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### ODT Online Mon, 18 Jul 2016
Editorial: Dunedin’s growing contentment
OPINION It is time to consign Dunedin’s habitual discontent to history…. Link

OPINION For a time our weather, isolation, strong links to the supposedly dour Scots and misery at our falling fortunes served as excuses….

OPINION The University of Otago’s success in many ways saved the city yet, ironically, helped solidify its bleak reputation as students from around the country were met by old, cold and damp houses in a city down on luck and struggling to rediscover its place in the world.

OPINION This time the stories are all positive. […] And why wouldn’t they be?

OPINION The city boasts extraordinary infrastructure….

OPINION No other city in the country has anything to rival Forsyth Barr Stadium….

OPINION At the same time Auckland’s famed sunny summers have been accompanied in recent years by concerns around swarms of houseflies, jellyfish, sea lice and mosquitoes, nuisances unheard of here.

OPINION The current upsurge for Dunedin may not be a boom of mythical proportion with gold ingots springing from the soil.

—Trite and tarnished, tissue of UNtruths.

Deceits and Dementia at Dunedin, anyone ?


Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.


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  1. Elizabeth

    Comments at ODT Online:

    Insurance Council: venal or victim?
    Submitted by Orson not Welles on Mon, 18/07/2016 – 12:14pm.

    An interesting proposition: those who believe in climate change are ‘victims’ of a Spin system that only climate change deniers can see through.
    Are insurance companies colluding with these entities, or are they just dumb too?

    Two-sided story
    Submitted by Otakou on Mon, 18/07/2016 – 11:16am.

    Whilst all of the above is true. One would hope that such an esteemed newspaper with a long proud record of bringing the truth to Dunedin homes would have pointed out one of the great barriers to a more confident Dunedin, the DCC. In an election year it is the role of a newspaper to present both sides of the story.
    The DCC has had very little to do with the positives mentioned, but has surely involved itself in the negatives pulling down citizen’s assurance. High scale theft, huge public debt per capita (the worst in New Zealand) and with a small population, botched cycleways, city owned assets not contributing in any way to the public good and a flood caused by DCC incompetence.
    Reform the DCC and your editorial will at last have meaning. Dunedin is a great place to live, a choice I personally made, but its bete noir is the city administration.

  2. alanbec

    As a mere reader, all I can say is the OpEd is not usual House Style. It is, in fact, good marketing, or promotional material. Light, effective, non investigative. In Toto (Dorothy’s puppy of Kansas), it is ‘Opinion’.

  3. russandbev

    First thing this morning, I sent the following to the ODT which has not been published.

    Your unattributed editorial (18th July) on “Dunedin’s growing contentment” paints a rosy glow that does require, not a bucket of cold water, but a good dose of realism with many of the claims not stacking up to close examination. While the thumbnail history of the city’s growth to finance and business capital of NZ and its subsequent slow decline is accurate, as is your assessment of educational resources and its libraries, much of what follows is not borne out by facts or observations.

    ● It is stated that there is strong interest in Dunedin from other parts of NZ. People shift to other centres mainly because of jobs. Yes, there is a payoff when they do because housing is cheaper and commuting costs are less, but the primary reason for shifting is because of jobs and if those jobs don’t exist then there is no shift. Your editorial fails to point to any data that shows that jobs, or opportunities exist more than other cities. The aim by the current Council for 10,000 new jobs has not been met and indeed several major businesses have moved north.
    ● You state that tourism and technology are thriving. Compared to what? Cruise ship visits are often quoted while ignoring the fact that the ships all visit the other NZ ports and passengers don’t use accommodation or meals. The data suggests that Dunedin is a relatively minor short-stay stop en-route to other destinations. The airport is a back-water compared to Christchurch and Queenstown and while Central Otago and the Southern Lakes are near to Dunedin, by far and away most tourists that fly into Christchurch going to these major attractions do so by driving there via the Mackenzie basin. There are small successful technology hubs but they are not major employers.
    ● The success of sports teams is quoted, as if this brings something tangible and the link to the rugby stadium is noted. While your editorial acknowledges the initial price of this, it fails to note that through direct, or the many indirect subsidies by Council, the stadium costs ratepayers northwards of $20m annually. You claim that Dunedin rates are low, but fail to point out that they have grown at three times the rate of inflation for many years and the total consolidated debt of the Council is the second highest per capita in the country – only behind Auckland whose demographic and growth rates are vastly different to Dunedin.
    ● You claim that Dunedin’s infrastructure is extraordinary. Yes it is, but recent events have shown that the essential infrastructure is extraordinarily bad with spending on installation or maintenance curbed for decades in favour of projects such as the stadium. Roads are patchy, cycleways proceed on an ad-hoc basis being installed and ripped out and Council has developed a reputation for sitting on its hands on major issues such as sea erosion at St Clair and Middle Beach.
    ● You claim that new homes are largely unaffected by the cold but this applies anywhere while the numbers of old, draughty and damp houses in places like South Dunedin remain very high.

    Dunedin is in a beautiful location with the harbour and surrounding hills and its University and Polytechnic contributing to a young vibrant atmosphere in the campus area, but it has been plagued for many years by a lack of inspirational leadership. Until this changes then the desired optimism for the future is at major risk.

  4. Elizabeth

    And then! Drum roll, please.
    Ye elder statesman Cr Peat’s contribution to shredding Fact, in which ODT makes hay by own sunshine up rear. Droll.

    (18.7.16) Opinion: Memo to new city council candidates

    It’s election year for local bodies, and from last Friday candidates’ nominations are being received. In the interest of encouraging nominations, Neville Peat, a former regional councillor and retiring city councillor, describes his experience of life as an elected member of the Dunedin City Council.

