Cr Whiley clarifies at ODT #letters


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ODT 18.8.16 (page 10)

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ODT 27.7.16 (page 12)

ODT 27.7.16 Letters to editor Oaten Whiley p12 (1)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

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20 responses to “Cr Whiley clarifies at ODT #letters

  1. Elizabeth


    Greater Dunedin [disestablished February 2016]:
    ● Dave Cull (problem user of casting vote)
    ● Chris Staynes
    ● Richard Thomson (omg)*
    ● Kate Wilson
    ● Mike Lord (sensibly quit GD early)
    ● Jinters MacTavish (played the system)

    Hangers on:
    ● Aaron Hawkins (Green Party)
    ● David Benson-Pope (opportunist)
    ● Neville Peat (who ?)

    *Friends with Graham Crombie, Kathy Grant, Susie Johnstone

    Note: Kathy Grant is a consultant to GCA lawyers; Delta’s lawyer David Smillie comes from the same firm.

  2. Gurglars

    “With an Oink Oink here and an Oink Oink there.”

    Which reminds me that I have heard quite a bit of Oinking recently on MY radio!

    Just who is paying for these noisy repeating outbursts on Radio New Zealand? The chief and the deputy chief Oink?

  3. Gurglars

    Oakley Doakley extolling his virtues as the “driver behind the engine of Dunedin’s commercial rise”

    But as good old fashioned truth is a virtue, so apparently is spin and cant.

    Dunedin’s commercial rise? Is this measured by DCC debt? Or perhaps what the DCC has to spend to keep the stadium afloat? Or maybe the number of financial debacles that subsidiary Delta can get in before the CEO is sent north. Or perhaps the simplest measure of all, the unemployment numbers in Dunedin and the number of empty shops.

    Now we could possibly hold the DCC and by implication, Staynes for the demise of commercial success, so he may be in fact, the driver of Dunedin’s commercial economy after all!

    • Peter

      My pick for this election is for most candidates to parrot the idea of running for jobs and growth….not just Andrew Whiley. As if anyone is arguing for the opposite.
      Whiley hooks onto the cargo cult of oil and gas… and there will be others. Very few will have any other idea of achieving jobs and growth. But it sounds good.
      Very few will venture that Dunedin suffers from the Old Boy Network who don’t want anyone on their patch. Hagaman and HIS hotel expansion? Nor will they want to be ‘negative’ about anything that forestalls growth and jobs here in Dunedin. Why? Coz they don’t want to lose votes from….wherever.
      Jobs and growth is more about the wider economy…..national and international…..and it is fanciful of would be councillors to claim they can make a difference.

      • Elizabeth

        Is it the job of a council to grow jobs.
        It is the responsibility of a council to see to infrastructure and amenity in order for private business to create employment. Isn’t it. Or do we all fall in a trap. Because only a very few industries at Dunedin have the capacity for growth. And we all sound desperate for Lotto.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Council is effing disastrous at growing jobs, other than DCC bloat. On the other hand it’s superb at strewing landmines in the path of private enterprise – and extraordinarily good at clearing them for the Favoured Few.

          Anyone want some prime agricultural land for growing McMansions on?

  4. Gurglars

    God help you if you decide to conduct any business which might impact in any way against any of the DCC nefarious and doubtful commercial activities. A discreet block of any required approvals by the bureaucracy will appear.

    If we wish to expand business activities in Dunedin we need to do four things at least.

    Reduce Dunedin’s per capita debt, ideally to zero and limit borrowings in the future.
    Sell all commercial activities undertaken by the council, particularly the mall, the stadium and Delta.
    Eliminate parking meters.
    Cut planning application time to five days.

  5. Elizabeth

    W H Y
    ….if the power goes out and somebody dies

    Dunedin has the advantage, writes Dunedin city councillor Andrew Whiley.

    Mon, 9 Jan 2017
    ODT: Where else in the world?
    OPINION It was New Year’s Eve, 2002 and my wife and I had decided we needed a lifestyle change.  We had recently visited friends and family in New Zealand and Australia; when comparing the treadmill of the life we were living in Vancouver at that time, things seemed pretty sweet “down under”. […] Just before Christmas, Enterprise Dunedin launched  It serves to introduce everyone to the best of Dunedin and to highlight why we are one of the world’s best small cities. Cont/

    █ During his 2016 election campaign Cr Whiley recommended [uncosted] that the building of a continuous seawall from St Clair to Lawyers Head – he is obviously hugely into wild life and sensitive interventions to enhance the natural environment and marinescape !!!

    Donald Trump, anyone ?

  6. Gurglars

    Amazingly, and I imagine because of the glare of naked self interest, Wily did not mention the inadequacies, complete failures, waste of monies and dreadful decisions of the outfit to which he was re-elected.

    Dunedin is a great city, but if the DCC could get their ham handedness out of its administration and allow those and other entrepreneurs to flourish it would be a great deal greater.

