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Cull climbs into alcohol issue to advance his mayoral election campaign (?) – yet specifically states he won’t campaign on the matter of the new Dunedin hospital and retention of health services for Dunedin’s wellbeing.

Drink to that, Dave! *clink

### ODT Online Sat, 24 Sep 2016
Alcohol policy appealed
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council faces a potentially protracted legal battle as New Zealand’s supermarket giants join forces to fight the city’s local alcohol policy. Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs are among eight parties — including the  New Zealand Police — to appeal the DCC’s provisional local alcohol policy. The appeals  mean the council’s policy  remains in limbo and changes to curb alcohol-related harm are stalled, more than a year after the initiatives were signed off by councillors.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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9 responses to “Stay positive Dunedin #awash

  1. I am willing to do without alcohol sold at supermarkets if, and I say IF, it will help young people not to get crazy with booze.

  2. John P. Evans

    I’m keen to see the supermarkets treated exactly as they have treated Wests, but any rule changes will have to ensure that supermarkets cannot set up adjacent which is how they get around the no liquor policy there.

  3. Elizabeth

    Received from Council candidate Neil Johnstone
    Sat, 24 Sep 2016 at 7:40 p.m.

    Amateur Engineering

    Costings for poorly-considered hazard solutions for South Dunedin are as wide of the mark as the proposals promoted by some candidates.

    Ronald Fung’s plan set out on the back of at least one bus and on his pamphlets advocates subterranean stormwater storage tanks (by another name) at no cost to the ratepayer.


    For more information go to

    Apart from not being cheap for whoever is doing the paying, there are two other problems: they are only effectively installed prior to other construction, but more importantly the application of the Archimedes Principle means that the tanks will tend to float in existing ground water unless massively anchored.

    Then Andrew Whiley’s 3km seawall is neither necessary nor – at a mere $20 million – could it be anything but ocean fodder.

    Paul Pope, who is certainly doing some good coastal stuff, may have been premature to wade in by projecting costs for a seawall on the basis of those for North Otago breakwaters. Having designed and built breakwaters in the southern ocean, I can assure your readers that breakwaters and sea walls are very different creatures.

  4. Elizabeth

    ODT 21.9.16 (page 12)

    odt-21-9-16-letters-to-editor-mills-jordan-p12[click to enlarge]

    13.9.16 ODT: Area too ‘vulnerable’ to booze shops

  5. Gurglars

    It has always been so. Those on high piddle on those below!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Aha, Gurglars, The explanation!
      South Dunedin is vulnerable to social damage caused by booze shops in areas that are “strong enough” to have booze shops.
      That figures, hmmm, yeah……

  6. Elizabeth

    DCC have had these results for quite some time – NOT strange then that they got rolled out to support the Mayor’s re-election prospects.

    Mon, 26 Sep 2016
    ODT Editorial: Dunedin’s quality of life
    By reuben online
    [who the hell is reuben online, Barry Stewart have you lost the freaking plot ?]
    It will come as little surprise to Dunedin residents that the city topped the polls in the latest Quality of Life survey. Of Dunedin residents surveyed, 88% rated their overall quality of life good or extremely good. […] One area of concern throughout the country is regarding local councils, their performance and attitudes to them. 

    • Hype O'Thermia

      A great deal of happiness – quality of life – is about Other People.
      Dunedin people have a reputation for friendliness.
      Being half an hour’s drive from any-where in this city (therefore from any-one) is A Long Way. So it’s not too hard to keep in touch with friends in Dunedin, and not too hard to find a smile and a pleasant word.
      We don’t – well very few – work 5 jobs per adult couple to afford a roof over our heads. So we have time to be friends and friendly acquaintances.
      Casual and irregular hours have done damage here as elsewhere to ability to commit to community activities, teams, courses and volunteering but it’s no worse than anywhere else so wouldn’t have impacted on the survey.

  7. Elizabeth

    ### 26 Sep 2016 at 10:00 am
    Dunedin’s mayoral challengers struggle to bring change
    By Ian Telfer
    There is a strong mood amongst South Dunedin voters to change the mayor, but the vote appears split among the many challengers. A large field of 10 hopefuls are going up against two-term incumbent Dave Cull. In a largely subdued race, the biggest issue has been South Dunedin, which was badly flooded 15 months ago. In one of the worst affected streets in last June’s flood, Hargest Crescent, there is still real anger at the council’s role in the disaster which damaged 1200 properties and many lives. […] One man said Mr Cull had done nothing for South Dunedin, and had slated the area as a waste of time.
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