Calder Stewart pay up #Carisbrook

What will Dave and the greenies spend this loot on ?

ODT 23.7.16 (page 6)

2016-07-23 22.18.13


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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7 responses to “Calder Stewart pay up #Carisbrook

  1. russandbev

    Another sorry step in the long long saga of the ORFU stranglehold on the ratepayers of Dunedin which has cost them millions and millions of dollars.

    Under Peter (I’m still asleep) Chin and Osama Bin Harland the city directly lent the ORFU millions of dollars with no hope of it ever being repaid. They provided resources to the ORFU ground at Carisbrook over huge periods of time including Council owned companies sponsorship, free power, lights. They entered into a number of arrangements to ensure that a new stadium would be built primarily for rugby knowing that the equity in Carisbrook would be virtually zero. Since then they purchased Carisbrook for an inflated price of $7m to ensure that the ORFU would have enough capital to survive. This money went down the gurglar of course and the ORFU were soon using the new stadium and charging up costs against the City without any means of paying. So more losses.

    The list of payments made to, subsidies made to, or resources provided to professional rugby in Dunedin is horrendous and includes exclusive training grounds, changing room refurbishments, gyms – think of anything you like and the City has probably provided it.

    And now a payment of less than half of what the City paid for the ground and what does it have? A desolate eyesore on the entrance to the City. Well done DCC!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Chill, russandbev! They’ll get it all back from sale of the film rights to their hysterically acclaimed, “How to Succeed In Business (subtitle: Through Unlimited Access to Other People’s Money)”.

      • ab

        I prefer the original “How to be Very, Very Popular” (1958): Bob Cummings, Betsy Drake, Marilyn Monroe. There is a famous lost scene where MM, a showgirl, stares down a deranged man in the audience. Moxy. Nothing to do with Carisbrook. Vegas never played the Brook, and I’m not sure Dunedin was allowed to see the stupidly risqué burlesque “Hellzapoppin”.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Well, if it’s the DCC’s obligation to pay the legal costs of Mayor Cull and Cr Vandervis (has this been decided yet?) this “windfall” will prevent dipping into the Mosgiel Pools budget.

    • Elizabeth

      [Overheard. QC hired for defendant charged out $10,000 for penning just one letter. Interesting times. Gravy trains et cetera.]

      • Hype O'Thermia

        I wonder if a person paying their own legals would hire someone in that price bracket. They’d have to be terrifically confident of winning, can’t see a lawyer of that status taking a private person’s case on “on tick”!

        • Elizabeth

          someone to their Queens Council

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          You’ve got one time to figure it out….

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