Cull’s city council is Not democracy : VOTE CULL OUT

Dave Cull’s marketer, Ms Firebrand, is using LOL “brand” recognition to attempt to Fire up and Win over the Good Voters of South Dunedin. Was it a $7,000 billing on the railway viaduct entry to King Edward Street. Rhetorical. Cull has already LOST South Dunedin. Better spent on Lobotomy. Any mayor who Floods You or lowers Your Private Property Values is Not To Be Trusted EVER. Parade Cull at dawn to the public stocks. YOU OWE Dave Cull NOTHING except Projectile rotten eggs and rancid tomatoes.

Cull paint bombed [ +] tweaked by whatifdunedin

A new mayoral candidate, in 2016, with No Previous Experience on the city council thinks he should run the city council like a Rugby Team.

What ‘BUSINESS'(!) does he have representing Ratepayers and Residents for the next trimester —given how Professional Rugby has Rorted Dunedin down to the Last Dollar, multiple times over. We all know how a stadium draws ‘tourism’.

Solve the mystery.


F O R C E D ● L O C A L ● G O V E R N M E N T ● R E F O R M S

Such companies, like Delta or City Forests in Dunedin, would operate along more corporate lines and at arm’s length from the councils that owned them.

so what’s new $$$$$$$$………….. ?

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 – Chris Morris
ODT: Fight for local democracy
At their heart, the [National government-led local government] reforms sought to promote greater efficiency through the use of council-controlled organisations (CCOs). […] But, worryingly for some councils, the Local Government Commission would have the power to create and impose “multi-council” regional CCOs that operated across traditional council boundaries. That could include “pre-approved” regional water and transport CCOs, responsible for everything from local roads and public transport to water delivery, such as Auckland’s Watercare. The commission would also have the power to transfer existing council assets — in some cases built up over generations — to the ownership and control of the new entities.

ODT: Criticism ‘just electioneering’

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: + – Cull paint bombed
[tweaked by whatifdunedin]


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38 responses to “Cull’s city council is Not democracy : VOTE CULL OUT

  1. Can we not just have an honest mayor? Is that too much to ask?

  2. Calvin Oaten

    “Can we not just have an honest mayor?” Of course we can ‘raymac97’ Just give your tick to Lee Vandervis. He has a track record (as a councillor for several trimesters) for bringing up the hard things, such as the ‘Citifleet’ disaster, the Delta land deals from ‘Jacks Point’ to ‘Luggate’, to the ‘Yaldhurst’ latest disaster. We won’t even mention the South Dunedin 2015 Floods.
    He does his homework, seeks answers, asks the pertinent questions only to be rebuffed and silenced by current Mayor Dave Cull. He has been libeled, defamed and barred from the chamber. All because he does the right thing by shining the spotlight on the ‘uglies’ of this little city.
    If given the mayoralty I can guarantee that if nothing else the citizens will see the true state of affairs. Can he repair the damage? It would take the wisdom of Solomon to do that, but we’d see the best possible effort and no secret ‘in camera’ meetings with ‘redacted’ reports. What we’ll see is what we’ll get. We might not like it but it’ll be the truth. So, it is purely up to the voters.

  3. Peter

    If you want someone who shies away from the ugly stuff and prefers to play with strategic plans (silly term) that no one reads or ignores when it suits, you vote for a mealy mouthed person who is all things to all people. Not Lee Vandervis who speaks directly.

  4. Elizabeth

    So when Susie Staley decided not to enter the mayoral race – SOMEONE had to think of a (business) replacement, enter the inducement of $50K.
    Who does that in Dunedin, offer $50K ?
    People immediately think of APL, who might want to split the vote to maintain Cull or to offer someone they think has the ability to surpass Vandervis and Cull.
    Desperate times, but sounds like they found someone who is bright, ideas driven and in with a shot. And can read a balance sheet.
    Watch the video.

    • Hi. Barry Timmings here. I’m running for mayor and believe I am capable of succeeding. On the basis that I may be the person referred to then I’m happy to make the following comments to at least provide a starting point to the conversation. If it not me then please excuse me ;-)

      Firstly, I’m not doing this to split the vote for any motive other than as part of the contest. I want to get more votes than anyone else. I’m in it to win it.

