Truthful Letters : Stadium + DCC #toobadaboutmayoralreply

ODT 27.7.16 (page 12)

ODT 27.7.16 Letters to editor Oaten Whiley p12 (1)[click to enlarge]

DEPLORABLE MULTIPLIERS [what more do we need ?]

The god awful millstone stadium is due to have its 5th birthday soon – ODT will be saturated, note bilge leaking into the Op-ed pages, already.

THE UNMITIGATED UNPRINCIPLED FLOW OF RATEPAYER MONEY AT +$20MILLION PA to subsidise the Stadium, DVML/DVL, Professional Rugby and Grey Hair Events —meanwhile draining council owned company Aurora Energy of development capital sufficient to satisfy the regulator of lines companies, the Commerce Commission.

It is wrong. Criminal. (metaphorically!)


### Wed, 27 Jul 2016
Your word on local body elections
The Dunedin City Council is set to have some fresh blood in its midst with five current councillors confirming they won’t seek re-election. Many of those not standing have cited the large workload and increasing bureaucracy as a job deterrent. With that in mind our Word on the Street team asked the public whether they care about the upcoming local body elections.
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Channel 39 Published on Jul 26, 2016

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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36 responses to “Truthful Letters : Stadium + DCC #toobadaboutmayoralreply

  1. Calvin Oaten

    Dave Cull in his response trots out the old mantra of past claims of economic benefits of hosting rugby tests. 60% of 28,726 attendees is some 17,000. That means only 11,500 – less than 10% of locals. No comment on the NZRU take in dollars. “Dave Cull, you are a …. and a distorter of the facts!”

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Moderated, eh? There’s a word that Cull can dish out but if it’s used about him it’s “Bring on the lawyers!”
    Not that I’d repeat that four-letter word in front of a lady….

  3. Peter

    Very good letter, Calvin.
    The fact that they don’t want to say how much the stadium/DCC/ratepayers get on their return on the stadium speaks volumes. If it was significant….or existed…you can bet your bottom dollar they would let us know. What better way to shut up the critics.
    All they are left with is for the grey knitted cardies and half rimmed glasses at the ODT to do another uncritical promo on the stadium,with its so infrequent full houses, which leak money out of the city, being all of a sudden a positive for the city.
    Watch out for the whitewash ‘investigative’ article on will be a primo effort.
    l wonder if this is a good news effort before it becomes apparent that the five year renewals for stadium packages are not looking good and Forsyth Barr pull their naming rights for the stadium. We understand they were reluctant in the first place and had to be begged in the first place to lend their name. Why wouldn’t they? The stadium is hardly a showcase for advertising investment prowess.
    No, the poor darlings will never get a full,uncritical endorsement of their corrupt stadium.

    • Calvin Oaten

      Peter, you would notice that Dave Cull, in his response, claims a whole host of ridiculous financial benefits to the city from the various events, including $8.5m for the English/All Blacks 2014 test.
      But if you look at DVML’s annual reports from its inception, it consistently produced deficits of $millions regardless of whether there were these major Test matches or not. The lie of this is demonstrated by his claim that: “Test matches DVML receives commercial revenue from ticket sales plus food and beverage sales, plus a match management fee based on set key performances.”
      If he and Terry Davies were honest they would admit that NZRU and ORFU get all that, except the food and beverage sales proceeds.
      Otherwise there would be a big lift in the blanket revenue totals during the years of these events. There aren’t and worse, the compounded losses brought DVML to the point where it could not sustain its $4m annual rental, this being halved and the difference made up by the ratepayers.
      Terry Davies flatly refused under the excuse of ‘commercial sensitivity’ when asked under LGOIMA to provide a breakdown of the annual revenue statements. We are never going to get the truth of the Stadium ‘FUBAR’ as long as these miscreants are holding office.

      • Peter

        Calvin. When you are desperate, you can believe anything. Trouble is you are not desperate.So you are not a believer.
        Shifting the financial goal posts, to make things look better than they are, is desperate.
        Like the report yesterday on top stadiums they either really believe the factual as opposed to the opinion basis of this silly survey or not. If their reactions are genuinely held beliefs we are in a more desperate situation than what appears.
        However I give these people a bit more credit for raw intelligence. This leaves us with the conclusion that with the help of the ODT they are pulling a con job.
        As you say, see where they are shifting the goal posts, take note of what they don’t reveal under the guise of commercial sensitivity. See how many corporate boxes, lounge memberships are about to be renewed.
        This stadium love fest is probably a campaign to hype up the stadium to secure those deals. See how many smart corporates fall for the hype.
        Meanwhile Dave has signalled to do nothing about updating infrastructure to the tune of $60m. We know why. They can’t afford it due to pet project outlays, the stadium being the doozy.
        Dunedin…..a sustainable, resilient city. Yeah.

