Win! to DCC candidate Paul Pope #DunedinHospital

ODT 22.8.16 (page 6)

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Posted by Stop Dunedin Hospital from being downgraded
Monday, 22 August 2016


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Comments on Monday, 22 August 2016 at 7:12 p.m.
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Facebook - Stop Dunedin Hospital from being downgraded [Mon, 22 Aug 2016] - comments at 7.12 pm

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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32 responses to “Win! to DCC candidate Paul Pope #DunedinHospital

  1. A

    STV. Paul at #1. Single transferable vote.

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  2. Richard Stedman

    Question: Why was is necessary of the ODT to refer this letter to Cull and not the other 40-odd candidates?
    Answer: Bias. Mr Pope’s letter did not address the mayor.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Perhaps they’re sabotaging Cull by allowing him to repeatedly demonstrate in his own vacuous words what a waste of space he is.

    • A

      Was it not due to deadlines on the Hott Presse, Richard? ‘Oh, yeah, a letter to answer. Next week will do. I’m only 39th’.

  3. Elizabeth

    Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    ODT: Double blow for ED adds to stress
    The Dunedin Hospital emergency department has lost its clinical leader and had its training accreditation downgraded. Acting clinical leader Dr John Chambers has taken over from Dr Caroline Collins, who has stepped down. […] The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine has downgraded the ED’s training accreditation from 12 to six months. While the ED can still train registrars as ED specialists, the downgrade indicates serious concern about the department.


    Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    ODT: Consultants bill SDHB for $1.1m
    The  total bill for two Auckland finance consultants working at Southern District Health Board topped $1.1 million, new figures show. The pair, from Alma Consulting, charged $1,110,758, including $63,725 travel expenses, from June 2014 to the end of 2015-16. […] Ms Heatly refused to release three reports written by the consultants. It is the second time the board has tried to keep secret reports prepared by Alma.

    █ Yesterday, the Otago Daily Times lodged a fresh complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman, and has requested urgent consideration of the complaint.


    Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    ODT: Departing staff paid $643k
    Staff termination payments increased by more than five times in the year that several senior staff departed from Southern District Health Board. A former staff member said it reflected a “cleansing” of top-level staff, carried out after the board members were replaced with a commissioner last year.

    █ Carole Heatly leaves SDHB next week.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Carole Heatly will be backing up a very heavy truck for her ‘termination payment.’ It has, over recent times become the norm for termination agreements to be inordinately oppressive on the ‘public purse.’ The so called negotiators are an irresponsible breed of malingerers and crooks with no sense of ethical behaviour at all. Similar to the consulting industry.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Remind me why SDHB had to be de-democratised. Wasn’t it because the elected board weren’t managing the (inadequate) funds well enough?

    • Elizabeth

      Richard Thomson and Graham Crombie have to be the last people you should ever put in positions of responsibility with other people’s money.

  5. Colin Stokes

    Is 1 letter per fortnight to ODT policy being stuck to for Cull? His letter he said he wrote could be requested under LGOIMA – it could have been written immediately after Pope’s letter, years ago, or have nothing to do with the topic. Equally, having had a meeting with people could be unrelated to the topic.

    • Gurglars

      Colin, none of Dave Cull’s answers are on topic. In order to be On Topic, Cull de Mayor would have to admit his many and varied errors of fact and judgement.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Cull’s answers and statements have got more and more like those computer generated passages where certain words and phrases taken from selected previous samples are joined into apparently meaningful grammatical sentences but there’s no actual substance – or logic – or reality..

  6. Gurglars

    The quality of the negotiators of the contracts with these employees is a mind numbing zero.

    Just who are the lawyers for the SDHB acting for?

    It seems to me that commercial nous in the governance of these public organisations does not exist.

    Exit payments? $500,000 per year?

    To Stuff Up!

  7. Rob Hamlin

    “His letter he said he wrote could be requested under LGOIMA”

    Ho ho Ho!….. Yes of course they could be requested – BUT……Talk to Bev Butler about that one!

    One grows tired of Councils, council entities and their tricks, which seem to be consistent whatever the severity of the incident. Seems that the powers that be up North are particularly adamant that the Tuki-Tuki River was not the source of the pathogen that poisoned half the people that they are supposedly responsible for. Therefore, based on my prior experiences, that particular waterway would be the very first place I would start to look for the gribblies (both human and microscopic) that were responsible.

  8. Elizabeth

    Thu, 25 Aug 2016
    ODT: ‘Throng’ waits as ED staff struggle
    “Injured and maimed” patients waited among a “throng” of others in a short-staffed and struggling Dunedin Hospital emergency department last Friday night, a Dunedin woman says. Sally Hume (63) wrote a letter to the Otago Daily Times about what she saw in the department. “I joined the patient throng of patients in beds, four to five deep on one side of the corridor, two to three deep on the other; then there were the injured and maimed sitting in chairs in the same corridor….”

    [This] follows news this week the department has lost its clinical leader, and has had its training accreditation downgraded. Acting clinical leader Dr John Chambers said this week the department was dealing with up to 160 presentations per day, and patients were waiting too long.

