#Wests —Councillors ??! Please act. [DCC out of order.]

Wests -Dunedin [wests.co.nz]Image: wests.co.nz

Tue, 5 Jul 2016
ODT: Liquor licence appeal baffles Wests
Public Health South and the Dunedin City Council’s decision to appeal the renewal of a Dunedin soft drinks institution’s liquor licence is “bewildering in the extreme”, the company’s director says. Wests (NZ) Ltd was granted an off-licence in April after a battle from November last year by the company to renew its licence.

The decision has been appealed by Public Health South medical officer of health Dr Marion Poore and Dunedin City Council licensing inspector Martine Cashell-Smith. The appeal will be heard by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority next month.

Comment at ODT Online:

What is the Council doing?
Submitted by Challispoint on Tue, 05/07/2016 – 10:14am.

This morning I sent the following letter to each of the DCC Councillors as I am furious they are picking on this great local business.

Dear Councillor –

I read with dismay your Council’s decision to appeal the West’s licence renewal after 139 years of exemplary service to the people of Dunedin. Your action appears to be a further example of the Dunedin City Council’s failure to support local businesses, and confirms a complete lack of appreciation for your voters’ opinion on this issue.

If you are going to argue, as I am sure you are, that you have no choice as you must act within some law which demands shops cannot sell alcohol and lollies then you will have my complete support to shut down Wests after you have taken action against the two main Countdown Supermarkets in Dunedin. In both these operations you cannot enter the stores without passing the highly discounted alcohol on sale. If you are not prepared to act against these stores, then your action against Wests is nothing other than bureaucratic bullying at its worst.

Having made so many negative decisions affecting the people of South Dunedin in recent times, I suggest you do not add this action to your list.

I ask that you immediately withdraw the Council’s appeal against the re-issue of West’s licence and act instead to support this longstanding, excellent, South Dunedin business.

Wests logo [wests.co.nz]

WESTS is proud to be New Zealand’s oldest continuous manufacturer of Cordials and Soft Drinks. The Wests brand began back in 1876, the same year another local family, the Speight’s, began their brewing business….

Website: http://www.wests.co.nz/

█ Read about the history of the company and what it does now at http://www.wests.co.nz/history

Otago Daily Times Published on Aug 26, 2015
Making of a Wests soft drink bottle
The staff at Wests are fizzing with excitement because the company’s own automatic bottle-moulding machine has just produced its millionth bottle.

Posted By Elizabeth Kerr


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18 responses to “#Wests —Councillors ??! Please act. [DCC out of order.]

  1. Tom

    Was it a political or staff decision to lodge an appeal?

  2. pb

    Rockin Joe Stalin would be pleased with the infiltration of soviet culture into western thought enclaves. One giant step for man, but one small step from the gulag. The god-like omnipotence stink’s like an old cadaver.

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

    • Vladimir the Drain Impaler

      Punk RRock, 1978

      ‘Stalin wasn’t Stallin’ when he told the mayor of Berlin

      That the people can’t look at Schnapps no more

      Just potato juice, that’s that’.

  3. Gurglars

    10,000 more jobs, $10,000 higher incomes,

    But only to be found at the DCC at your expense!

    “And how will you achieve this lofty ambition “Cull de Mayor,” asked the white rabbit.

    By Obfuscation and refusal you silly wabbit, replied the mad hatter.

    And by our secret weapon.

    Climate change!

    We cannot have any long standing businesses like Wests and Hillside workshops if we are going to close down South Dunedin.

    Which is the only explanation for getting rid of half the car parks in the main street.

  4. Hype O'Thermia


    At the risk of stumbling into conspiracy theory territory, is there any conceivable link between DCC undermining of this South Dunedin business and the refusal to allow builder to re-build on site of [DCC core duty failures] flood damaged house…
    …and the Unchained Malady’s theme song, “Relocate” with its catchy chorus of “Move right along, don’t look back, shackled by theory, dodge any facts”.

    {See comments about the notified resource consent application for 38 Richmond St, South Dunedin at this thread: https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/ray-macleod-letter-to-editor/#comment-74594
    Note DCC owns the property with 3 units next door at 40 Richmond St. -Eds}

  5. Elizabeth

    Received from Jeff Dickie
    Wed, 7 July 2016 at 10:17 a.m.

    One has to seriously wonder at the integrity and motives of the DCC and related health professionals when it comes to this latest Wests fiasco. Dunedin does indeed have very serious problems when it comes to alcohol abuse and associated destructive behaviour. But where has this come from? We have an established family business serving a community’s needs for 139 years! 

    The university area is now a virtual slum with daily evidence of alcohol abuse and vandalism, fueled by endless low cost liquor outlets, all DCC consented. This is very poor city planning indeed and would likely not have occurred if the so called professional alcohol and public health experts were on the case in the first instance. Lately there have been several very serious alcohol fueled incidents, with drunk students leaping off high buildings, resulting in very serious head injuries. What is euphemistically called “couch burning” in North Dunedin is identified as arson in South Dunedin. As a resident of North Dunedin, I regularly witness drunken destructive behaviour, for which the DCC, Police, and university authorities, including the vice Chancellor, are completely unwilling to enforce even a simple liquor ban! Yet the benign Wests becomes an easy target as a social risk. It is almost laughable!