        • Calvin Oaten

          Peter, you sure dribbled a bib full there. The city is in deep ‘schtook’ both debt wise and in its quality of administration. If there is not a major shift in the next election then God help us. Me, I’m putting my faith in Lee Vandervis for Mayor.

          {Moderated. -Eds}

  4. Peter

    Andrew Whiley’s letter is strong on sentiment for a council working together on common goals…..hard to argue with at that level…..but politics doesn’t work that way.
    Whether you have a Labour/Green council, or a right wing one, the side with the majority rams through their agenda before the other guys inevitably get in. I expect that if Andrew’s fellow travellers keen on oil and gas get in with a majority, they won’t be listening to the likes of Aaron and Jinty. Working together on common goals just won’t happen.
    We have seen it before. Chin and his rugby boy councillors rammed through the stadium, with fake consultation,and had no intention of counter arguments warning of financial caution.
    Let’s face it. We don’t attract competent, rational thinking people to local government ….with the odd exceptions.
    Local government is a petty layer of governance. Would we be worse off without it?

    • ab

      Peter, are you saying a curse on all their houses? How could a Right Wing Council not be Wonderful? I mean, they might throw contraceptives into the drinking water and advise the Rich to not drink it.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Not that simple, there’s horse trading. You vote for my project, I’ll vote for yours. Why bother? Because having a motion “aye’d” with some “noes” and some abstentions looks REAL BADDDD even if it’s passed.
      In central govt minor parties voting with the opposition is even worse, and it means they’ll never ever get any of their wants. Not even if they are wise and good for the country and not against majority party’s policies. The best that will happen is the majority party will put forward the good idea as their original brilliant scheme and claim credit for it, making the minority party look lame because everyone except a few of the minority party’s most ardent followers will remember it was the Green/Maori/NZFirst/Act’s idea first. Come election campaigning, the majority party will be trumpeting their successes and how good they have been for the country, like they are the only ones with the good policies.

      Is Dave going to point out how Vandervis was first to point to Delta blues? Is Vandervis going to mention all the great, nah, better stop now, there’s nowhere to go with that comparison.

      • alanbec

        Apart from those happy House occasions where the ‘majority’ party has to court Greens or Maori Party to pass a bill. Slows down the hegemonic dynamo.

  5. Gurglars

    Peter is dead right. We would be better off without any council and a small group of 5 persons drawn from the experienced, unpaid delegating the work under tender. Much as they do now without 1000 mouths to feed and no time to meet for fripperies, social ambitions, agenda 21, climate change, conventions, or traffic lights. Just maintenance and infrastructure improvement. Note cycleways is not infrastructure. The numbers using same in most cities worldwide demonstrates the sheer glorious waste of money and theft of ratepayers and taxpayers this particular frippery engenders. Ditto traffic lights, metric conversion, decimal currency conversion etc.

    • ab

      Nein. Municipalities are run by an elected Guild, not an unelected team of stern Puritans. In any case, Councils all over will be fighting for autonomy once Wellington Local Govt Commission brings in mandatory amalgamation.

  6. alanbec

    Modern Legends of The Flat Weald: Mrs Wakey Wakey.

    It were bad when our clocks were lost in the flood. To rise in time for early, we employed An Aulde Wyfman. This retainer held a candle behind a sieve outside our windows, and annoyed a rooster at 3am. The subsequent light and crowing gave an impression of dawn, which woke us all on time.

  7. Anonymous

    Initially thought this would just be cringe material, but the combination of photo and advertorial just makes it really very funny. Go ODT.

    Stadium on world top 20 list

    • Peter

      Google and you will find other top lists for stadiums around the world. This is just another one of those 10,15, 50,100 top lists that come out.
      Remember the 100 top heritage buildings in the world and our railway station was included? Nice of the compiler to say so, but in the end it was one person’s opinion.
      Btw. How can you compare the Colisseum in Rome with our little stadium? Silly.
      No, the ODT has made a fool of itself again with its current stadium love fest campaign.
      Who’s idea was this Barry?

    • russandbev

      Popular Mechanics list….the idiots down at Fubar must have searched for ages to find that or was it one of those lists that they can nominate themselves for? Build a rugby stadium on bottomless goop next door to an LPG storage facility and don’t put any money into a maintenance budget, build it on credit and elect a bunch of people with little evidence of any brain activity to oversee its governance. Use those criteria and it comes out top. Then get someone to turn up from a friendly newspaper to take a snap of a cake cutting ceremony. Where was Malcolm? Where was Eion? Where was McLauchlan? Hiding under the nearest pile of money?