      Secondly, I am not anyone’s quisling. The decision to run was mine alone. The only person who’s permission I sought was my wife’s. The process and timeline was an interesting one that I am happy to talk about after the election if anyone is interested.

      No one has offered me $50,000 to run. I wish it was that easy. My campaign funding target is $50,000 but I’m not there yet. I’ll gladly take any support offered from participants in this forum. The rules say anything over the $55,000 maximum can’t be accepted So not an endless feast.

      To date essentially all campaign activity has been done by me. I haven’t outsourced my campaign to an agency or the like. I have a small group of people who I use as a sounding board but probably not the people you might think. I also have a small group of people who have offered to help throughout the campaign. These are people I know from all walks of life and I appreciate their support.

      I am standing for a range of reasons. Do I think we need a change? Yes. Do I think the performance of Council can change? Yes. Do I think that on the whole, Council staff are nice people, mean well and are trying their best? On the whole, yes but I do think the culture and trust of and within Council can improve. Do I think we should be taking a different approach to growing this city, making the most of the multiple opportunities we have and dealing with the real problems effectively? Yes.

      Do I think I can make a difference? That’s why I am standing.

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you Barry. Lots of information comes in at once during the campaign period – we can be a sorting house, hopefully dispelling accursed myths and interpretations that crowd out reality, through publication of candidates’ Own Words.

        If any candidate receives the support of a pot of gold and or services they have to declare the value of that anyway in their electoral returns.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    Barry, an excellent précis of you, a candidate, as a prospective councilor. As a Mayoral candidate, not so much. No offense, but the last thing this city needs is someone on the throne never having done so much as a term as a councilor. The city has so many issues of serious note, not least of which is an unmanageable debt, then there is the DCHL debacle, South Dunedin stormwater infrastructure among others. Dare I say an impossible task. Go for council by all means (but I see by not registering you think that unnecessary) to at least demonstrate you might be there for the long haul. I suggest you save your money and do it right next time.

    • Hi Calvin

      I’ve got a bit more experience with and understanding of council than you may think. I don’t think it’s a throne either.

      I’m happy to sit down with you if you’d like, listen to your views and give you a chance to find out what I do or don’t know about Council.

      Not a waste of money if it’s the right thing to do. I don’t think we would have a change of mayor if I wasn’t standing.

      Give me a call or let me know if you’d like me to call you.


      • Gurglars

        Barry, what may be helpful assuming it is allowed under the Electoral Act is for you to organise a meeting at which Whatiffers could listen to your plans and Grill you on areas which we see as of more importance rather than the normal town hall meetings which as they are conducted by the ODT do not necessarily have total objectivity and offer a waste of time in which one has to listen to platitudes, populists and tyre kicking job-seekers.

        The areas I see as important are Debt reduction, drainage and infrastructure maintenance, overstaffing, wages and salaries bill, involvement by the DCC in non productive businesses of doubtful majority benefit, proliferation of traffic lights and other introduced traffic hazards, report writing rather than practical solutions, defalcation by stealth in contractual areas, poor management of outsourcing, reduction of car parks, building of traffic flow impediments likely to cause deaths to cyclists, social engineering and a few more just to get the ball rolling or the mud tanks cleaned if you will.

        In fairness, we should offer the same opportunity to Lee Vandervis.
        However by his actions he has already proven his willingness to undertake many reforms in these areas which would be extremely unpopular with DCC staff, and thus in my opinion has the advantage at this time not only by word, but by deed.

        • Elizabeth

          If people who contribute to this website wish to meet candidates out there in the real world – that’s absolutely independently fine, good idea – however, the owner of What if? Dunedin has nothing to do with these potential events or canvassing. They will need to be arranged off the website by private individuals.

        • Gurglars

          For this proposed meeting (unendorsed by moderator) might I suggest that Barry Timmings negotiate the use of the stadium at the same level of cost as that of the rugby union.

        • Good idea. I respect the moderators request to keep this off forum so I will post an event with details at
          It won’t be at the stadium but I like the irony.

        • I agree with Gurglars!

        • Hi. I have created an event at
          as an opportunity for whatiffers to meet me and ask questions directly. This is on Saturday from 3:00-4:30 pm at Harbourside Grill, 18 Fryatt Street, Dunedin.
          Please note, this meeting is neither endorsed or arranged by the owner of this blog.

