Vandervis apologises to Mayor Cull #councilpowerplays

vandervis-mayor-cull-dcc-2[DCC profiles]

█ Refer to the Agenda for the Council meeting on Tuesday 25 October 2016.

Dave Cull initially offered highest vote scoring councillor Lee Vandervis the chairship of Hearings as well as two deputy chair positions in Infrastructure and in the Bylaws and Regulatory area. Cr Vandervis turned these down thinking Hearings would lie outside Council. However, Cr Vandervis received encouragement from various colleagues to pursue what was offered…. After receiving clarification from senior staff the councillor wrote an apology to Mayor Cull in the hope of securing the positions. We await further news.

Mayor – Dave Cull
Deputy Mayor – Cr Chris Staynes

Mayor Cull says (via the Agenda and associated reports):


6. I establish the following Committees as committees of the whole:
a) Finance and Council Controlled Organisations
b) Community and Culture
c) Infrastructure Services and Networks
d) Planning and Environment
e) Economic Development.

7. I further establish the following Subcommittees, with some membership to be confirmed:
a) Hearings Subcommittee (directly to Council)
b) Bylaws Subcommittee (directly to Council)
c) Audit and Risk Subcommittee (directly to Council)
d) Grants Subcommittee (reporting to Community and Culture)
e) CEO Appraisal Subcommittee. (directly to Council)



Finance and CCOs
Chair: Cr Mike Lord | Deputy Chair: Cr Doug Hall

Community and Culture
Chair: Cr Aaron Hawkins | Deputy Chair: Cr Rachel Elder, Cr Marie Laufiso

Infrastructure Services and Networks
Chair: Cr Kate Wilson | Deputy Chair: Cr Jim O’Malley

Planning and Environment
Chair: Cr David Benson-Pope | Deputy Chair: Cr Damian Newell, Cr Conrad Stedman

Economic Development
Chair: Cr Chris Staynes | Deputy Chair: Cr Andrew Whiley, Cr Christine Garey


Chair: [Cr Kate Wilson] | Deputy Chair: To be confirmed

Chair: Cr Andrew Whiley | Deputy Chair: To be confirmed

Chair: Cr Aaron Hawkins | Deputy Chair: To be confirmed

Audit and Risk
Chair: To be confirmed but an independent member | Deputy Chair: To be confirmed

CEO Appraisal
Chair: The Mayor | Deputy Chair: Cr Chris Staynes

8. I have made the following Councillor appointments to Community Boards:
Mosgiel Taieri Community Board – Cr Mike Lord
Strath Taieri Community Board – Cr Christine Garey
West Harbour Community Board – Cr Aaron Hawkins
Saddle Hill Community Board – Cr Conrad Stedman
Otago Peninsula Community Board – Cr Andrew Whiley
Waikouaiti Coast Community Board – Cr Jim O’Malley



1. Clause 21 of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 requires that, at the inaugural meeting of the Council and Community Boards following the triennial election, the Chief Executive Officer must provide a general explanation of the following legislation:
a) The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987;
b) The Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968;
c) Sections 99, 105 and 105A of the Crimes Act 1961;
d) The Secret Commissions Act 1910; and
e) The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.


That the Council:
a) Notes the advice regarding key legislation that applies to members of Council, its Committees and Community Boards.

Related Council report
[worth skimming the discussion of each Act as it applies to Councillors]


Fri, 21 Oct 2016
ODT: Rejected position; apology ensued
The Dunedin City Council’s committee appointments may be in for a change before they have even been approved, after Cr Lee Vandervis refused a role then realised it could have been “an acceptable position after all”. Cr Vandervis apologised to Mayor Dave Cull after realising a hearings committee role he had declined “as a sop to council involvement” was in fact a more responsible appointment. But by that time, the role had been changed and offered to another councillor. Cont/

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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6 responses to “Vandervis apologises to Mayor Cull #councilpowerplays

  1. Elizabeth

    We understand it was Benson-Pope who requested a division.

    ….Mr Cull told Cr Vandervis the meeting was voting to note his appointments, made in his role as mayor. When the vote was taken, Cr Vandervis, who was deputy chairman of infrastructure services from 2010 to 2013, was the only one who voted against.

    Wed, 26 Oct 2016
    ODT: Vandervis fails to secure any support
    Dunedin councillor Lee Vandervis has been unable to attract any support in the newly elected Dunedin City Council after putting himself forward to head the infrastructure services committee. Cr Vandervis yesterday called into question the record of Cr Kate Wilson when he said he should have been made chairman of that committee. Cont/

    Cr Vandervis didn’t have a shitshow after he turned down Cull’s offer of the very useful (he didn’t see it that way) chairship of Hearings tied to two deputy chairships, Infrastructure, and Bylaws and Regulatory. The position would’ve allowed some constructive learning in order to demonstrate facility for fairness and balance in governance, teamwork and administration. Ah well. Lack of a helicopter is a real problem for lone wolves.

    [I note lots of aircraft taking off about town this week.]

    Meanwhile Mayor Cull is predestined to run this city council into the ground.

    Remember, it is the Mayor and All Councillors (including Vandervis) since the Stadium Build that have allowed the council-owned companies to run riot – with each inaction and or pet project of the Mayor and Councillors, the Ratepayers have had to suffer $millions lost or owing. So here we are with Aurora and Delta, both pimped out and in death throes.

    The DCC pack of losers.

    • Lyndon Weggery

      Given all the infrastructure problems experienced in the last two years including the review of South Dunedin flooding I am most surprised, concerned and disappointed that Councillor Wilson has been re-appointed as Chair of the Infrastucture Services and Networks Committee.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    I’ll bet Cull has “mixed feelings” about having been re-elected as Mayor – – or, at all!
    This would be a great time to have retired to a place in the country with unreliable cell phone coverage.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### Tue, 25 Oct 2016
    New council gets down to business
    The inaugural meeting of the newly elected Dunedin City Council has taken place this afternoon. There are six new councillors being sworn in to serve the city’s ratepayers, joining a host of familiar faces. And their welcome included all the usual pomp and ceremony.
    Ch39 Link

    Channel 39 Published on Oct 24, 2016

  4. Elizabeth

    In the video – note ‘father Staynes’ advises All that governance must stay away from the operational. TOTAL BULLSHIT.

    The artificial boundary between is why the ongoing rorts, corruption, incompetence and crimes CONTINUE.
    Look where that fine line of FAT CAT BLINDNESS and LACK OF FIDUCIARY DUTY on Council has got us.

    THAT advice is unacceptable Mr Staynes, IGNORANCE is unacceptable also – see Stadium, Carisbrook, CST, Citifleet, Cycleways, Delta, Aurora, THREATS of Managed Retreat, and now DCHL (political fawning)….. to name but a few of the “STANDOFFISH” local government multimillion-dollar losses we (the dwindling rates base) sustain, for not much longer without tear gas.

    The disgusting DCC has to be replaced by Central Government appointed commissioners.

  5. Elizabeth

    Otago Access Radio 104.5 FM
    Sun, 30 Oct 2016
    Pulse of Politics with Neale McMillan

    Richard Stedman on Local Body Politics
    post election politics, council chairships, the ‘hotel’, “good news” before the election, Delta, STV and iterations, postal voting, potential ODT bias, infrastructure issues v pet projects, South Dunedin, underground services, rubber stampers for council staff

    AUDIO at

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