      • Elizabeth

        However, there was a DINNER on Friday night. Penguins with gold bands and signet rings probably turned up for that.

        yes. YES.
        Who paid for the hospitality and venue hire. To be sure, the Mayor will tell us who troughed.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          “To be sure, the Mayor will tell us who troughed.”
          Of course he will. We voted for him because we believed in his sincere dedication to Transparency and we’ll vote for him again, right, folks?

          H.O’T exits capering like an unethically medicated morris dancer, singing “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha…”

        • Peter

          I thought the cake cutting ceremony was kind of quaint, with the three gents all hands on deck with the knife.
          It reminded me of a traditional wedding cake cutting ceremony and there did seem to be a kind of bliss.
          l guess Dave was the reluctant bride who once spurned such beaus,but now cohabited with them even though he knows in his heart that the vows are false.
          Well l hope the three live happily ever after, but l somehow doubt it.
          So many marriages end in tears when the bills pile up and there is no way of paying them off.
          In the meantime, they can pinch money from the kids’ money boxes and hope like hell they can pay them back.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          The equivalent for chronic conditions is SNAFU: situation normal, all fucked up.
          Could be someone’s election promise: “Vote for ME! Transparency – no I move with the times! Vote for Me, I’ve got the experience and I confidently guarantee more extensive SNAFUs for everyone, not just South Dunedin!”

          “Cut-price SNAFUs too, not a cent over another $188M extra added to city debt, fingers crossed” [behind back].

          “Trust me, I’m a politician.”

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Peter, “l guess Dave was the reluctant bride who once spurned such beaus, but now cohabited with them even though he knows in his heart that the vows are false.” There’s nothing false about marriages of convenience! There are people who’d willingly marry Hannibal Lecter to get a Green Card (US work permit, not joke bicycle license).

      • alanbec

        Rocking Rio..Dateline The Opening.

        Talk about an Opening Ceremony and not many do. Les Girls everywhere, because of no money for a big gig. The Stadium sent up a fiery cascade to warn of sea level rises. Que? It distracts from the Copa riots, put down by fascisti, the hopefully temporary disparadu moved out, the shooting, the kidnapping.

  8. Peter

    I also meant to add comparing our stadium with the colisseum that the latter is a ruin. So where does that leave the comparison?
    Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth is in another top stadium list l saw recently. No mention of Fubar.
    Well, there you ago. Another lack of intellectual insight by the ODT.

  9. Gurglars

    The Dunedin stadium is number one on Gurglars’ list.

    Gurglars list of the greatest initial and ongoing debt of ratepayers in worldwide stadiums.

    Ratepayers per capita debt list
    1. Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium
    2. Daylight

    Ratepayers annual cost of maintenance list
    1. Dunedin Forsyth Barr stadium
    2. The Caketin

    Lack of returns from stadia worldwide annually
    1. Dunedin Forsyth Barr stadium

    Unpaid sponsorship list
    1. Forsyth Barr stadium Dunedin

    Pretty impressive eh!

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s not an anagram, it’s a… a… um brainfade, a-nother word.

    • Elizabeth

      See above, acronym – fubar is described to as either acronym, anagram or abbreviation depending on reference and sources. Also, military slang. etc etc

      • Calvin Oaten

        During WW2 in the Pacific theatre the United States, when an island invasion didn’t go to plan and the losses of men and equipment were seen to be the result of bad planning by the Generals and staff, the ‘Grunts’ on the ground coined the phrase ‘FUBAR’ for a ‘fuck up beyond all recognition’. It has since been applied in this form since for any type of similar debacle, be it financial, engineering, design, or any outlandish project failing to meet its intended parameters.

  11. Gurglars

    In many ways the American’s use of the acronym is the very catalyst for all this avoidance of blame trend. If you can’t identify it, you can’t kill it. Try to drown a fish or a crocodile or cut the throat of Gladstone Small (who had no neck) and you get the picture. Plain words mean plain solutions. But try to write out a cunning plan for fixing a Snafu or a Fubar – impossible. This strategy suits a public servant as he/she is paid for time rather than perormance. If we want well run council owned organisations we should cut staff and pay CEOs and senior managers (and this doesn’t mean the manager for cleaning out the cupboards) on the basis of their annual contribution to reducing DCC debt, with premium on ten year performance (trailing incentives) and small dosages for annual, bi-annual and tri-annual council dividend performance. In this way their initial salary is low (say $150k) but their annual supplements if they provide successful plans and action that increase profit and reduce debt and a 10 year golden payment if they increase turonover, profit, dividends and other production KPIs that the board sets in advance and peer reviewed by business people not just auditors and all of a sudden we might start to get council owned entities that are efficient and we are proud of rather than rates thieves intent upon raping ratepayers and having a jolly good time swanning around. Pun intended.

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