  9. Elizabeth

    The unholy epitomy of Non-Democracy, Commissioner Kathy Grant, too-close-friend of Thomson and Crombie, jokes….

    Sat, 27 Aug 2016
    Hospital marks 150 years in Gt King St
    Gripes about food, traffic, and funding are nothing new at Dunedin Hospital, Southern DHB commissioner Kathy Grant said yesterday at a ceremony marking its 150th anniversary on the current site. […] The first Dunedin Hospital was built on the site of the current town hall in 1851. As this was unsuitable, it moved to its current site in August 1866, admitting the first patient on August 27.


    With the exception of the incumbent, Dave Cull, Dunedin mayoral candidates view the Dunedin Hospital rebuild and the health service as an election issue.

    Sat, 27 Aug 2016
    Taking pulse on health, rebuild
    Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says there is risk in “crying wolf” and leading public campaigns that are either ignored, or back the Government into a corner. Mr Cull says the Dunedin Hospital rebuild and health services are not local body election issues as they are not council responsibilities. […] Mr Cull’s views are at odds with the 10 candidates trying to replace him. They talk up the role as a cheerleader for the health service.

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    Onya Dave! Don’t cry wolf! Don’t take that risk. We don’t expect you to be THAT courageous.

    There’s no risk though in crying “climate change” and “sea level rise” and “relocate South Dunedin”.

    Not even the risk of being called a – what’s that word ordinary people can’t say, that he repeatedly called Lee Vandervis (which was in itself a “that word…” because Vandervis has been shown to be right about mysterious disappearing cars, city overspending and debt and so on and on … a sizeable record of knowing shit from clay).

  11. Elizabeth

    Mon, 29 Aug 2016
    ODT: Contact your own doctor first, SDHB says
    The Southern District Health Board is urging people with minor injuries and illnesses to contact their family doctor or the Urgent Doctors, because Dunedin Hospital is at capacity and demand is stretching emergency departments in the district. A “winter peak” in emergency department presentations has caused higher-than-usual demand for clinical care across the district and led to longer wait times for some people at emergency departments.

    █ “We encourage people to make an appointment with their family doctor or Urgent Doctors for minor injuries and illnesses or call Healthline on 0800 611-116 for free health advice 24 hours a day and to reserve our emergency departments for emergencies only.”

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Britain is adopting the NZ model of Southern District Health Provisioning:

      “Leaked confidential papers ….. acknowledge that there are ‘too few staff and too little money to deliver a full health service’ and recommend ‘providing the peasant-class with half a health service instead.’

      A Senior Department of Health Spokesman said: ‘the National Half Service would only be expected to restore half the health, to half the patients, half the time, so nothing would really change for the contemptibles actually using service, not even the initials.’ The Minister for Mismanagement of Public Funds, Philip Hammond, said: ‘this would save us billions, and could even stabilise Government debts for a good 60 seconds or so.’

      The proposal has not been welcomed by everyone however. The Office for the Protection against Half-Cocked Health Policies, condemned the plans as ‘a sick joke’……….”

  12. Gurglars

    Salaries like the CEO’s $500,000 per annum, $10,000 per week and $2 000 per day, must be kept up Hype. The $3300 per day to commissioners must be kept up Hype. Services? Health? Forget it, it’s management salaries and regular bureaucratic pay rises in advance of the rate of inflation and well in advance of the value of the recipient that matter in a health board.

    What we need is a politician with the guts to say “no maas” like Henry Bolte in Victoria, who when asked when he would institute a pay rise for marching teachers remarked:

    “They can march until they are bloody well footsore.”

  13. Calvin Oaten

    SSHUUSH!! If you don’t already know, the ‘definition of a racket’ is, ‘something you’re not in’. Just ask any of those ‘troughers’ wandering through the corridors of the SDHB, DCC, DCHL. It is embedded as an essence of ‘Neoliberalism’.

  14. Gurglars

    Maybe the troughers believe the goose that laid the golden egg is going to stop being a goose.

    Parkinson said that taxes (and therefore bureaucrats salaries) will rise until the customer complains. The meeting in the Havelock north town hall tonight and the South Dunedin meetings just might alert the general populace to the fact that not only are they not paying peanuts, but monkeys could do the jobs equally well.

  15. Elizabeth

    Tue, 30 Aug 2016
    Hospital rebuild assured, PM says
    Prime Minister John Key was questioned about the Dunedin Hospital rebuild and the Invermay downgrade at a party fundraiser in Dunedin last week. Dunedin mayoral candidate Conrad Stedman attended the fundraiser at the Balmacewen golf club at the invitation of a party member. Mr Key gave an assurance to the party faithful about the delay-ridden hospital rebuild in response to an audience question, Mr Stedman said.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      There will be a ew hospital, eh. Any details, or is there a Commission on another gazillion dollars per tea-break currently negotiating for the set of MASH?