    Believe us, Cr Peat you were not “stimulating”, “entertaining” or even “fascinating” during this trimester. You have showed the endurance of an overpaid pot-bellied mouse. Who ? we say.

    Councillors are classified by the IRD as “self-employed” …. They don’t manage contracts. They should not be meddling in operational or staffing issues.

    The bullswool you spew, Cr Peat. It’s because of people like you that DCC and the City are in such a vile and disgusting mess, sporting hundreds of millions of dollars in consolidated debt. Because of limp wrists like YOU.

    Piss off with your “wisdom” and your pretentious patronising blither. You wouldn’t know what a hard day’s work looked like. Were you sandbagging on 3-4 June 2015.

    All you’ve done in your column is to list other citizens’ work to which you sometimes tag along. Believe us, we’ve seen you tag along. And they say Neil Collins liked sandwiches and cake at someone else’s expense. Don’t get us wrong. You might look the part. But that isn’t doing the work. The real work is finance, infrastructure and ensuring fairness and resource to all citizens. That you didn’t bother with these is the hoist of your shallow petard.

    So toddle off now and “write” – it seems we paid Cr Peat well to do SFA. So now he’ll do more of it, on the taxpayer. He wouldn’t know democracy if it hit him in the face with a Gold Card and a 3-zone bus pass.

    Cr Peat has been one of the least effective least believable of our city councillors. He left the ORC, they with no regrets. And now the same, for DCC. “A nice man.” There it ends for politics and brains. All for the common good, was it – but a good missed entirely by ratepayers and residents, many of whom are flood victims of the DCC. Nope, this was not a man that dug the dirt on Delta, or read an Act or three to check Any of the subsidiaries. Neither did he drag a bunch of Citifleet car stealers to the Police Station for processing. Because if he had we’d have heard about it. No, this is slumberville personified in the personage of the soon-to-be Mister Peat. He grabbed a stipend while he could be “pleasant” and that was that.

    • alanbec

      This above post is known in our deserted railways settlements and mining camps as being “shown the rounds of the kitchen”.

  5. The empty windows along George Street our main street speak volumes to me. These empty shops in the centre of the city say that there is a backwardness about business in the city. They speak of higher than affordable rents perhaps but where business is making profit they can afford the rent. Some may say we do not have the trained people but what are the University and Polytech producing? Plenty of graduates who head north! Why? Because NZ is lopsided. Auckland is swallowing the rest of the nations talent through bad planning at central government level and pet projects. Which reminds me of the poor planning and pet projects of the DCC and especially the mayor. I see quite a few are not standing again. Good. Bring in good sensible managers please.

    • ab

      However, Central government ain’t local. We really can’t pin macro rap on local govt. Northern folk move here for, um, normality, pace of life, no water charges, no charged water. View the townscape from the Northern hill highway. Bricked and redder, dew dapple drawn. Dew drop inn. (Promotional material courtesy of the G Manley Hopkins estate).

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Raymac97, “where business is making profit they can afford the rent.” Hmmm. Maybe overpriced rent is the difference between profit and just squeaking over the line. Maybe the business owners are savvy enough to know they can get better value elsewhere. Maybe the premises are not all that great for today’s requirements. There are shops at the Gardens Corner with no toilet, no wash-hand basin. Empty shops, most of the time. Are CBD shops similarly fitted for 1940s, when you get past the nicely painted and carpeted customer area? Are owners of those premises greedy, or forced to pay unrealistically high rates?
    Myself, if I were looking for premises I’d look at more factors than “can I afford to rent this place without my business going down the tubes?” I’d look at what else is on offer, and whether my customer base is more likely to be walkers strolling around doing leisurely “recreational shopping” or ones who know what they’re after and want to get it without wasting time. Do they want to park nearby without expensive parking fees and being hassled by meter maids of any gender, if so would they rather avoid the CBD – and what’s the balance between walkers who’d be put off by a distance that is a minute or two by car but a long journey by foot?

  7. Peter

    Well.. are we surprised the ODT came up with such vacuous crap?
    I have nothing more to add to russandbev et al’s comments which are excellent and based on balanced fact rather than wishful thinking.
    There is an anti intellectualism in this editorial. You would almost think it was written by some elderly, middle aged duffer who wants to believe, through rose coloured spectacles, that the world is sweet in their latter years before they depart this world.
    If the ODT folded, would we in Dunedin have suffered a grevious loss?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Someone who had the motto drummed into them, “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” perhaps?
      And framed poems by Patience Strong on their bedroom wall.

      “They bland you down, your mum and dad….” Version for people whose strong language is “Sugar!” and “Bother!”

    • Emmylou Harris Gram Parsons

      Grievous! Return of the Grievous Angel.

  8. Elizabeth

    OK so ODT runs the pap piece yesterday before running this piece of unmitigated PCE-inspired desktop rubbish today:

    I see two councils, a newspaper, and a number of persons to sue.

    Both councils are offering NO MITIGATIONS to crashing people’s property values – nebulously, instantly, unfairly, unscientifically.

    Oh yeah. We hear DCC sat on the willywonka “South Dunedin is sinking” report since December. Bastards.

