Calvert on DCC, ‘We could have a much more democratic and transparent operation of council’

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### ODT Online Thu, 8 Sep 2016
Scope for more democracy with checks and balances
By Hilary Calvert
OPINION In the past three years Dunedin City Council has functioned just as central government does, with a government and an opposition. But the problem is that in Dunedin it means central government-style politics without the checks and balances. Because the mayor of the day is allowed to choose the chairs of the council committees, if the mayor anoints those who are similar in their views to him or her, effectively a “government” is formed. Those on the “government” side support each other, forming a version of the “cabinet”, with meetings between themselves alongside senior council staff to discuss the issues of the day. Those who are not part of this grouping are obliged to form a loose “opposition”, because this is the only place where any public challenges and questions are likely to come from.
In Dunedin […] the chairs of committees forming the “cabinet” meet secretly and without any minutes which can be accessed. They may be part of working parties with other groups, which never report back to the council, for example groups meeting with NZTA about cycleways. They may have information either before the rest of the council or outside the rest of council papers, never to be seen by council. […] In Dunedin, the ODT describes what happens in council meetings, talks to the chairs of the meetings, and prints press releases, having clarified the situation with a relevant staff member. There is little chance for any challenge of prevailing views unless a major debate happens during meetings, or unless the issues raised are ones which the ODT chooses to follow up in an in-depth way.
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● Hilary Calvert is a Dunedin City councillor, who is not standing for re-election.

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B L O W N ● O U T ● O F ● P R O P O R T I O N ● B Y ● C U L L

If, for example, the solutions involved “massive urban renewal or massive pumps” then Government help could be sought.

### ODT Online Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Work on South D issues
By Vaughan Elder
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says it is too early to make a formal approach to the Government for help with the problems facing South Dunedin. Mr Cull made the comments while outlining the council’s response to its vote last month to “immediately engage” the Government over the threat groundwater and sea-level changes pose to the low-lying area. Mr Cull said that in recent weeks he and chief executive Sue Bidrose briefed local MPs on the situation in South Dunedin and in the past he had spoken to ministers Bill English and Paula Bennett about the possibility of “collaboration” between local and central government in addressing South Dunedin’s issues.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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13 responses to “Calvert on DCC, ‘We could have a much more democratic and transparent operation of council’

  1. Gurglars

    Chicken Little has become “Chook the Giant”

    Richard Cranium has become Dick Head.

    For Our sake

    Cull de Mayor

  2. Gurglars

    Prat Department:

  3. John P. Evans

    Prat Department:

    For those of you who do not know me I was once the manager (for the DCC) and then managing professional as a contractor to the DCC of Chisholm Park Golf Course, now Chisholm Links for a wonderful period of twelve years.

    During that period 1977-1989 I helped redesign and construct many (seven) of the greens and features which are now held in high esteem, sufficient to hold a number of professional events and the New Zealand amateur championship. Since 1989, there has been only two green redesigns, both of which I was asked to comment or consult on.

    A golf course is a living thing, the balls go further, the clubs feature new materials and the players get taller and more athletic (except those of us born prior to 1980)! Thus the course must continue to grow, develop and change to retain relevance.

    Chisholm Links is considered to be in the top two links courses in New Zealand and in the top ten in Australasia, so retaining relevance is important. Well managed it is a potential jewel in the crown of tourism in Dunedin.

    The government has voted a large sum to assist golfing tourism.

    The links is owned by the city council. Is it promoted, no. Is it assisted, no. A stupid person might ask why when we try to promote assets owned by the city which are worthless or certainly not of International comparative value.

    In 2015, I wrote an opinion piece on the links in the ODT which was well received by other letter writers to the editor and the Dunedin golfing public.

    I did receive one criticism from Andrew Whiley, a contender for mayor and councillor at Dunedin City, which owns the course. He was a professional at the links whilst nothing was done to upgrade it, and a councillor whilst the council refused to assist the club to keep the fairway grass alive.

    He told me that if I wrote any more articles about Chisholm Park (Links) he would bar me from playing there!

    The heading was PRAT department.

    You form your own opinion.

  4. Elizabeth

    Sat, 10 Sep 2016 – Loughrey
    ODT: Candidates: brevity is the new black
    ….Political campaigning, that art of being the most popular person to the largest amount of people, moved this week from the bubble of social media to the more difficult world where actual people ask questions to your face.

    ● DCC Candidate meetings next week:

    Mosgiel Rotary Club forum for council candidates – Coronation Hall, Thu 15 Sep at 7pm

    Opoho Presbyterian Church forum – Sun 18 Sep (M-Z) and Mon 19 Sep (A-L). Opoho is splitting candidates alphabetically over the two nights. Starting 7pm.

    [ODT] would like to suggest [candidates] get straight to the point. Brevity is the new black in the Dunedin elections, or if it’s not, it should be.

    ● Rise of campaign managers in evidence this year.

    ….we were a little surprised that Mayor Dave Cull’s campaign manager turned up to the ODT mayoral interview with Mr Cull …. She once even gave the mayor advice. It may have been a first.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      There are different types of puppets. Marionettes “come to life” by someone manipulating the strings attached to their limbs and heads. Glove puppets have the puppeteer’s hand right up them.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thu, 15 Sep 2016
    Councillors dispute inner circle claim
    Two Dunedin mayoral candidates from opposite sides of the political spectrum have locked horns on social media. The spat has stemmed from assertions by mayoral candidate Cr Andrew Whiley and outgoing councillor Hilary Calvert they were left on the outer by a group with a majority at the council table, not invited to informal meetings and were unable to get their ideas heard.

  6. Elizabeth

    The bloc per se

    Dave Cull
    Richard Thomson
    Kate Wilson
    Chris Staynes
    Jinty MacTavish
    Aaron Hawkins
    Neville Peat
    David Benson-Pope

  7. Elizabeth

    Some damage control by Jinters, at first she offered endorsement to two other greenies and not Hawkins….

  8. Calvin Oaten

    Oh Dear! Jinty has certainly bestowed her blessings on Aaron and…who did she say? Oh yes, Dave Cull is standing as well. More of the ‘limp wristed’ namby pamby nonsense. The greatest contribution Jinty has made is the decision to withdraw.
    Shame really she seems a nice but distracted woman.

  9. Anonymous

    “Council heavyweight” 4 the lulz

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