Lee Vandervis and the zero-emission Electric Leaf

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Received from Lee Vandervis
Wed, 28 Sep 2016 at 10:32 p.m.

From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 09:01:28 +1200
To: Editor ODT
Cc: Nicholas G S Smith, Julian Smith [Allied Press Ltd]
Subject: ZERO Rating – Letter to the Editor

ZERO Rating – Letter to the Editor.

Dear Editor,

When a youth group calling themselves Generation Zero springs a C- Environmental Rating [p4 ODT 27/9/16] on somebody who: generates his own off-grid solar power, cuts mills and builds with his own timber from sustainable macrocarpa forest using off-cuts for low-carbon heating, has been a life-long re-user as well as recycler restoring Heritage buildings and homes, drives a zero-emission electric car, eats veges and herbs from 20 metres of raised bed garden and fruit from a dozen orchard trees, and has always paid for his DCC water connection, it comes as quite a surprise to see this same group giving Mayor Cull an A+ Environmental Rating, presumably because he blamed South Dunedin’s avoidable flooding of homes on Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise. Hopefully it is only this fundamentalist Climate Change Generation Zero group that falls for the fashion of just talking Sustainability while ignoring the facts of those who actually live it.

Kind regards,

Cr. Lee Vandervis


Tue, 27 Sep 2016
ODT: Environmental ratings controversial
The group behind a website that is ranking Dunedin mayoral candidates on their environmental stance says it was produced in part to get young people talking about the local government election. […] [JOKE] Mr Cull said he was flattered by the judgement, and thought the organisation had “comprehensively” looked at a range of issues and how candidates had grappled with them.


Lee Vandervis purchased a near new electric Nissan Leaf well before Dave Cull and Chris Staynes each bought theirs. What if? Dunedin inspected Mr Vandervis’ car today and went for a quiet ride……….. as you do when chasing down a bad ODT newsflash written by low pond life.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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2 responses to “Lee Vandervis and the zero-emission Electric Leaf

  1. Gurglars

    Much as I sympathise with Lee for the unfair downgrade of his gen zero rating, hopefully the following will set him at ease.

    Firstly, 90-98% of citizens who vote drive a car powered by fossil fuel.
    No-one rides a bike on cycleways as we have seen from Gurglars visits to many countries endeavouring to find a cycleway user.

    90% of gen zero don’t vote because
    a) They don’t have a car and cannot get to a polling booth or
    b) The cycleways lead them somewhere else but a polling booth.

    All in all it seems to me that not one mayor has ever been elected for driving an electric car.

    If I were you Lee, I’d sell the Leaf in order to get elected.

    What kind of a name is Leaf anyway. It conjures up images of random movement pushed about by the wind, lots of cleaning up to do and total waywardness, not characteristics that we want in our new mayor.

    And imagine at the gates of St Peter being shoved into the same queue as Cull de Mayor and Oakley Doakley Staynes!

    St Peter.

    “All you fools who drove an electric Car head off down there and sweep up some leaves!”

  2. Elizabeth

    Cr Lee Vandervis understands emerging technology better than most across the spectrum of business development and workplaces, not simply within transportation change. He has a quick creative engineering-type brain for anticipating applications.

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