Second candidate meeting at South Dunedin #review

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Tue, 21 Sep 2016 at 11:13 p.m.

A slightly larger crowd of Dunedinites arrived at the Mayfair Theatre tonight, and one or two were even angry.

The group of candidates was much smaller than last night but as a group the candidates were more impressive specimens than last night.

Standout new candidates were Jim O’Malley, Paul Pope, Conrad Stedman, David Murray, Neil Johnstone and Nanette Linklater.

Richard O’Mahony was also OK, if unspecific, but Tony Johnston was uncomfortable with the inevitable self promotion and sound bites that one must engage in as a local body politician. There is the sense that Mr Johnston could have value as a councillor with his background but he needs to study Mike Lord or Mr Stedman as examples of how to relate to a crowd.

Mr Lord tended to be short on specifics but even when on the verboten topic of the Mosgiel Pool came across as credible and with integrity, even when he did not quite answer the question.

Once again Lee Vandervis stole the show, helped in no small measure by the fact that many of the questions were directed to himself and Mr Lord as sitting councillors.

The questions were almost scripted for Mr Vandervis – how to wring results from the DCC bureaucracy, the Citifleet fraud, the awful financial abscess that is Delta and Aurora, the madness of the 2GP planners, the vacuousness of the Cull regime “if you can’t see it they are not going to spend on it” and “every year has been election year”.

With Mr Vandervis’ usual combination of wit, recall of facts and obvious determination, almost every response was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

The best line of the evening came from Mr Murray when he said to the audience – “it’s about priorities” – who do you trust to put South Dunedin as the top priority, and it certainly is not the current council as they have proven this by spending $6M on cycleways for us and underspending on drains.

Mr Murray, Mr Stedman & Ms Linklater made the powerful point that they actually lived in South Dunedin, and are fully committed to it.

Mr O’Malley raised the elephant in the room when he said that there was a north south divide in the city and the two sides retreated to their side of the railway line. He said that South Dunedin had good reason to mistrust the council as they had failed South Dunedin. This was echoed by most new candidates. Mr O’Malley has shown that he is willing to confront the problems that are beyond most of the current crop of councillors and his background in the American corporate world is impressive.

Paul Pope was also impressive and noted that he had spent three weeks visiting local businesses to get their views, something that candidate Linklater had also spent a lot of time in, which went down well.

Mr Stedman was sincere and obviously committed to South Dunedin, and he dealt with some aggressive and illogical heckling very well. His account of his efforts to remove the Hargest Crescent cycleway were well received.

There were only 2 sitting councillors that showed up, being Mike Lord and Lee Vandervis, with chief cycleway apologist Cr Kate Wilson absent, along with new candidates Fraser, Hope and Shepherd.

Interestingly, the ODT chose to feature the question of feral cats in South Dunedin, which may be a sign that election weariness is setting in at ODT.


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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5 responses to “Second candidate meeting at South Dunedin #review

  1. Elizabeth

    Thu, 22 Sep 2016
    Meeting challenges priorities
    Microchipped cats, reinstating council roading and parks departments and problems with the buses were some of the subjects traversed at the second Dunedin City Council candidates meeting in South Dunedin last night. With just 11 candidates – a smaller number than the 25 at the first meeting on Tuesday – it meant plenty of time for questions from the public […] The second of two Greater South Dunedin Community Group election forums at the Mayfair Theatre drew a crowd of about 55.

  2. JimmyJones

    Cr Kate Wilson has a few things to explain. She might look cheerful and harmless, but she is a devout supporter of Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) and the ratepayer funding of political lobby groups like ICLEI and the Compact Of Mayors. Jinters says (FB 13/9/16): I’m particularly proud of the work that Aaron and I have done together to commit Council to the Compact of Mayors and the city-wide emissions reduction targets that come with it. We haven’t been told of the cost of funding these groups, but we know that the DCC’s commitments to following the policies of these groups have not been consulted on. Not with the citizens, anyway.

    Kate Wilson will be remembered as a car-hater and a supporter of bicycle lanes everywhere. She is, in part, responsible for the closure of John Wilson Drive to cars and enthusiastically supports the city-wide destruction of the one way system. Anyone with half a brain would know that this will cause congested traffic flows. DCC staff know this from doing traffic modelling, but have not publicised this fact, in fact they made sure that the modelling report was not available when there was some public consultation (all other related documents were available).

    Kate, is the DCC representative on the ORC’s Regional Transport Committee which decides on policies and funding priorities. The agenda+minutes for 25/8/2014 shows that Kate Wilson helped to create and approved these draft policies:
    ● Territorial authorities manage traffic to maintain certain levels of congestion when needed to prompt change in travel behaviour
    ● Territorial authorities adapt the supply and pricing of car parking over time to support efforts to help build the habit of greater use of active [bicycles+walking] and public/shared transport [buses and vehicles with passengers – no single occupant].

    So Kate is saying that they will allow, and create, traffic congestion to discourage car use; also, to discourage car use, she will create a shortage of car parks and make them unaffordable to use. This attitude to car parking has already been seen with the DCC with the disastrous 2008 parking strategy. And since then we can see that with every significant roading project, the DCC removes car parks.

    Car eradication and the bicycle revolution are the goals of Kate and the other Greater Dunedin members as well as the Greens and some other candidates. This is also the goal of the DCC CEO and she will continue with this as quickly as she can, as long as she has councillor support and we all accept the spindoctored promotional messages (save the planet, be healthy, cycling is safe etc). These methods of creating congestion and unaffordable parking are manipulative and dishonest and we should not tolerate these people living in our city and certainly not have them involved in making decisions that affect others.

    • Gurglars


      We should call them in to get rid of these idiot territorial authorities!

      It is no wonder we have no business expansion in Dunedin with these zealots placing a stop sign or a traffic light on every corner, bush and tree.

      And it is no wonder our retail sector is dying when parking your car is overpriced and big box parking is free.

      As Henry v111 once almost said

      “Who will rid me of these interfering, social manipulating zealots”

      And as Kate Wilson owns a cafe in Middlemarch dependent upon cycles, she surely has a conflict of interest and even if she is re-elected must have no role and no vote on any matter including a cycle including the electoral cycle.

  3. Elizabeth

    Just to note. Kate Wilson was not present at either of the South Dunedin forums at Mayfair Theatre. She did put in an apology last night.

    Or was she at the ‘select candidates’ meeting at Andersons Bay ?

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