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Received from Douglas Field
Tue, 20 Sep 2016 at 1:06 p.m.


Press Release: Greater South Dunedin Community Group

18 September 2016

South Dunedin to grill election candidates this week

South Dunedin has emerged as a significant issue in the upcoming local body elections and as a result two candidate forums for councillors and mayoral candidates have been organised this week by the Greater South Dunedin Community Group, acting chair of the Greater South Dunedin Community Group Philip Gilchrist said today.

The forum meetings will hosted in the Mayfair Theatre on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21 September from 6.30pm – 9pm in order to provide all candidates with an opportunity to provide their views on the challenges and opportunities for this important part of the city.

An electronic survey sent out to the candidates before the forums has drawn responses from 34 of the 44 candidates standing for the Dunedin City Council. We believe the large number of responses is a recognition that issues concerning the future of South Dunedin are high on their list of priorities.

At the forums, candidates will be asked a question and then given two minutes to respond, and there will also be about 90 minutes when questions can be asked of the candidates from the floor. Previous meetings that our group has hosted have prompted vigorous and relevant questioning from the public and it is expected that this meeting will provide the similar level of interaction as the people of South Dunedin are now, at last, having their voices heard. The June 2015 flood has certainly brought South Dunedin to New Zealand’s attention.

We are pleased to be hosting the event in the magnificent Mayfair Theatre, which is the significant Heritage Building in South Dunedin, Mr Gilchrist said.

█ We attach a link to the survey responses:
The results are un-edited and can be downloaded or read online.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

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One response to “Meanwhile . . . . #SouthDunedin

  1. Elizabeth

    Disappointing turnout at Mayfair Theatre tonight, although about 70 people isn’t a crime. Maybe people have already made up their minds. Nevertheless some interesting points came out and it was well worth turning up.

    For those candidates who are a bit shy, get past it, fight for that microphone – don’t leave it to the standing candidates to put their tired views.

    Barry Timmings was a stand out.
    Wayne Idour gave it a fair shot.
    Abe Gray was clear as a bell, energised!
    Lee Vandervis was on form.
    Aaron looked bored.
    Dave Cull, always good at speaking.

    There’s another session tomorrow night at Mayfair Theatre starting at 6:30pm – for candidates with surnames from the second half of the alphabet up to Z. Let’s hope for a larger energetic bolshy crowd.

    There seems to be a general acceptance of what South Dunedin’s infrastructure needs are amongst the clued up – but don’t let South Dunedin be the only topic – candidates need to think more widely on matters for the greater city, and think about how Dunedin City serves both rural and suburban communities/economies as well as the Southern Region (Otago Southland). Candidates get this for health issues (new hospital) but not for connection, networking, business, service supply and governance. For example, how do we work with Queenstown Lakes and tap into its energy…..

    ### Tue, 20 Sep 2016
    Students question hopeful leaders
    University students have been questioning Dunedin City Council candidates during a forum on campus. Dozens of students attended the event, enticed by the chance to engage with the city’s hopeful leaders. Each candidate gave a short introduction and answered three set questions. Issues being discussed included a possible liquor ban in North Dunedin. Scarfies are also being asked to vote in another election this month, for next year’s Otago University Students’ Association. Voting for that closes at 4pm (four PM) on Thursday, but new OUSA executives won’t officially take office until next year.
    Ch39 Link

    Channel 39 Published on Sep 19, 2016

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