  9. Brian Miller

    I find this ORC report “The Natural Hazards of South Dunedin” as reported in the ODT an interesting article for what it doesn’t tell us. Why is it only about South Dunedin, when other areas such as the Railway Station, Early Settlers, Logan Park cricket establishment and of course the world famous covered rugby stadium, all stand on reclaimed swamp land, the same as South Dunedin. The finger pointing at South Dunedin is a political one in an election year. The only reason that South Dunedin is highlighted is because :of council incompetency in maintaining its stormwater infrastructure. The question is then: Why is South Dunedin being highlighted as endangered from sea level rise and climate change, when there is no mention of any other DCC areas as mentioned above. Could it be that the ORC who have had access to this sea level rise and climate change information for many years kept it quiet during the stadium debacle while they threw millions of regional ratepayers funds at the stadium being built on reclaimed swamp land? Cover up or cock up. Why is the ORC report so narrow, and when can we expect to see a ORC comprehensive report on all areas that will be affected as South Dunedin is reported to be, by climate change and sea level rise?

    • @Brian Miller
      July 19, 2016 at 12:19 pm
      Of course there are many areas around Dunedin that were ‘reclaimed’ from the sea. The ‘southern endowment’ being the most recent. A few bucks invested there! But the crappy statement has already had a negative effect on property values in Sth Dunedin. But those poor folk and pensioners who live there don’t matter. Why not include the southern endowment in the storyline. I suspect that there might be howls of complaint from certain influential people should he have done so. Doncha think?

      But he is simply following the IPCC mantra.

      This guy is an alarmist par excellence.
      He says as little as 110mm of sea level rise And then he goes on to quote 200 mm to suggest the Hargest Crescent Tonga and Bathgate parks flooded.
      But that is over 100 years – and even that is very much disputed.

      According to Nils-Axel Mörner the Earth’s rate of rotation records a mean acceleration from 1972 to 2012, [thus] contradicting all claims of a rapid global sea level rise, and instead suggests stable, to slightly falling, sea levels. Best estimates for future sea level changes up to the year 2100 are in the range of +5 cm ±15 cm.

      Mörner’s Views:
      At most, global average sea level is rising at a rate equivalent to 2-3 inches per century. It is probably not rising at all.
      Sea level is measured both by tide gauges and, since 1992, by satellite altimetry. One of the keepers of the satellite record told Professor Mörner that the record had been interfered with to show sea level rising, because the raw data from the satellites showed no increase in global sea level at all.

      The raw data from the TOPEX/POSEIDON sea-level satellites, which operated from 1993-2000, shows a slight uptrend in sea level. However, after exclusion of the distorting effects of the Great El Niño Southern Oscillation of 1997/1998, a naturally-occurring event, the sea-level trend is zero.
      The GRACE gravitational-anomaly satellites are able to measure ocean mass, from which sea-level change can be directly calculated. The GRACE data show that sea level fell slightly from 2002-2007.
      These two distinct satellite systems, using very different measurement methods, produced raw data reaching identical conclusions: sea level is barely rising, if at all.

      (Nils-Axel Mörner is the former head of the paleogeophysics and geodynamics department at Stockholm University. He was president of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) Commission on Neotectonics. He headed the Project on Geomagnetism and Climate. He is a critic of the IPCC and the notion that the global sea level is rising. He was formerly the Chairman of INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, and led the Maldives Sea Level Project.)

      As far as I can see Gavin Palmer is simply following to alarmist view driven by the IPCC.
      He makes 2 large caveats “If the sea level rises, there will be a rise in groundwater levels and that eventually leads, if there is no intervention, to surface ponding,” he said. This is the stuff of alarmism.

      {Our formatting (blockquotes). You need to supply the weblink or published reference for your Nils-Axel Mörner citations. -Eds}

    • russandbev

      Brian, one of the worst areas in Dunedin in terms of reclaimed mud and seemingly bottomless goop is right under Farry’s stadium. Lake Logan drained right there and it only takes a few moments of looking at historical photographs to see the extent of the lake. When the builders were “pile driving” there were many instances when the prefab concrete/steel piles were stood up and vanished out of sight under their own weight. From my recollection some were uncovered, pulled up a bit and another pile attached and then “driven”. I doubt very much that many of those piles are sitting on bedrock at all but are merely held by friction.

      But do you think the ODT and the DCC will identify the risk of the stadium being subjected to sinking land and rising sea levels. Not on your nellie. Too much GOB extracted money.

    • Hype O'Thermia under DUNEDIN heading, two links

      Effect of sea level rise on Dunedin revealed
      Stadium drifting event a first

      At first glance: “Great! First shipping containers of pork fall off ferry, now the stadium’s off down the harbour and out of our lives!” Then horror: “I’ll bet they skimped on insurance” :-(

  10. Elizabeth

    Received from Anonymous
    Tue, 19 Jul 2016 11:50 a.m.

    Subject: Gavin Palmer -Urban Dictionary [click for clear view]

    Gavin Palmer Untitled - Urban Dictionary

    Tue, 19 Jul 2016
    ODT: Effect of sea level rise on Dunedin revealed
    Vast areas of South Dunedin will be permanently inundated with groundwater within decades if action is not taken, a new report from the Otago Regional Council has revealed. The report “The Natural Hazards of South Dunedin July 2016” – prepared by the council’s engineering, hazards and science director, Dr Gavin Palmer, and to be tabled at tomorrow’s council technical committee meeting – shows the extent of sea level rise effects on South Dunedin.

    █ █ █ █ Read THE FANTASTICAL JULY 2016 REPORT here.

  11. Elizabeth

    DCC and ORC are strangling property values and private equity in a lemming race of despicable (highly questionable) scale and incompetence.

    The doofers at ORC, of course, will table the spurious report tomorrow “in acceptance” like the [deliberately politically unsettling] Grimms’ fairy tale it really is. Mythically inflationary every which way. JFC

    [I have a job for thickset wielders of industrial sledgehammers and shovels. We could clean up Dunedin politics in five minutes, no niceties involved.]