    The DCC’s role here parallels the recent bizarre victimisation of hospitality veteran Sammy Chin. Another sorry abuse of local authority power.

    We have a dairy near us which for years sold highly damaging “legal high” drugs. These drugs cause serious psychiatric problems with massive long term social costs. It is right next door to the local primary school, which also borders a gun shop! There was no DCC or health expert concern shown here. The latest irrational victimization of a legitimate business is mind numbingly selective and speaks volumes about how out of touch those protesting Wests presence are to Dunedin’s very real problems with alcohol. A classic case of “experts” concentrating on the trivia, while ignoring the serious issues. Sadly, it will probably take further loss of life to have a more realistic look at the problems.

  6. Elizabeth

    To be hoped : that the DCC liquor licensing inspectorate will be absorbed into Environmental Health before long, where it should best reside; and that that will sort reporting lines and accountabilities in general. Some media awkwardness around reading and relationship. The forthcoming appeal hearing, although completely unnecessary, should clarify a few things at Council.

  7. Hype O'Thermia

    To be hoped : someone will donate a pokerwork motto for their wall, “Avoid bringing bureaucracy into further disrepute by petty exercise of power”.

  8. Elizabeth

    Just in case Public Health South (in hand with DCC partner-boffins) is on some Politically Correct bender (WRONG) to eliminate the sale of alcohol, fizzy drinks and sweets from our suburban streets…..

    Get this (heehaw)….

    ### radionz.co.nz Wed, 6 Jul 2016 at 1:13 p.m.
    Government agencies’ fast-food investments shock
    By Anusha Bradley
    More than $260 million of taxpayers’ money is invested in fast-food brands and soft drink giants. Obesity campaigners say they’re appalled at the investments by bodies such as the Super Fund and ACC and are calling for junk food investments to be banned. Figures obtained by RNZ News show as of 31 May, New Zealand Superannuation Fund and ACC had $110 million invested in The Coca-Cola Company and its global subsidiaries and $70m in its main rival Pepsico. A further $38m was invested in McDonalds in America and Japan, and $17m in Domino’s Pizza in Britain and Australia. Closer to home, Super Fund has $27m invested the NZX-listed Restaurant Brands, which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Junior and Starbucks in New Zealand – including $5m in shares. All up, more than $260m of taxpayers’ money was invested in global soft drink and fast food chains.
    Read more

  9. Elizabeth

    Wests (NZ) Ltd’s fight to keep licence continued at Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority hearing yesterday.

    Tue, 16 Aug 2016
    ODT: Business focus of ‘full-scale assault’
    A Dunedin soft drinks institution says it has been subjected to a “full-scale assault” from a medical officer of health intent on removing its liquor licence.
    The case was heard after Public Health South medical officer of health Dr Marion Poore and Dunedin City Council licensing inspector Martine Cashell-Smith appealed an earlier decision by the Dunedin district licensing committee to grant Wests a liquor licence.

  10. Calvin Oaten

    Dr Marion Poore ought to be slightly more circumspect and hide her prejudices. She need only look at any one of all the Supermarkets operating in this town to see that, not only do they display their copious quantities of liquor anywhere and anytime that suits in their premises without so much as a curtain of concealment.
    This smacks of persecution of a long established business in favour of the aforementioned supermarkets. It would be churlish to suggest there might be some inducement for Dr Poore to adopt the attitude towards Wests she has.
    Council Licensing inspector Martine Cashell-Smith needs to look long and hard at this one.

    • Elizabeth

      I led my six young children through New World’s DRINKS larder and we all got tipsy on our way. Better than the museum.

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    Who employs her? She’s gone beyond a joke, it’s time for contacting her employer about her obsessive attitude towards the non-problem of Wests.
    The company is doing what it’s been doing for years. Local schools aren’t bothered. Wests has the support of the public with the exception of a new woman who’s joined her in her OTT “I’ve got the Rules and the Power” trip. One on our payroll, more’s the pity – “Dunedin City Council licensing inspector”,
    South Dunedin – Dunedin as a whole – doesn’t need this kind of ugly inflexibility. When all the other liquor outlets have found a way to prevent children seeing liquor being sold along with other products – preventing them seeing their parents taking liquor in shopping trolleys through the checkout along with the family groceries – then she will have the moral as well as legal right to target Wests. Until then it’s looking a lot like a personal issue.
    Vendettas are very poore form.

  12. Elizabeth

    See two comments by Hype O’Thermia at another thread.

    What if? Dunedin -Eds. We wouldn’t mind if the sainted “Dr Poore” (dismal agent for sanctimonious Evil) sued ALL supermarkets. Double standards are APPALLING here. And now Freaks at the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority think they have a win for – was it – health and democracy via the Law as an Ass. Heathens against Small Business and a Legal product.

