Mosley’s Pond now a Dunedin Community ‘asset’ to fund

duck-in-pond [] 1

Taieri Times 13.7.16 (page 1)

Taieri Times 13.7.16 p1

Taieri Times 20.7.16 (page 8)

Taieri Times 20.7.16 p8

blacknwhiteswim [] 1

Taieri Times 20.7.16 (page 7)

Taieri Times 20.7.16 p7 (1)

Epitaph. Prudence said she couldn’t swim in the DCC pool at Mosgiel, nor Moana, they both drowned.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Images: – duck in pond | – blacknwhiteswim


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9 responses to “Mosley’s Pond now a Dunedin Community ‘asset’ to fund

  1. Wingatui Flyer

    I see the good Cr Lord has jumped from one side of the fence to the other. First he wanted to give the pool trust $80,000. Now that it appears to be drowning he is reaching out for a life raft “I wouldn’t feel comfortable having a pool right next to somebody’s house”. It must be election year ?

  2. Gurglars

    It definitely should be an election issue.

    Why the DCC have committed $6 million to a pool when they can’t commit to fixing up drains, mud tanks and waste water problems in Dunedin city.

    Infrastructure before toys.

  3. Jacob

    Sounds like Mr Feather wants others to do, what he didn’t do.

    • Elizabeth

      Will the pool project gather force or will the locals accept an upgrade to the existing facility. Or will private developers making So much money off their subdivision of good farmland donate a community pool ? !

      I drove through the disgusting new cul-de-sacs on Thursday afternoon, at Mosgiel. Wanaka 2.

      What an awful feeling the new townscape evinces. Zincalume fencing, chalet-style mailboxes, monochrome colours and low ceilings, anyone ?

      People are being ripped off by the design build industry that has practically No Architectural Design capability whatsoever. This is the result of straight low grade drafting and formulaic pandering to an unsuspecting clientele who want a new box but they get no community. As a colleague mentioned… myopic.

      This is a straight copy of 1930-40s commuterville – no public amenity while developers laugh all thw way to the banks.

  4. Elizabeth

    Contracting company to draw up plans for project once site confirmed. –Mosley, to Mosgiel Resource Group

    Wed, 3 Aug 2016
    ODT: Pool project planning and fundraising relies on choosing site
    A recreation centre in Balclutha was a similar example of community collaboration to the proposed Mosgiel pool, the Taieri Community Facilities Trust chairwoman [Irene Mosley] told a meeting last week. […] The Balclutha project was the result of collaboration between the Clutha District Council and the local community, she said.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    So the trust is going to raise $7.5m to go with the $26m set aside in the. DCC Annual Plan? Huh!! Can someone tell me when this happened? I thought it was around $15m. When is Ms Mosley’s committee proposing to present the $7.5m? More important, where is the $26m coming from? With the DCC determined to reduce the consolidated debt of some $600m it wouldn’t be borrowing it, would it?
    Perhaps that’s why the need for four pools. One to fill with ‘Scrooge McDuck’s’ money so he can fund it. Of course he’ll dive into it as he is known to do. When you think about it, it makes as much sense as we’ve heard to date on this whole ‘wet dream’.

  6. Insider

    Rumour has it that the site selection has been made, but will not be released till after the election. There will be a few upset locals but who cares. There could be a large firewood sale to raise funds for the pool.

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