Cycleway planning at #DUD

T R U E ● O R ● F A L S E

bike cartoon by bob lafay []

First we heard there were resignations via ODT.

Although some might be working out notice.

Online identities and job titles suggest people are still at DCC.

Simple. Not updated at LinkedIn possibly.

What’s your point ?!

“THE SUBSEQUENT NEWS” …. [pregnant pause]

The (friends ?)(professionals ?) have set up in the land of private enterprise.

Good for them.

But wait.

Someone has snaffled new cycleway planning and project management off DCC.

Noooo ! What ?

We thought we heard via SPOKES….. that “they” (the privateers) have ‘won’ (??) er, DCC’s new cycleway planning contracts to STUFF Dunedin roads.

Surely, they’d have had to go through an open tender process ?

Mmm. That remains to be seen.

Our Rates Money will go straight to the NOW Private Contractors in larger amounts probably.

Nah, don’t believe it. Can’t be True.

*Preferred Suppliers*—
Some Councillors know, some don’t.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Image: – Bob Lafay 12/03


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7 responses to “Cycleway planning at #DUD

  1. Dear all, they can do the same with the Stadium if they like, so we don’t have so much to pay. What about a private / public ownership of the FUBAR STAD?

    {Something weird happened with how your comment displayed here, involving lots of code ?! -Eds}

  2. Elizabeth

    MWH Global has been involved in lots of recent planning sessions nationally re cycleways —with DCC staff. So the resignees are with which company ?

    Question received tonight:
    The ‘new company’ has already been involved in the cycleways ‘process’, as an approved DCC contractor? – open tender may not be needed.

    People keen to get to the bottom of all this given other companies under scrutiny just now.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    Isn’t it one of the best get-rich schemes, leave or get redunded by large organisation slimming down its bloatforce. Get rehired as consultant at $-far $-more, work half as many hours for twice as much income. Observe nobody else has learnt the job so next contract put rate up to one-third for 3-times.

  4. Elizabeth

    Mon, 25 Jul 2016
    ODT: Railway station-harbourside link mooted
    The Dunedin City Council is investigating building a cycleway linking the harbourside with the Dunedin Railway Station. […] Acting council group transport manager Richard Saunders said the council was looking at linking the West Harbour shared pathway with the Dunedin Railway Station by building a shared pathway along the rail corridor. Part of the investigation involved discussions with Kiwirail.


    Comment at ODT Online:

    More money wasting for the 2%
    Submitted by keithmcc on Mon, 25/07/2016 – 11:48am.

    Do we need to remind the pedal, oh sorry pencil pushers, of DCC of Kiwi Rails previous comments? They have refused mixed use of the tunnels between town and Port Chalmers. Those previous meetings should be enough to remind all that trains and bikes don’t mix.
    As as for Spokes Dunedin wanting their highways to be completed, I am still waiting to see how they plan to get the pensioners of Belleknowes to ride their bikes into town to do their shopping.
    Or all of this just Mayor Cull’s final splutter as he gears up to life after the next election. He should have plenty of time to ride his bike then.

  5. Gurglars

    It seems that the cycleway craziness is endemic to councils!

    As I have said before, ban local council staff from overseas junkets and conventions. Only penury for ratepayers, grandiose frippery and expensive travel bills will result.

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