Lee Vandervis . . . . v cull de mayor


ODT 9.9.16 (page 10)


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: whatifdunedin – election hoarding above Olivier, 468 George St


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23 responses to “Lee Vandervis . . . . v cull de mayor

  1. Gurglars

    The Public now know more about the real character of more than one of the candidates. In an interesting exercise of the value of the current process of democratic voting, will that outweigh the name recognition factor, the gerrymander caused by the votes of DCC employees and the spin provided by the likes of Staynes (I’m responsible for Dunedin’s (lack) of business success) and Cull’s, I’m a superhero.


  2. JimmyJones

    Dave Cull and the CEO have repeatedly denied that they have plans to abandon South Dunedin – they say this very clearly, as if it was true. One of the reasons we know this claim is not true is from work being done on their Climate Change Adaptation Project Plan. Included in this work is the development of “Non-protection Options”, which is code for managed retreat.
    Note that this plan is completely redundant and a waste of money because there has been no Climate Change – no adaption is required. This is money that could be helping to clear the huge backlog of stormwater pipe renewals and paying for an essential city-wide performance upgrade of Dunedin’s stormwater system.
    The new pumping station pump screen is mostly a public relations exercise and will do almost nothing to help until the buggered pipes are fixed. The skinny old pipes will continue to restrict the flow and South Dunedin will continue to be at risk of flooding until this work is finished. The CEO has told us that to bring the South Dunedin stormwater system to a modern (safe) standard will cost $180 million and will need big changes to the LTP. The current administration seems to be unwilling to make these changes. The continuing failure to fund this work amounts to sabotage as do the false claims about South Dunedin sinking and the claims of rising groundwater as well as the DCC’s South Dunedin Abandonment planning.

    The following is from the agenda of the 18/4/16 Sustainability Audit Subcommittee and the minutes show that Dave Cull moved the motion to “Note the update on the Climate Change Adaptation work”. Cull might be able to claim that the managed retreat plans are not complete (“there are no plans”), but he can not deny that no planning work has started. He should be more honest about this.

    The Council’s climate change adaptation (CCA) project plan
    In 2010, the Council approved a Climate Change Adaptation Project Plan. A number of key pieces of work have been completed as part of the CCA Project Plan and work is planned to complete the remaining work, as described below:
    For around South Dunedin and along the edge of the harbour:
    ● Engage with the community on climate change adaptation
    ● Develop non-protection options
    ● Undertake a cost benefit analysis of identified protection and non-protection options
    ● Develop an adaptation plan for this area

  3. The most detailed of all the mayoral profiles so far. Vandervis clearly knows the nuts and bolts, as well as the big picture of how he wants Dunedin to progress.

    He’s thorough. I like the way, instead of concentrating only on his own “vision”, he has been finding out what other people want: “I go to business lunch rooms and talk to people at their workplace. That’s where I get the best feedback in terms of what people really want and what they hope for in a mayor or councillor.” I think some people spend too much time with people who share their views and end up believing “everyone” has the same priorities as they do – e.g. cycleways because “everyone” wants to give up using cars!

  4. Elizabeth

    Mon, 12 Sept 2016
    ODT: No more flooded homes and a rates freeze
    David Loughrey puts the questions to [mayoral and council candidate] Cr Lee Vandervis.
    Three-term councillor Lee Vandervis is not backward in coming forward to say he is the best man for the job of Dunedin mayor. Perhaps his biggest promise this election is “no more flooded homes”, but he has also promised a rates freeze for the next three years, and wants to sell council-owned company Delta. Cr Vandervis is campaigning with talk of cover-ups, but this time has dropped his call for mass redundancies at the Civic Centre.

  5. Anonymous

    FWIW (and it’s free comment so hey):

    Cull is running a very controlled and closely-advised campaign – play to the strengths of the record in collaboration, minimise the errors that have occurred. Cull is vulnerable on South D and tech issues.

    Vandervis is campaigning on the negative and is easily deflected by his tendency to the conspiracy theory.

    The candidate with the most potential is Hawkins. A well-articulated vision of a few points, a track record of being able to gain consensus, has learned deeply over first term as Councillor and can deliver a speech as well as Cull can.

