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unGreater Dunedin blisters on #CouncilConsolidatedDebt #DCC

‘Next council should consider placing higher priority on asset maintenance and renewal.’

richard-thomson-odt-files-tweaked-by-whatifdunedin-bw### ODT Online Tue, 6 Sep 2016
Time for debt rethink, councillor says
By Vaughan Elder
A departing Dunedin city councillor has called for a fresh look at how quickly the city pays off debt as the council continues to eclipse repayment targets. In the wake of the council’s better than expected debt position, Cr Thomson said the new council should look at rethinking its financial strategy and discuss what an “appropriate level of debt would look like”.
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“[Thomson] said the council had outperformed its debt targets for a range of reasons….”

Not the Cull council – rather, the assiduous work of former DCC/DCHL GCFO Grant McKenzie and his disciplined finance staff.

No politicians can take credit.

Especially not ex Greater Dunedin moonbeams such as Cull, Staynes, Thomson and their young swaddling ‘babe in the woods’.


1. Health Board car park. “How could Swann drive a Lamborghini into the DHB’s car park and: “Park it next to the District Health Board Corollas,” without any questions being asked?” Link

2. Citifleet and Citipark. Considerably more than +152 council fleet vehicles “missed” from DCC in a much longer timeframe than ten years (2003-13).

3. Delta Utility Services Ltd – staff vehicles. [Today] See numbers of Delta vehicles everywhere you shouldn’t, inside and outside work hours, not in connection with programmed work or emergency.
Why ? Pray to god, why is DCC governance MIA ?

Undisciplined lowlights treating Public Funds like chickenfeed.

Spendthrift mayor Cull and the motley majority of councillors (Greater Dunedin crackpots, as well as in their ghoulish afterglow…. with support from greenies Hawkins and Peat, and doughboy Benson-Pope), who in shambolic attendance to ‘governance’ have enormous trouble with accountability, prudence and transparency – sold Ratepayers down the “Swannee” again very recently in deciding a deal for Delta.

Without an ounce of diligence, councillors (except Crs Vandervis and Calvert – Cr Hall removed himself from the vote for some reason) accepted to rush the Delta decision for no reason, thanks to Cull, Thomson and Crombie, on Monday, 1 August 2016 – in so doing Cull’s council lost Ratepayers a further +$25million. No conscience.

If Cull is returned as mayor in 2016, Thomson’s replacement as chair of the Finance Committee is rumoured to favour Mike Lord (if indeed he himself is returned).

Note: Mike Lord sensibly left Greater Dunedin earlier than some.

Cr Thomson was inspired to make his parting comments after Cr Jinty MacTavish said the council should look at the possibility of reinvesting the money from asset sales into parks and recreation as opposed to automatically repaying debt.

“This is an excellent result and I think council can take considerable pride [from it],” Mr Cull said.

Did I mention the replacement cost of metal BTF tanks at Tahuna.
Another post….

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Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: odt.co.nz – Richard Thomson, tweaked by whatifdunedin


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Recyclable coffee cups and lids….

coffee-cup-graphic-thelittleblackcoffeecup-com[thelittleblackcoffeecup.com USA]

New Zealand packaging advocacy group The Packaging Forum issued a press release yesterday disputing Ms Irvine’s comments.

### ODT Online Wed, 7 Sep 2016
Claim about coffee cup lid incorrect
By Vaughan Elder
A Dunedin City Council staff member has admitted being incorrect when she said coffee cup lids being sold as compostable could not be composted in New Zealand. Council waste manager Catherine Irvine said the polylactide (PLA) disposable coffee cup lids still presented as an issue as there were no facilities in Dunedin and many other parts of New Zealand where they could be composted. However, her claim no facilities in New Zealand could compost them was incorrect and since a report in the Otago Daily Times on Saturday, she had been contacted by Wellington City Council saying it had a contractor which had begun composting the lids using a special additive. Read more


Companies selling lids could breach Fair Trading Act if sold as compostable or biodegradable when not compostable in NZ –Commerce Commission

### ODT Online Sun, 4 Sep 2016
Coffee cup lids not compostable in NZ
By Vaughan Elder
Dunedin cafes buying so-called compostable coffee cups are being “misled”, in what could be a breach of the Fair Trading Act. Dunedin City Council waste manager Catherine Irvine said polylactide (PLA) disposable coffee cup lids were being sold as compostable when there were no facilities in New Zealand capable of composting them. As a result, well-meaning cafes in Dunedin and across New Zealand were paying a premium for the lids in an attempt to “do the right thing” when they could not even be recycled, Ms Irvine said.
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Are they recyclable ? ? ?


### Australian Business Traveller 10 Feb 2016
Air New Zealand’s coffee app hits one million cups, and counting
By David Flynn
We’re probably not alone in putting ‘good coffee’ rather high on the list of what makes a great airport lounge, and we love that Air New Zealand’s clever coffee app makes it easier to enjoy your chosen brew. Plenty of NZ passengers do, too – the app has logged over one million orders since it went live in August 2014. And using an app to streamline the process of ordering a cuppa in the lounge is a typically Air New Zealand thing.
Travellers in Air New Zealand lounges can order a coffee straight from their smartphone or even Apple Watch using the airline’s app, with an iPad located near the barista station offering the same functionality.
Here’s a walkthrough of how it works. Sidle up to the barista bar and tap to get started: note that the app also advises how long the current wait is….
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Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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