    Sly grog shops must form a tent city across the suburbs. Enough to get Poore out of bed and on an endless beat of bureaucratic torture to her desk life.

    So much for the localised power and authority of the Dunedin district licensing committee.

    █ Write your Personal views to Missy Poole and Cc Wests. She may as well get it straight on the nose.

    Fri, 2 Sep 2016
    ODT: ‘Crazy’ decision to strip Wests of liquor licence, owner claims
    A Dunedin soft drinks institution has had its liquor licence stripped in what its owner is calling a “crazy” decision. Wests (NZ) Ltd’s director Alf Loretan said he was “very disappointed” with the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority decision, which will most likely signal the end of his and his wife’s stressful two-and-a-half-year fight for their 140-year-old Bay View Rd business to retain its licence.


    Thu, 1 Sep 2016
    Stuff: Last call for iconic Dunedin soft drink retailer Wests?
    Dunedin’s mayor has lashed out at “ridiculous” alcohol licensing legislation after it cost a local company its licence to sell booze from its factory shop. Wests (NZ) Ltd has lost its fight to keep its liquor licence. The company has been trading in Dunedin for 140 years. […] To qualify for a liquor licence, Wests needed to prove 85 per cent of its sales were for alcohol, which it did not do. The case was heard by the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) earlier this month, after Southern medical officer of health Marion Poore and Dunedin district licensing inspector Martine Cashell-Smith appealed a decision by the Dunedin District Licensing Committee (DLC) to renew Wests’ liquor licence.

  13. TS

    I don’t like what’s happening to this small business but I’m also concerned to read “The DCC will pay Wests’ legal costs on this action…”

    Will the DCC jump to the defense of every small private business having trouble with the law when it regards those laws as silly? Because, it seems to me, we have quite a number of silly laws and a great many small businesses.

    I would like to know which Councillors voted for or against the decision.

    {You say: “The DCC will pay Wests’ legal costs on this action…”

    Please cite your source. -Eds}

  14. Elizabeth

    The DCC will pay Wests’ legal costs on this action because we saw it as a test case on how ARLA would apply the new law with the DDLC.

    Fri, 2 Sep 2016
    Scoop: Mayor disappointed by ARLA Wests Cordial Decision

    Press Release – Dunedin City Council

    Dunedin (Thursday, 1 September 2016) – The Mayor of Dunedin, Dave Cull is disappointed the new alcohol legislation has caused South Dunedin company Wests Southern Liquor to lose its licence.

    Mayor Cull was reacting to the decision of the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) to decline the licence.

    In April this year, the Dunedin District Licensing Committee (DDLC), which was formed to consider applications for local liquor licences, approved an application to renew the off-licence of the company – in what was seen by many as a test case to aid in the interpretation of the new law. The application drew no public opposition or any objection from the Police but was opposed by the Medical Officer of Health.

    A month after the DLC approved the licence on 1 September 2015, both the Medical Officer of Health and the DCC Licensing Inspector appealed the decision.

    Mr Cull says it is not clear how the new legislation applies and it is hard to make sense of it. “To drive a small company out of business because it sells both cordial and alcohol in close proximity, when supermarkets do the same isn’t logical. Indeed on that basis I personally provided a letter to ARLA supporting Wests right to continue operating. Even ARLA acknowledged this business has been producing cordial since 1876 and brewing and selling alcohol since 1906 and hasn’t caused a problem in its community.”

    “The law is ridiculous, if this is the outcome of the new process. It makes it pointless to have a local District Licensing Committee if it is going to get overruled.”

    Mr Cull says it is poor law that allows supermarkets to sell alcohol alongside non-alcoholic beverages, but a small company effectively doing the same thing is not allowed to. “Nobody has complained about Wests and this decision means it’s just as likely the business will become a full blown liquor store or force the 140 year old company out of business.

    “The Government should be concerned about the unintended consequences this legislation has caused and what it means for similar small businesses. The DCC will pay Wests’ legal costs on this action because we saw it as a test case on how ARLA would apply the new law with the DDLC. ARLA is just doing its job, but has no local understanding, which brings into question the need for a local licensing authority. If this is the outcome, why bother – why not just go with a national body.”

    Mr Cull says the decision will have implications for the family who own the business. However, it does vindicate the actions of the DCC’s licensing inspector who was carrying out her job according to the requirements of the law – a ridiculous law at that!


  15. Gurglars

    A very good chance to remove an Idiot.

    If Dr Marion Poore, can’t get it right she must go.

    Wests were providing a service to Dunedin before her great grandfather started school. He was obviously poore and resented the success of Wests which is probably the longest continuous business in Dunedin except Mason and Wales which started 16 years earler in 1861!

    • Elizabeth

      Dr Marian Poole and her accomplice must hang their heads in shame anytime they walk the Dunedin streets. So Not Loved. Petty and Disgusting. Forced exile on White Island– !Now

      How to upset good South Dunedinites. In Election Year. Which intending Councillors will take on the Law to restore Wests rights. A higher Court.

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