    1. Hawkins
    2. Cull
    3. Vandervis

    While other Mayoral candidates can deliver oratory and some have clear ideas about what is needed, they either don’t understand Council process or have no experience thereof.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Hawkins is caught in the great “climate Change’ fraud. He can show no empirical data to sustain the hypothesis yet blindly repeats the mantra as does Cull, most of (if not all) the ODT staff —and the victims will be the folk in South Dunedin. He’s a no no for Mayor.

      Cull? well, his record speaks for itself. Repeat, and financial disaster will be the result.

      Vandervis? Well he speaks from the heart, he is experienced in the ways and wiles of the system. It was he who back as early as 2011 alerted Council to ‘Citifleet’ oddities but was castigated and ignored until the advent of CEO Paul Orders. It was then that the issue was fronted. Since Orders departure it has been a case of minimise, cover up and don’t rock the boat. Still, a number of senior positions were vacated for mysterious reasons. The Delta ‘land deals’ at Jacks Point, Luggate and Yaldhurst were also brought to notice by Vandervis but resulted in him being shut down and defamed by Mayor Cull, all due to the embarrassment of the issues being outed. Result, nothing yet done to clarify the mess.
      1. Vandervis
      Nil Hawkins.
      Nil Cull.

    • Observer

      From someone inside the know of one of the conspiracy theories (Delta) and I can vouch 100% it’s no theory, it’s real.

    • JimmyJones

      Anonymous: when you claim that Vandervis has a “tendency to the conspiracy theory”, which conspiracy theory do you mean? Keep in mind that there are two types of conspiracy theories: the ones that are true and the ones that are false. As far as I can tell Lee Vandervis’s claims have been proven correct.
      I see that Cull and Hawkins have professional campaigners to help massage their election messages, but Lee Vandervis has shown that he is capable of writing his own comments at this website.

      • Observer

        Jimmy, I’m with you. Someone else mentioned conspiracy theories, I was confirming Lee is 100% correct regards Delta giving ratepayers money away. Ratepayers would be lucky to have him.

  6. Elizabeth

    Hawkins is no businessman – he voted for the Delta deal on 1 August (he believed Thomson) and helped cost Ratepayers over $25million in future gains.

    He won’t look you in the eye if you disagree with him.
    He is a Green Party the End is Nigh climate changer – this type thinking has No place in Dunedin local government.
    We won’t get good infrastructure services and networks under a Hawkins-led council – his mind is distracted.
    His record with the ‘youth council’ is laughable. Hot chocolates, or dinners, anyone? (How to spend grant monies….)
    A spendthrift. With no tsunami of support.

    Hmm, what else ? !

    Oh yeah. Appears to have some allegiance to David Benson-Pope. Not a winning look.

    As a non businessman he means to bring in a funny money scheme…. the administrative costs of similar schemes overseas have mostly destroyed any real benefit. D’oh.

    Wait a minute. Back to essentials: Who is Hawkins, does anybody know ?

    • Observer

      Elizabeth. The 1 August “Delta deal” vote = if they’d given the neighbours with prior interests the decency of the time of day – would have given them $25m “instant gain”, not a “future gain”.

      Delta could have converted about 4 additional agreements for first mortgages plus their second mortgage into first ranking registered first mortgages of over $25m and got an instant return in the mortgagee sale they controlled. Instead they got $0.9m.

      This is not bad decision making, it’s criminal decision making. Lee will out it eventually like with Citifleet.

      • Elizabeth

        As you know things move very slowly at DCC (apart from when Councillors listen to Thomson and do no financial diligence themselves, it seems)…. your idea of DCC instant gain is really…. (future) gain. Notwithstanding it didn’t happen. Future losses beckon, instead. Alas and dammit.

        • Observer

          Ha ha E. “Future losses” dont “beckon”, they were voted on 1 August to occur as a certainty.

          As the only first mortgagee as offered by the neighbors with prior interests in the property, Delta would have got all the first $dollars straight away in the mortgagee sale.

        • Elizabeth

          Yikes Observer! You’re right! And so am I! Since Delta’s still being at Yaldhurst does mean more drain on Rates funds, let’s face it Grady Cameron and Graham Crombie along with the likes of Director Stuart McLauchlan are far out of their depth on subdivisions – they have directly contributed to tens and tens of millions of dollars in losses across Luggate, Jacks Point and Yaldhurst – this is the only way Delta has continued to be in the rotten rorting game and undercutting market tender bids for How Many Years. Well, you know better than I. Tragic excuses for men all three. A lethal dose of SFO and Commerce Commission up their poxy skirts, is owed to long suffering Dunedin ratepayers.