        • Please alert friends (the ones who genuinely want to know more about candidates) to Barry Timmings’ meeting on Saturday. Many of my friends spend average 5 minutes per month on Facebook not having found how useful it can be for some intelligent discussions. Yours may be likewise.

      • Simon

        We have heard it all before. Remember the town hall and the applause Dave got. Don’t be sucked in again Dunedin. It’s too late once they get in and have a convenient memory loss.

  6. Elizabeth

    I’m looking for fresh air in the mayoralty – creative ideas and good fiscal management of Dunedin City that doesn’t shut it down…. and very good skills in coordinating any awful or doubtful motley crew we get as councillors in October —a leadership where the Councillors are made to learn hard and work for their stipends, in our service – for the widest possible gains to All who live here and do business here. If anyone can buck off or shutdown the Old Boy rorts and controls that leave Dunedin behind, they will get my vote.

    • “If anyone can buck off or shutdown the Old Boy rorts and controls that leave Dunedin behind, they will get my vote.” YES ELIZABETH! that last sentence of yours sums the election up for me, and may I suggest, may others too. If one candidate could stand on that alone we would hopefully get a change in mayor.

      • No, Elizabeth and raymac, you’ve got it all wrong. A letter-writer to the ODT today has nailed it. Claiming to have “closely followed and monitored the way the present councillors have voted, the decisions that have been made and, especially, the behaviour and lack of respect shown by some” …
        Bernice Armstrong of Opoho has made her decision based on photos of mayoral hopefuls. Andrew Whiley is the one for her:
        “Mr Whiley was the only one wearing a tie.”

        • Calvin Oaten

          “Mr Whiley was the only one wearing a tie.” Says it all really. Polka dot or stripes? Would that have any influence? How about being stark naked, thus exposing one’s true personality. This is an interesting approach to local body governance which might well be of interest to the “shrinkers”.

  7. Elizabeth

    E L E C T I O N S ● M A P

    Dunedin City Council says
    This page provides street search functionality displayed on our interactive GIS mapping technology.

    Electoral boundaries map for 2016 elections

  8. Elizabeth

    ODT 31.8.16 (page 12)

    2016-08-31 14.11.28

  9. Sally

    What a disappointment for Bernice Armstrong when she receives her voting papers. The accompanying profile will show Mr Whiley without a tie.

    • OMG! You can’t rely on anyone these days. Cull was eloquently anti-stadium, nek minnit. Mr Whiley wears a tie – and then he doesn’t.

      Perhaps Abe Gray the pro-marijuana candidate will start wearing a tie, now that this vote-magnet has been revealed. He’s a bit “alternative” for Dunedin but not dumb :-)
      …and we could do worse, we’ve proved that.

  10. Gurglars

    Two tie All tie!

  11. Peter

    Good grief. Funny, but sad, about the idea that ‘a tie maketh the Mayor’. If it was only that simple.
    I seem to remember Dave Cull had to put up with this a lot earlier in his mayoralty, but I guess women get even more stick about their clothes and hair. Such nit picking. You can imagine the critics getting very offended if the shoe was on the other foot.

  12. Gurglars

    We’d all be better off if most of them had their ties tied significantly tighter!

    Might keep them from traditional spending sprees.

  13. Rose tinted glasses.

    Did you see the ‘$8.3m from test: report’. Tucked away at the bottom of page 4 Wednesday’s ODT. Average visitor spend $500. The Greener Grass Institute has done an analysis on the spend that has been peer reviewed by the Grass Grub fellowship,and now release their findings. Motel accommodation (compulsory two nights at $140 a night) = $280. Ticket to the rugby = $100. Meals and booze= $117, and Saturdays ODT = $3. a grand total of $500. The Greener Grass institute’s Executive summary came to the conclusion that the trickle down theory has turned into a 50 year drought for the Dunedin economy.

    {Link: -Eds}

  14. Peter

    Well spotted Rose tinted glasses. Your reasonable breakdown of the $500 spend figure says it all. Same old hotels/motels and restaurants/cafes get some of it. Bed tax, anyone, to pay off the stadium debt?
    Davies will not divulge how much the mythical multiplier effect is paying off the actual stadium debt. We know why, don’t we? No, it’s not commercially sensitive, only truth sensitive.
    Davies may, or may not, believe his own hyperbolic crap, but it doesn’t matter. The man is a fast talker, a commercial salesman, who will continue to fool the fools who believe him.

