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Site Notice: post removed

The post entitled ‘DC’s Dunedin City Circus #tricks’ has been taken down in response to a request received this afternoon. The request came with instruction to issue an apology.

A public apology is owed to David Benson-Pope for any upset and offence caused by mention within the wider post. This matter is sincerely regretted. A personal apology will be forwarded to Mr Benson-Pope as soon as practicable today. He may however seek a specifically worded public apology and that can be issued upon his request.

Further removals for this post will be effected within 12 hours via desktop. The present removal is by smartphone only.

A separate note

If the election signage of any candidate placed around Dunedin appears to be contrary to the rules please contact DCC Customer Services on 4774000 with your query which will be directed to the appropriate planning officer.

Photographs of potentially ‘problem signage’ supplied to What if? Dunedin should also be copied to the planning officer, and stating the physical site location or address.

I have forwarded signage information to the planning officer in recent days where location details were known. This has resulted in enforcement action being taken.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr
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Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

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