    The empty shops, poor parking opportunities, ridiculous cycle lanes and poor infrastructure maintenance could all be solved if we had a council elected from pragmatists instead of bullshitters.

    Witless spent a number of years at Chisholm Links.

    The Club is going broke and the course has not had one upgrade during his time there. He was a councillor and head pro when the council charged the club a ridiculous fee for water which allowed the fairways to go from the best in Dunedin to the very worst in Otago.

    Watch those with no good track record.

    Any words from them are weasel words.

  7. Elizabeth

    At Facebook – read comments following this entry:


    Comment 8hrs ago
    Lyndon Weggery Andrew -sorry to be the worn record, but bringing more people into Dunedin doesn’t address the problem of DCC Councillors not addressing our tired and worn out infrastructure on many fronts. Further population pressures only compounds the problem and citing this “more growth” mantra doesn’t help establish priorities. The existing residents and ratepayers I talk to want to see this City fixed up before we waste further money on attracting more people. Where were you and your colleagues in the last 3 years when Aurora/Delta were diverting funds from our lines network into funding the Stadium debt as confirmed by outgoing director Stuart MacLachlan?? When Lee and Hilary were questioning DCHL reports on the true picture of CCO finances, where were you and your colleagues in backing them up with hard-hitting questions???

    [the no hoper reply]
    Andrew Whiley Lyndon Weggery if I wrote a piece on infrastructure then your comments would be really relevant! I take on board what you are saying but let’s focus on looking forward and not always looking in the rearview mirror! Dunedin has great opportunities going forward better than many other areas around the world. I continue to be deeply concerned about the city infrastructure and the issues around Aurora/Delta. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had another 500 – 1,000 + ratepayers contributing the city in many many ways!!

    So Cr Whiley intends to do nothing about Aurora/Delta, DCHL, DCTL or DCC at large. No Surprise. He obviously disagrees with the current Dunedin Economic Development Strategy that seeks (fantastically) an extra 10,000 people for Dunedin. If he has read it and understood it. Always off floating his own sinking boat is Cr Whiley. Holed by a golf ball, no less.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Yes indeed, “… let’s focus on looking forward and not always looking in the rearview mirror!” It’s too depressing for words, isn’t it Andrew Whiley, looking at the $20M per annum powering its way offshore, interest on the money wasted by – oh let’s forget who wasted it and what they wasted it on, eh? Let’s look forward, there’s a whole sunlit showroom of Gorgeous Things to buy on the never-never, never count the cost.
      Happy happy shopping, happy happy swimmers in new pools, happy happy locals who find they didn’t have to raise any money after all because the magic of plastic makes dreams come true. Just don’t ever look back.
      And get your rates paid by automatic deduction so you don’t need to look at your rates bill. You’ll be happier not knowing.
      Sweet dreams, babies.

  8. Elizabeth

    Note the names of all the loose-fart Yes people commenting to Cr Whiley. Some of them New city councillors, and ex staff, who don’t know how to read balance sheets in favour of financial prudence and protection of the ratepayers. Jesus weeps.

  9. Gurglars

    The problem with Facebook is being in any way defined as a follower- of Andrew Whitless.

    Like following the leading lemming, just as intellectual, right about the same number of times and unfortunately so far hasn’t been able to find the cliff edge.

    • Lyndon Weggery

      The reason I asked Elizabeth to kindly post this Facebook page was the comments emanating from similar “pro-growth” people. It was if they were all in denial about the genuine problems facing the City as caused by previous DCC mismanagement and genuinely believed attracting 20,000 more ratepaying residents would go along way to solving our problems. I was genuinely shocked and saddened by their blindness to the realities of our situation.

      • Elizabeth

        Looking forward…. *choke
        Mismanagement by the previous and current Dunedin City councils, I think.

        Basically, the ‘pro-growth’ people aren’t very bright; boggle-eyed – yes. All down to their perception of what growth might be, without researching the Dunedin context or knowing any forms of budget control or fiduciary duty.

  10. Peter

    Andrew Whiley is superficial. He likes to make simplistic, feel good comments and presents them as positive solutions for Dunedin’s future.
    If you look closely at his OP he actually doesn’t present anything of substance.
    I am at a loss why the ODT accepted this article for publication.
    Andrew Whiley is a Let’s Make America great again type politician.

    • Elizabeth

      I note ODT Online elevated AW’s opinion piece to the top of its home page this afternoon.


      ODT Online homepage 9.1.17 at 9.50 pm [screenshot]


  11. Lyndon Weggery

    Elizabeth – I guess I was being “kind” to current DCC because they have yet to return from holidays to their first main task of 2017 which is deliberating on the draft 2017/18 budget at their forthcoming Workshop. As I pointed out on the Facebook comments, Councillors have to figure how to meet the shortfall in Stadium funding caused by the Aurora/Delta fiasco. There are no more dividends to Council from DCHL and what money Aurora/Delta can lay their hands on (more borrowing?) will be taken up in fixing the dodgy Power Network.

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