  12. Elizabeth

    I hear the South Dunedin Action Group (SDAG) were meeting with Ms Bidrose today to discuss implications (my word, shortcomings?!) of the Proposed 2GP for South Dunedin.

    I imagine an interesting exchange of views given the planting of obsequious climate changer propaganda at ODT currently. SDAG are robust individuals, I trust they made some dents.

    But How does anyone seek Cooperation, infrastructure upgrade and assistance for Community when faced with brazen political scaremongering and escalating divisions prompted by the leadership of our local territorial authorities.

    We can’t wait around until the October elections to fix this bureaucratic hypocrisy —an unfettered corporate fraud, deliberately authored to defeat the interests of thousands of vulnerable Dunedin citizens.

    Jeepers, What if? Dunedin thought Delta/DCHL/DCC was bad in terms of constructive fraud against landowners/caveators –man, that’s simply a warm-up.

    Something’s gonna break at Dunedin, those in the firing line will wish they never believed Jinters and the foolish fawning old Mayor. And now the hapless f***ing Drongo G Palmer, and friends.

    • JimmyJones

      Dave Cull, Jinty MacTavish, DCC, ORC, Chairman Woodhead, Allied Press, UoO Surveying, GNSS have all been sharpening their daggers for a long time, and now in they go, deep into South Dunedin, deep into the well-being and prosperity of the citizens. They are determined to sacrifice South Dunedin to create a real life example of the power of their religion – Global Warming. Of course it isn’t Global Warming or sea-level rise that’s killing South Dunedin, it’s their ideological zealotry and filthy scheming, all funded with our money.
      This makes me feel much worse: Beastie Boys – Sabotage – it starts – I can’t stand it, I know you planned it…”.

      • Elizabeth

        Feel a lot better after the Beastie Boys. Hey, DCC and ORC are unprepared for where “Dunedin” will go on Sabotage to these zealots. Some of us are more than ready to fight. I doubt we’ll play clean.

  13. Elizabeth

    In this clip, ORC’s Sharon Hornblow (there’s an apt bloody name!) comes across as a pigtailed schoolgirl of no possible consequence, spouting a mantra she picked up off Google ? !

    Where is the thought to social justice ? Completely absent. ORC sends in the clowns, here’s one.

    [as usual blonde announcer ‘Rebecca’ questions nothing, gush no balance]

    BS Warning:

    ### Tue, 19 Jul 2016 at 6:20 pm
    Rising sea level effects Dunedin
    A new report from the Otago Regional Council is bringing to light the effects rising seas will have on South Dunedin.
    Ch39 Link

    • Elizabeth

      More or less she’s straight out of school, unless there’s another one out there…. love the action phrase, Stone The Crows.

      This bozo is now ORC’s natural hazards analyst. LOL, GP is way too old for this.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      59 years to attain multimeter sea level rise. Paint me gullible and call me braindead, go ahead, you’ll find me on Signal Hill watching the sea rise fast as Jack’s beanstalk.

      I’ve got a multimeter newfangled gadget, it measures, you know, electricity an’ like that. If it’s dropped into a bucket of water the ripples spread outward. 97% of people who remember Peter Cook can attest to that.

      If it’s dropped into the the sea off St Clair South Dunedin will be washed off the face of the earth. 97% of people who remember lines from Goon Shows say that’s true. So it must be.

      • Gurglars

        Peter Cook is standing for mayor!

        Instead of the headlines today and most days

        “Mayor Cooked”

        The new line will be

        “Mayor Cook”

        Which should ideally see the end of Master Chef and see the rise of

        Mayor Vis a Vis

        PS. Did you like that “Rise as in Cake”

    • Hype O'Thermia

      “[as usual blonde announcer ‘Rebecca’ questions nothing, gush no balance]”
      True but rather unfair. I don’t know what her former training and jobs were, but I doubt if she was an investigative journalist. Her role is essentially the same as continuity announcer who reads the news (put in old-time radio terms). The station is local in the style of the Star (paper equivalent) not ODT, and let’s not even think of big budget, hugely resourced overseas newspapers, radio and TV. Local news media ask gentle questions nicely about local matters, the upcoming school play, festival, flower show. It’s an important local cohesion role, not to be confused with important fact extraction from unwilling parties which demands a different skill set and large amounts of preparation so as to cut through porky-flavoured obfuscation..

  14. Elizabeth

    Re Ch39 video….
    WhereHowWHY the “decision” to call the June 2015 a one in 100-year event…. given the data says it was Not.

    Please read Neil Johnstone’s reviews of DCC flood reports – enter *johnstone* in the search box at right.

    • JimmyJones

      Neil Johnstone’s peer review (30/11/2015) says this about the severity of the June 2015 rainfall:
      My conclusion: The Report’s claim that the June 2015 rainfall had a return period of 63 years remains a substantial over-estimate. A figure of 20-30 years is more defendable, particularly if rainfall durations shorter than 24 hours are considered, as they should be
      He gives good reasons for this. Let’s call this estimate a rainfall intensity of about one in 25 years.

      But: the ORC’s bullshit Natural Hazards report has a brand new figure for the rainfall severity. They have changed it from 63 years and “over 100 years” (8/7/15; using different methods) to 50 years (appendix 1). To the average journalist it is just a black dot with squiggly lines, but the black dot represents the 2015 rain event (142 mm in a 24hr period) and clearly shows it to be a one in 50 year rain event.

      From the other stuff in the report we know that the ORC can’t be trusted to give impartial information, so while this new method is an improvement, the data is very sparse and the result could have easily been manipulated by carefully choosing some assumptions or by just being dishonest.