  16. Elizabeth

    Tue, 30 Aug 2016
    Resident doctors to bargain for safer work rosters
    The Southern District Health Board is being urged to work faster to reduce doctor fatigue as a result of the hours they are being rostered to work ….[The New Zealand Resident Doctors’ Association (NZRDA) Dr Deborah Powell] said the association aimed to change present rostering patterns, which has resident doctors working seven (10-hour) night shifts in a row, and 12-day shifts in a row. The day shifts include two days of up to 16 hours, with only two days off before returning to work.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Why are truck drivers’ hours restricted? They have to have breaks. They can no longer bodge their logbooks and work extra hours. It’s because the authorities have judged that it is not safe to have them working longer hours without breaks and without adequate sleep time.
      But doctors making decisions on what treatment a patient needs from observation coupled with appropriate diagnostic tools, and what drugs in what amounts to prescribe, no worries. They can be damn near hallucinating with exhaustion!
      Road accidents caused by truckies who are too tired to concentrate – very bad. Accident victims arrive in hospital to be treated by doctors who are too tired to drink a cup of tea without falling asleep and spilling it – that’s OK.
      Isn’t it?

      What the hell is behind this? Is it class distinction – truck drivers are “mere” workers, doctors are Professionals so can handle more difficult conditions?

      Is it unions? Is it employers, or insurers, or haulage companies? Is it “medical tradition” that the Doctor is always available, coming in his hansom cab to attend a fevered child in the middle of the night?

      Trucks weren’t nearly as much danger on the roads in the old days. They were smaller and carried less load, they were less powerful, there was less other traffic on the same roads, often narrow and bendy so you couldn’t go fast anyway.

      Doctors had it different back then too. Penicillin use spread slowly but steadily during WW2, now there are many antibiotics for different uses, and some people can be badly harmed by being given one that’s wrong for them. Decisions were simpler because there was so much less that could be done, so an exhausted doctor could do limited harm compared with today.

      Strokes and heart attacks were bad luck, now with quick diagnosis and quick appropriate treatment many people survive and live well. “Bad luck” now is created by underfunding, understaffing, and overworking – and it’s not just heart attack and stroke victims who become victims of those governmental Denial Of Service attacks on the populace.

      • Elizabeth

        Hard to disagree on this count, Hype. Low wage economy, unproductive economy, low drivers in health.

        • Gurglars

          I don’t get this low wage economy mantra!

          Unfair wage economy I get.

          100 staff at Delta getting over $100,000 I do not get.
          Public CEO’s being paid more than the NZ AND British prime ministers I don’t get.
          Workers getting less than a living wage I don’t get.

          Reducing the former in favour of the latter I do get.

  17. Gurglars

    Get more Doctors and pay administrators less.

    It’s not “health” science.

    A hospital is a place that patients want to go and be treated by doctors and nurses.

    It is clear that there is a necessity for administration, pay, timing, purchasing, scheduling, telephone answering and other less important administrative duties.

    Just which of these commands the salary or wage that a Doctor with exceptional intellect by definition (access to medical school) and six years of medical school and two years of inhouse training warrants.

    When will we realise that bureaucrats are grossly overpaid and thus District Health Boards almost by default have no chance of economic and patient efficient management?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Gurglars, please don your anti-steaming hat before reading further.
      ‘Crats of all shades, the mightier the more-so, have to be paid enormous salaries because otherwise we would get monkeys (pull that hat down over your ears) and it’s a world-wide market, we have to pay the going rate.
      Doctors, radiotherapists, nurses and all the other people who directly make sick people well are often in short supply. Although anaesthetists may be desperately needed [or any role, it’s same-same] there is a “correct” NZ rate. We can’t afford to compete with overseas ……….

      Of course it’s logical, a ‘crat once told me so. Well, he told a politician and the politician told the rest of us.

      • Gurglars

        My hat is a High Hat, Hype, I am of the opinion that the day of the bureaucrat is gone. When Lawrence Yule gets his just desserts and the idiots of Kaipara are found guilty, we will be well on the way to paying the monkeys in bananas. And not many of them either as we don’t want Fat monkeys rather than fat cats!

  18. Elizabeth

    Tue, 20 Sep 2016
    ODT Editorial: Dunedin Hospital: facing reality
    OPINION While much of the detail contained in the “strategic assessment” of the Dunedin Hospital redevelopment was previously known, seeing the cold hard facts grouped together is confronting. The report – written by consulting firm Sapere Research Group for the politically appointed Southern Partnership Group – was released last week. It marks a major step towards getting the $300million project off the ground and has been anxiously awaited. […] And yet, what emerges clearly is that time is definitely not on our side. In fact, the assessment paints a frightening picture of the state of the hospital. It says facilities are “not just in poor shape but are crumbling” and this poses a “clinical, financial and organisational risk” to the Southern District Health Board, staff and patients.

    █ Ministry of Health : Dunedin Hospital redevelopment project

    █ Sapere Research Group: Strategic Services Plan for Dunedin Hospital redevelopment [overview]

    █ Sapere Research Group: Strategic Services Plan [report]

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