  7. Gurglars

    Hopefully green means sick in this election.

    The green vote has seen

    1. Cycleways as a philosophy such that we must have cycleways even the disaster and downright dangerous we have now. We must spend the NZTA monies and any we can get from ratepayers as cycleways are part of our “religion”.

    2. Climate Change caused the South Dunedin floods of 2015 and we must exit South Dunedin in the hope that we are right.
    The chicken little effect.

  8. JimmyJones

    Hawkins is your typical planet-saving green-caped crusader ready to save us from those unseen forces which he believes are about to unleash death and destruction on all of humanity. In accordance with Green policy he tells us that Global Warming is not only the biggest issue of our time, it is also the biggest issue of ALL TIME. His knowledge of global catastrophes seems to not include the Great War, the last ice age and bubonic plague. Perhaps he only remembers back to that terrible time when his hair-dryer suddenly stopped working and he had to go out with messy hair.

    Zero carbon is the goal and this is shared by Dave Cull, Kate Wilson, Scout Barbour-Evans, Marie Laufiso and a few others. The consequences of zero carbon is to de-energise, de-industrialise and de-populate Dunedin. It is this Dark Green political view that motivates the DCC plans for the Managed Retreat of South Dunedin.

    For these candidates being a Mayor or Councillor is a way of imposing their political idealism on the citizens of Dunedin. Their mission as Planet Savers means that we should expect them to give very low priority to infrastructure maintenance and show a lack of prudent financial decision-making. Dave Cull has demonstrated these deficiencies.

  9. JimmyJones

    Robin Hyndman has written an excellent letter to the ODT (top of this page) – he shows clearly the difference in character between Vandervis and Cull. He writes: As Mr Vandervis toiled shoulder to shoulder with homeowners in an effort to lessen damage that threatened South Dunedin, the Mayor put his mind to planning a managed retreat, thereby devaluing those very properties that Mr Vandervis was helpfully striving to save.
    Following the flood the reaction of the DCC under Cull’s leadership has been to avoid all blame for causing the flood (no mudtank maintenance, sabotaged pump screen and substandard pipe system) and to cause anguish and wreck property values as a result of:
    ● talk of Managed Retreat
    ● taking no action to upgrade the substandard system to a 1 in 10 year performance (the new pump screen does not achieve this)
    ● collaborating with the ORC to produce and publicise false claims about South Dunedin groundwater rising and the land sinking.

    Lee Vandervis, on the other hand, has said at the 26/4/16 ISC meeting that, in deciding how much to spend to fix our substandard stormwater systems, we need to consider the cost to the victims of another big rain event (paraphrased). My view is that the flood was completely avoidable and the same rainfall again, need not cause any flooding if the proper work is done. Dave Cull has shown that he is not prepared to take the required action. I think that Lee Vandervis is the only one who can get the job done.

  10. Elizabeth

    Must say. This thread is piping hot today…. the mayoral race is now pressure cooking. High views since before breakfast. Lots of interest in Cr Vandervis…. whether for or against. Healthy.

    Thanks for your comments everyone :)

    What if? Dunedin always benefits somewhat exponentially from many more readers than the small number of commenters. Fascinating to watch the Dashboard behind scenes.

  11. Rob Hamlin

    Ho Hum, the Taieri/Wingatui house leaks continue


  12. Wingatui Flyer

    Rob. Is the agent Ray Kean who is promoting this sale a committee member of the racing club that is selling this land ?

  13. Rob Hamlin

    I have no idea I’m afraid.

  14. Gurglars

    Green means inexperienced- see US English- Greenhorn



    The problem with the greens is that they fill this description aptly and exactly.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Idealism is great. I don’t understand the Council greenies though, high-minded about global issues but blind to the need to look after what we’ve got – the boring old unphotogenic drains for instance, not cuddly, not emotionally engaging. And they don’t seem to join the dots about money, debt. “Good causes” must be promoted, driven by them not left to the community, thus jobs for composting and worm-farming facilitators added to the city payroll because ideally we improve the soil, plant veges and fruit trees. IMO ideally we reduce debt as fast as possible, a period of belt-tightening when unpaid people share their composting knowledge and gooseberry and currant cuttings because they can. The less nannying the more initiative. The more initiative the better for the city. And idealism doesn’t have to be forced onto us, we’ve got our own thanks. You guys get on with the drains, OK?

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