      We can say that the ORC’s new estimate of one in 50 year rain event shows that Dave Cull and the DCC’s estimate of one in 150 years was a gross exaggeration. We still need an estimate from an independent professional hydrologist – independent of DCC, ORC, UoO, NIWA, GNSS, BECCA, Jinty’s relatives and other known collaborators with the DCC & ORC. So far it looks to me that Neil Johnstone’s estimate is the best (one in 25 year).

      A one in 25 year Average Return Interval (ARI) is a confusing way of saying that every year we have a 4% probability of severe rain like we had in June 2015 (1÷25 = 4%). Severe rain events can happen at any time. I believe that in one year (1929~) there were two of them, each causing bad flooding. Severe rain events seem to be less frequent now-days than 100 years ago.

  15. Calvin Oaten

    Jimmy, 1929 would be prehistoric in this ‘babe’s’ time frame. Me, not so much. We had photos of that event showing men standing in water up to their knees outside the shop at the bottom of Mechanic St. Not since then has there been a similar event. Lesser events flooded the Valley in 1946 or thereabouts as I experienced. Since then nothing to excite. Now we have this explosion of dire predictions based on nothing but hysteria fomented by a few rampant “radicals” in the United Nations. A political agenda that’s brainwashed the dim-witted.

    • ab

      Who is ‘babe’? Babe is some opinionated professional woman with whom we disagree. So we call her an infantilising name.

    • JimmyJones

      Yes, Calvin, 19 March 1923 was a serious flood with 279mm in 24hr at Ross Creek and sever damage to the city. And then in July 1929 there was another flood which affected the Taiery Plain and transport in and out of Dunedin.

      The big one was in April 1923 with 229mm in 24hr at Musselburgh and caused “unparalleled devastation” according to my book. Here is an excerpt to support my earlier point: The Mayor organized a relief committee to supply food, bedding and clothes to the victims. The City Engineer pointed out, quite reasonably, that a similar visitation was unlikely to recur in a hundred years. There was therefore a special irony in the fact that three weeks later a second flood occurred , not as widespread, but in certain areas even more destructive.

      NIWA have a NZ Historic Weather Events Catalog. Have a look here for details of Otago flood events.

      • Calvin Oaten

        Jimmy, it is noticeable in the NIWA schedule of historic weather events that the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s saw the bulk of concerns. Since then not so much. In fact relatively quiet times, even the June 2015 event was only exacerbated by the state of the infrastructure. So much for the panic merchants and their wish for Armageddon.

        • Armanotgeddonready

          Armageddon is a fundamentalist “End Time”, put about by extreme prots who think The End is something to look forward to. They don’t change anythung deemed to be Wull 0′ God. People who worry about CC are only saying gather gopher wood, just in case. Already, fools are tipping rubbish into Gehenna, outside the city.

        • Elizabeth

          Fueled By Ramen Published on Apr 19, 2013
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          To Dunedin

  16. Gurglars

    All wrong here.

    Babe was a pig!

  17. Elizabeth

    Received from Gurglars
    Wed, 20 Jul 2016 at 9:33 a.m.

    Message: Dilbert on the money here with the DCC

    Dilbert  15.4.16 [ Scott Adams]

  18. Elizabeth

    Michael Deaker is PAST IT.
    What a complete dickhead he makes of himself.
    Is He An Engineer ?
    Doh, Michael stares at the ORC navel and becomes stupidly mesmerised.

    ORC spiels and to hell with the Community of People who live and work in South Dunedin as their future Welfare is compromised, as their property values decrease immediately by tens of thousands or more. This is like Red Frigging China.

    There is nothing between the ORC ears, just as there is not at DCC.

    Bullshit Alert

    Cr Michael Deaker praised the high quality of the reports, which were based on well-researched science.

    Thu, 21 Jul 2016
    ODT: Warning against alarmist approach to S Dunedin
    Otago regional councillors have emphasised the need not to overreact to environmental problems facing South Dunedin, saying solutions would eventually be found, guided partly by community dialogue. The comments yesterday emerged from a discussion at the council’s technical committee of a major report on South Dunedin’s natural hazards, and a covering report by council engineering, hazards and science director Dr Gavin Palmer.


    ORC speaketh with Forked Tongues….

    The Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill (No 2) was introduced to Parliament last month, and public submissions on the Bill close next Thursday.

    Thu, 21 Jul 2016
    ODT: ORC concern at Govt interference
    Local government in Dunedin and Otago should not become the “puppets of Wellington” and must retain close links with Otago people, and their needs, Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Woodhead says.
    He warned at a council committee meeting yesterday that provisions in a proposed Bill could spark “unprecedented” central government interference with local government, including in Otago.

  19. Elizabeth

    Up yours Cull.

    Subject Site: 38 Richmond Street, South Dunedin

    Conrad Anderson said building in the area would be “very good for South Dunedin” …. “You’ve got to put a stake in the ground and say ‘Yes, we can build here’.”

    Fri, 22 Jul 2016
    ODT: Building application a test of South Dunedin’s future
    A plan to build on a street that was among the worst hit by flooding in South Dunedin last year could show there was “life after death” in the embattled suburb. The consultant planner for a man wanting to build in Richmond St, near Tonga Park, which was inundated during floods last year, said it was possible to mitigate the problems the suburb faced.

    “I absolutely think it’s possible to build in South Dunedin.” –Clare Curran

    • Elizabeth

      38 Richmond St, South Dunedin

      Tue, 30 Aug 2016
      ‘Delighted and relieved’ with permit
      Plans to raze an uninhabitable flood-damaged Forbury house and build two single-storey homes in its place have been given resource consent, despite being opposed by a Dunedin City Council planner [Kirstyn Lindsay] …. Applicant and owner Laurence Prattley was “delighted and relieved” with the decision.

