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A new post published today, entitled ‘Council procurement policy falters’, has been removed at the urgent request of Richard Thomson, and separately, Graham McKerracher.

Sincere apologies to Mr Thomson and Mr Staynes for any referencing that appeared false or damaging.

The post was swiftly pulled at first notice.

Responses received this year from DCC via LGOIMA requests for information on Firebrand as a service supplier to various council entities are public domain. The general public can request this prepared and available information from DCC at any time.

The official information was originally supplied to independent requesters Elizabeth Kerr and Hilary Calvert.

Elizabeth Kerr
Site Owner


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9 responses to “Site Notice : Post removal

  1. John Evans

    Elizabeth, Why is the ODT not highlighting this perceived conflict of interest?

    On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, What if? Dunedin… wrote:

    > Elizabeth posted: “A new post published today, entitled ‘Council > procurement policy falters’, has been removed at the urgent request of > Richard Thomson, and separately, Graham McKerracher. Sincere apologies to > Mr Thomson for any referencing that appeared false or damaging” >

    • Elizabeth

      The ODT, I hear, were given the same information last week and were going to run a story by Chris Morris. I understand after some running around DCC supplied information to ODT (I haven’t seen it), and another detail appeared to curtail publication. However, I am free to release LGOIMA information collected.

      I gather that this afternoon Mr Thomson emailed all councillors about this affair although I haven’t bothered to read the diatribe received as I was heading out to the SDAG meeting at Mayfair Theatre. Since leaving that event I have had no wifi or 4G coverage to speak of in GigaCity George St (for the second night in a row). So much for Dunedin connectivity. It doesn’t happen when you least expect it. Story of the DCC.

  2. Elizabeth

    Another day of High (Election Campaign) Views btw. People are attentive – that’s what we like in the face of shut down. Lots of other reading to do at What if? Dunedin….

    The LGOIMA information about DCC’s various use of the marketing and design company Firebrand is forthcoming, soon as I have it formatted for WordPress.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Firebrand, isn’t that the company that enhanced Cull’s chances this election with a Facebook page on which a few posts extolling his fabulosity were by Firebrand’s very own Rebecca Twemlow and all the others were from disgruntled-to-disgusted locals Not on the payroll of Cull or the DCC.

      • Elizabeth

        The facts of that were published at Facebook. Yes.
        We have screenshots of that.

        Additional fact – small text excerpt sourced at Firebrand (framed and highlighted by whatifdunedin):


  3. Gurglars

    The question MUST be. Why did Firebrand and Rebecca Twemlow provide pro bono (free) services to Greater Dunedin (Cull, Staynes and Wilson) ?

    These services will not appear as a cost in election expenses! This could be a breach of the Electoral Act!

    What did Rebecca Twemlow require of the Greater Dunedin group once or if elected in return for the pro bono services?

    Even a fool would not want such a conflict of interest even if Firebrand had NOT garnered DCC services.

  4. Gurglars

    Let’s just hope it’s toxic enough.

    The end justifies the means. If we are able to get some financial sanity into the DCC, if we are able to cut bureaucrats salaries, if we are able to free Dunedin from the clutches of green zealots, if we are able to rid the city of Cull de Mayor, Benson-Pope, Wiley Coyote, Oakley Doakley then perhaps Dunedin will really have a chance – What if? Dunedin.

    The alternative : another three years of graft, stupidity, obfuscation, blaming climate change for incompetence, managed retreats, trade me hits, malicious parking wardens will be too great a cost to bear for some citizens.

  5. Elizabeth

    Related Post and Comments:
    23.9.16 DCC responses to LGOIMA requests

    You can read the official information received from Dunedin City Council.

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