    • Elizabeth

      The actual losses the stadium makes each year, including DVML’s inability to meet the $4million annual lease of the stadium (rent payable), is collateral damage to any so-called chief executive like our Mr Davies. How long before another frozen yogurt business opportunity takes him away. If the stadium money supply (subsidy) at Dunedin is snipped…

  15. Hype O'Thermia

    Wests Victimisation – “Because we can, so there, nyah-nyah” say the jobsworth ladies. “Poore and Cashell-Smith argued the curtain did not stop all customers using the same till and entering through the same door.”

    “…Under the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, councils are required to implement new alcohol licensing laws and can develop a local alcohol policy for their region.
    Dunedin Mayor David Cull said the legislation was hard to make sense of.
    “To drive a small company out of business because it sells both cordial and alcohol in close proximity, when supermarkets do the same, isn’t logical,” he said.
    Cull said it was pointless to have a local DLC if any decisions it made were going to get overruled….”

    ODT’s version gives more space to the reaction of Mr Loretan the business owner but less to Cull’s response:
    “…In a statement provided to the ODT, Dr Poore said the decision “rectified the errors” made by the Dunedin district licensing committee when it decided to grant a licence in April.
    “The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 is a complex piece of legislation which has brought about a number of changes to off-licence premises.
    “All parties involved need to understand those changes and their implications.
    “All licensees, including Wests, must comply with the legislation,” Dr Poore said.
    The case was heard by the authority after Dr Poore and council licensing inspector Martine Cashell-Smith appealed the original district licensing committee decision to grant a licence.
    Mr Cull said it was hard to make sense of the decision or the legislation.
    “It makes it pointless to have a local district licensing committee if it is going to get overruled.”
    In making his decision, Judge Kelly acknowledged the store had not created problems in the past….”

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Better get to Specsavers, Marion:
      “Their fight started after medical officer of health Marion Poore expressed concern about the layout of the store, which allowed younger customers to be exposed to alcohol advertising and products.”

      Readers, please help me. I lead a sheltered life. I don’t get out much. I don’t know much about current Regions of Utmost Purity in NZ, apart from Gloriavale which I’ve seen on TV and read about.
      Where are NZ’s sweet innocent children NOT “exposed to alcohol advertising and products”?

  16. Winne the Poo

    NEWS FLASH: In the latest edition of the Taieri Times we see a big article about the Mosgiel Rotary Club is planning a meeting for voters to hear the views of prospective City council candidates, and voters had “a particular interest” in the multimillion-dollar swimming pool. Forty three candidates with five minutes each to answer that question will take about three hours, and if you haven’t gone to sleep by then, what about the next questions about flooding, mobile scooter problems and jobs. The Rotary Club has been big supporters, and a major fundraiser for the pool, but has the Rotary Club been captured? And now turned into a political club with the leading question about the pool? The club president Irene Mosley is none other than the Irene Mosley, Chairperson of the Mosgiel pool trust. The Chairman for the meeting is to be none other than Peter Chin (no need to comment on that) and of course there is a member of Rotary standing for council. Has this meeting been arranged to get the views on all issues, or one to push their own agenda? Is the Mosgiel Rotary now becoming political activists?

  17. Gurglars

    Conflicts of Interest:
    Club President Rotary
    Chairman of Pool Trust
    Organising a meeting to ensure candidates suck the Kumara and vote for the pool OR ELSE.

    Probably not much different to the Opoho greenies organising a similar type meeting and ambushing the candidates.

    Just a problem with the democratic system.

    Zealots are more involved.

    • Elizabeth

      One more role.
      Something to do with Mayfair Theatre.

      Telling theatre support persons to follow the Mosgiel Pool project model where you form a private charitable entity then take the project off DCC and grab rates funds through the uncontrolled back door. Following deviously in the path of Carisbrook Stadium Trust, and look how many dollars were swept out of DCC by CST to feather (various) individuals’ shiny backsides.

      A class act. Intending Councillors need to shut her down.

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