  20. Hype O'Thermia

    Wait for all the delaying tactics to be trotted out one by one, each requiring more expert reports paid for by applicant, each resulting in further costly changes to the project that by the way reduce its suitability for his purposes, till he gives up and walks away leaving it to – – – – nature, or opportunists, I wonder which.

  21. Elizabeth

    From Mayor Cull’s first Facebook page!

    Dave Cull for Mayor
    22 July at 10:15
    Dunedin is a great small city. We’ve had lots of successes over the last six years, but there’s still more to do! Burgeoning tourist numbers are creating challenges as well as opportunities. There is great potential to attract more events to the city. Housing quality, particularly in rentals, is lagging. The improvements and achievements in Council operations over the last six years need to be consolidated and extended. Let’s maintain the momentum. Together we can improve the quality of life of everyone here in every part of our city.


    Diana Flanagan I shall certainly not vote for Dave Cull. He has cost Dunedin a fortune and then had the audacity to give himself a 9% pay rise, most people are fighting to get a 3-4% rise.
    22 July at 19:55

    Dave Cull for Mayor Correction Diana. I did not get a pay rise of 9% and I don’t decide it anyway. From memory last year I took a cut and this year it was something like 1.5%. Not sure how you figure I cost the city. Since I took the mayoralty we have brought rates rises down drastically from what the previous Council projected. And we have stuck within the limits we set.
    Yesterday at 06:35

    View more replies

    Dallas Mason Vote no for cull
    22 July at 19:59

    Michelle Gaut Definitely will not
    22 July at 20:29

    Robbie Matthies Not me. Cant provide toliets at baldwin street for torists which by the way are increasing according to cull. Raises money on rate payer owned buildings eg mona pool. We should as rate payers be able to attend mona pool for free snd dump our rubbish for free Spends money against the rate payers wishes or spends money on stupid projects eg cycleway. How about cull and council get a pay cut
    22 July at 20:55

    Dave Cull for Mayor Tourism is an increasing element Robbie – which is fantastic for our city and yes we need to and we are planning how to accommodate this. Thanks for your constructive thoughts.
    22 July at 21:17

    Blair Newell Vote cull lol i dont think so
    22 July at 21:22

    Rebecca Twemlow With a tremendous amount of success already and a very clear and workable vision for the future of Dunedin I am a Vote Dave advocate.
    23 July at 14:32

    [The one positive FB comment is from Rebecca Twemlow – the same Twemlow of Firebrand Marketing who are running Mayor Cull’s campaign]

    View previous replies

    Rebecca Twemlow The numbers speak for themselves Grant. Council owned companies producing a return, improved debt repayment, significantly improved DCC operationally, Gigatown and City of Literature wins, beautiful cycleway, warehouse precinct, long term strategies created so there is a pathway forward and I believe business/industry are working far better and smarter together with the council.
    23 July at 16:54

    View more replies

    Andrew Cropper My friend lost is job and has had to relocate his family to Invercargill when they gave the maintenance contract to the downers at a cost of millions to the city.
    Good work. You’ll never get my vote.
    23 July at 15:19

    Dave Cull for Mayor Councillors don’t decide who gets contracts. But I fully support Council management awarding contracts to companies that give the best value to our ratepayers who pay the bills.
    Yesterday at 06:37

    View more replies

    Michael Smith A change is needed,i live in St Clair ,the whole beach problem is a dogs arse,and they won’t commit to anything but remedial fixes,then the Sth D flooding it’s a joke,being in too long,we need a new direction,him and his buddies need to leave gracefully,we need young blood there,but no green issues please,a new council for all of Dunedin not just a select few
    23 July at 16:52

    Erlene Woodhouse Get out and vote Dunedin, but first we need someone qualified to stand.
    23 July at 17:35

    Michelle O’Brien I would like to see the council define and implement an age friendly city where our growing older population have access to user friendly transport and warm housing with lots of options of building social connection.

    There is a disconnect in the comment re housing quality when the council thinks others are getting ahead of themselves in trying to improve student housing.
    23 July at 18:44

    Blair Powell I’m not voting for this numpty
    23 July at 23:28

    2 Replies

    Alan Wilson Mayor Cull what is your stance on the food issue at Dunedin Hospital?
    It seems like you have been deadly quiet on this issue and as our cities #1 citizen I would have expected you to be vocal on this.
    Mayor Shadbolt came to the Dunedin protest. Was the day too cold for you to come out of your Ivory Tower?
    Yesterday at 18:53

    1 Reply

    Raewyn Baddeley What has Dave cull done 4 Dunedin
    Oh that’s right stuffed up the cycle lanes let south Dunedin flood
    And ignores our Don’t down grade dunedin hospital. He has not stood up once with the ppl against this issue wth compass
    Yesterday at 18:55

    Stephen Hudson Unlikely given the outrages suffered on your watch … the south Dunedin mudtanks and the outrageous unaddressed 1.5 million vehicle rippoff , not to mention the smug avoidance of any form of responsibility which is what you and your bent chums came in wibbling on about … just go
    Yesterday at 18:53

    Linda Norton-Barker I would not vote for Dave Cull for Mayor if he was the only person available to be honest, however, there is no other person that fits the role. SO I WON’T FOR ANYONE FOR MAYOR OF DUNEDIN.
    Yesterday at 19:20

    Hugh Geddes he has done jackshit for our city if anything we have gone backwards not forward no infurstucter has happand does not stand up for dunmedin hortserball runs away when face with proplems in our city need a strong person to get our city going forward
    Yesterday at 19:37

    Alan Wilson Mayor Cull when will Dunedin have an inorganic rubbish collection
    Yesterday at 19:43

    Hayden Kelliher moved all technicians to chch righto good one
    1 hr

    Selwyn Bennett cull would never get our vote ,,we need a mayor that is true to dunedin,,,our city needs to advance ,not be stagnent like the last 6 years
    1 hr

    Sam Gilchrist Cull you are the biggest Fence sitter I have ever seen and have done nothing for our City, will be pleased to see the back of you
    7 mins

    • Visagebook, 18th Century

      To Judge Jeffries, Circuit Magister, the Assizes, England.

