOVEMBER 2016

    Dunedin School of Art, Riego Street (off Albany St)

    Gallery Hours
    Saturday 10am – 4pm
    Monday to Thursday 12 – 4pm
    LATE NITE TUESDAY 12 – 8pm


  3. Elizabeth

    Otago Polytechnic

    Forth Street, Dunedin
    H Block: 1st Floor, Corner of Forth and Union Street

    Online Student Showcase and course information here:

    [2016 individual student design statements and work examples]

  4. Elizabeth

    Sun, 20 Nov 2016
    ODT: Capturing day in city life
    A snapshot of daily life in Dunedin can be seen in a new Toitu Otago Settlers Museum display. The display consists of a slideshow of more than 100 images taken around the city by Otago Polytechnic photography students on Friday, October 21. The images captured a variety of activities, from a brewery, office spaces and transport options to a yoga studio, bakery and city night life, polytechnic photography lecturer Chris Gillman Gable said. The 2016 edition of A Day in the Life was the third year the polytechnic had put on the display at the museum and the fourth time in total, he said.

    A Day in the Life 2016 is on display in the research centre at Toitu.

  5. Elizabeth

    Mon, 21 Nov 2016
    ODT: ‘It’s a steal’: family lands charity house
    As the price of the Otago Polytechnic’s charity house rose at auction on Saturday, Sasha Turner was sure her family’s dream of locating the house in Brighton was gone. But as her husband Shane entered the family’s final bid of $209,000 — only $1000 below the couple’s self-imposed limit — the only other bidder had a change of heart. Cont/


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