      Hanging judge, Ive had it with your stupid sentencing. There’s men and women hanging on gibbets all over the north of the Trent thanks to your peculiar concept of Justice. I myself was lucky to escape with mere ligature after rescue by Doc Whittingnakers. Go away. We want law by Town Guild. Mona Poole, Hull.

    • JimmyJones

      Dave Cull is a sad old bastard if he only has one friend who is prepared to support him on his new Facebook page and this only friend is being paid to be his friend:
      The one positive FB comment is from Rebecca Twemlow – the same Twemlow of Firebrand Marketing who are running Mayor Cull’s campaign

      Anyway, anyone can add their comments at Dave’s new page. It looks like fun.

      • Peter

        I don’t do Facebook myself and with this Facebook page of Dave’s l don’t think he should be doing it himself. Mind you he is rather good at rewriting history of what he once said on various issues and l have no doubt he can turn these negative comments into positives.
        Failing that he could always call them liars. It’s been done before, eh.

    • Calvin Oaten

      In a small school for mentally challenged, form two was set a lesson to write a composition setting out a strategy for a mayoralty campaign. Dave Cull’s offering got a ‘D minus’. Comments: needs to try harder, lacks dynamism and cohesion. Failing on most counts. Unlikely to succeed.

      • ab

        Calven, not really. I was in 5 Remove and D Cull wasn’t there. Let’s be rigorously accurate, not like the Clinton campaign. Before politics, Dave Cull was a radio manager in Central, joiner, TV series host, and on 4ZB Saturdays following “ALLAN DIPPIE!”. You’ve got to be fair about these things. The Chin years weren’t too good, the Chinn years (SubCulture, ODT) were great.

    • Elizabeth

      Since the bad run Cull de Mayor had at Facebook following his comment on 22 July (noted above) – see the comments that followed.
      Why do people keep praising this dipstick.

      See his other page (ends at 12 July)

      • Missed this one, Terry Wilson on August 13 at 1:02am :

        It is unhelpful to be going on about Urban Renewal in South Dunedin when what is urgently needed is a fully working stormwater system. South Dunedin will continue to be at risk of flooding as long as you, Dave, continue to oppose the essential stormwater upgrades, as you did at the 26/4/16 ISC and continue to ignore your LGA obligation to provide good-quality infrastructure. This is not just a legal obligation, it’s your duty to the residents, especially the ones who had their homes flooded because you and Bidrose choose to under-fund our sub-standard drainage system. Tell us about the $60 million backlog of pipe renewals. Tell us what you have spent that money on, instead of maintaining our infrastructure. What could be more important than stopping peoples houses being flooded again? From looking at the Annual Plan it looks like you believe that nearly everything is more important than the well-being of the people of South Dunedin. You seem to not know the difference between right and wrong. Instead of helping South Dunedin, you torment them with threats that you plan to abandon the area and various bullshit claims about rising groundwater and South Dunedin sinking. Have some compassion, otherwise bugger off.

        • Elizabeth

          It appears that Cull’s campaign marketing company Firebrand is maintaining his Facebook page
          – see bright flashy pics and threads, he’s in no way that visually literate or with time on his hands to keep creating posts – the comments are likely his but not (all of) the visual identity work ?

      • Calvin Oaten

        “Together we are building a great city.” Huh? I thought Dunedin has been here for around 168 years. If this is so then he is a bit late on the scene as “Bob the Builder”, don’t you think. Dave Cull is the “Greater Dunedin” leader that couldn’t. He only succeeds as a disturbing malcontent who ‘spits the dummy’ at any opposition to his leadership. As Mayor, points out of ten, would pull 3 or 4 on a good day with a following wind.

  22. Gurglars

    “Rebecca Twemlow The numbers speak for themselves Grant. Council owned companies producing a return, improved debt repayment, significantly improved DCC operationally, Gigatown and City of Literature wins, beautiful cycleway, warehouse precinct, long term strategies created so there is a pathway forward and I believe business/industry are working far better and smarter together with the council.
    23 July at 16:54”

    Just what substance is this woman on?

    One of the first requirements for being a Cull cheerleader must be blindness!

    Many of the council owned companies are NOT producing dividends and may not for at least three more years. With Delta’s Noble subdivision disaster and the $20million annual coat of the stadium it is apparent that the nest of DCC owned companies is a basket case.

    Significantly improved DCC operationally! Leading to a $108 million loss to South Dunedin!

    Gigatown! Benefitting DCC employees- 1000 against 55,000,

    City of Literature- Please write in and advise the benefit to you (55,000 replies, 150 beneficiaries). Ah, I know it feels good, but it’s a frippery really.

    Cycleways- Don’t get me started, I’m about to send the GURGLARS CYCLE REPORT for the Sunshine Coast- just another waste of public money in the aggrandisement of Green councillors.

    So Rebecca can be outed as a dreamer and hopefully her client will be the end of a nightmare.

    • ab

      City of Literature. International, squire, connecting us with people who think for a living. Dunedin does not need insularity from thinkers. Eleanor, come home. Don’t be Vague, ask for Prague.

      • Calvin Oaten

        ab, you’re all at sea. Green to green red to red. Forget at you’re peril.

        • ab

          Calvin, the problem in port towns is the moaning of the bar. It is not, as the matelot expects, the rough passage twixt river mouth and open sea. It is the sound of complaining from the pub.

      • Gurglars

        So AB Dunedin needs to be a “City of Literature” for the intelligentsia to connect.

        One would have thought that all those smarties would have discovered the internet and saved all the airfares for the bureaucrats negotiating their free airfares and other perks of the “City of Literature”.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          How many writers were helped with editing and publishing costs and distribution, grants to finish a book, how much went to the *creators* of literature? How much opportunity (which in practical terms means what share of the budget) did *writers* have to organise their own events, book readings, talks? Were there offers of a free room with chairs and cuppa facilities to hold advertised “Welcome all writers, published and unpublished” informal gatherings in which people could meet and mix and make informal networks? Even hiring a bar on one of the quiet nights would work for that (Private Function) and should be dirt cheap as a way to encourage a new group of people to go there as their new “local”.
          As Gurglars says, fat ‘crats on DCC salaries should be budgeted at max 1 hour per week, main job being devolve, priority “become unnecessary ASAP”.

        • ab

          Shopping. They will come here and shop, the international writers, wanting to see the NZ City of Lit. Nothing cerebral at all. From Prague, the tortured Kafkaesque, from Canada, the Jack London Society, from London, The Postpunk Anarcho Feminist Scribes on ‘the Thatcher Years’, from America, followers of Bukowski, and from Heidelberg, duellist men and women, promoting ‘Heidelberg’, city of duelling. I hope that’s what the City of Lit deal means, international visitors of the linear type. After all, we like it when Welsh, English, Australian footie men come to Dunedin. Do you know who is recognised as a top NZ Writer? Ron Palenski, that’s who. Right here in River City.

  23. Hype O'Thermia

    We were connected with people who thought long before “City of Literature” became a job opportunity for rates paid coordinators, publicists and ardent fans of free cakes and ale. I personally remember several people with advanced thinking ability back in the “City of getting on with its getting its shit together and staying our of debt” days.

    • ab

      Ah, but the ‘Eccles!’ cakes. The Westbrew! The women in maxi coats! The men with mini sounds! Daybreak Bookshop. Sukhi Turner. Malcolm Gramophone.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Malcolm Gramophone – I remember him well, him and Francie the Waitati-est Waitati counterculturists. Now she’s Fran O’Sullivan, “…Fran’s membership of a number of exclusive dialogues: Australia-New Zealand Leadership Forum, United States-New Zealand Partnership Forum and the Japan-New Zealand Partnership Forum – give her a unique insight into the motivations of the prime political and business players whose decisions affect New Zealand’s future….”

        The more things change the more they, yeah, whatever.

        • ab

          It was the Dunedin of a cohort, young then, not so young now. But it was remarkable, down home, a bit socialist and a lot feminist. Stuart St Terraces booming as counterculture retailers, maybe Roy’s Records, Daybreak books with feminist Judith Medlicott, pickets at The Mrs NZ, pickets at the Savoy, where Mr Muldoon went for a nice “Grill”. DIC and the perfectly legit takeaway bar, ‘ Big Dad E’s’.

  24. Elizabeth

    T H E ● L A U G H A B L E ● O P I N I O N
    from the Inexpert and Foolishly Blinkered

    There’s a problem with “expert” advice, writes Lynne Hill.

    Mon, 25 Jul 2016
    ODT: ODT’s watchdog role praised
    OPINION An expert is like a man who knows all there is to know about diamonds but has not seen one in a ring or necklace for a long time. [Huh ? Whatiffers, please scroll down to this….] The ODT is absolutely right to say that it is not the newspaper’s job to be a cheerleader (p1, 21.7.16). Where there are positives the ODT does an excellent job of focusing on them. No expert has the right to tell the newspaper it should not focus on criticism. Our local independent newspaper is a watchdog for our community.

    *Link added by whatifdunedin

    “a watch dog” …………………………….

    I guess the op-ed writer wasn’t awake for LACK OF REPORTING AND INVESTIGATION BY ODT in relation to the DCC / CST Stadium project in its entirety, and further rob-the-poor by DVML/DVL in the last 5 Years —as editorially condoned by the men of black ink.
    Snored through Malfeasance for Jacks Point and Luggate.
    Dozed through LACK OF PROSECUTIONS for Citifleet.
    Is nowhere seen in REM for Delta’s imbroglio at Noble Subdivision (Yaldhurst, Christchurch).
    Added to these, some of us imagined the flood of June 2015 at South Dunedin caused by Dunedin City Council’s BIG FAIL, the complete lack of maintenance of stormwater infrastructure.

    To be so oblivious is the opportunity for Lynne Hill to write Bent and Twisty Piffle. [and get published by Pravda] She is robbed blind of Truth and Reality like every other Dunedinite weakly subject to media evasion and sick manipulation, in the attempt for stuporous subjugation [propaganda] ….

    To take care of the Good Old Boys, the City Council, and their accomplices [GOBs].

    *good meaning bad, evil and capricious [mild words for much worse like FFing sharks]

  25. Calvin Oaten

    Does Lynne Hill live next door to Allen Peake? Shares the same drive I’m sure.

  26. Gurglars

    Dave Cull’s spinning facebook page, where black is white!

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