Modem issues

whatifdunedin has been experiencing modem issues since 1:20am this morning.

Connection has now been restored with technical assistance via the Vodafone NZ Helpline.

The modem will be replaced if in the next 24 hours it fails and connection is lost.

Bear with us. If we go quiet and the website is not updating, know it’s in the hands of Vodafone technicians for functionality to be restored.

Elizabeth Kerr
Site Owner | Admin


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3 responses to “Modem issues

  1. ab

    Teen Bulletin.

    Modem? Bulletin Boards preceded the Internet. It was all Post Office lines. The modem went ‘Howl! I have seen the best people of my generation Dharma and Greg yackety yak’. Amazing times. All linear text, no pics. Shouting was Upper Case. If you missed a day, strange men phoned demanding to know why they hadn’t ‘heard’ from you.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    Usenet Groups were great, there were groups for every conceivable interest, nothing but text. The same thing is now on Facebook but much harder to find. There are dozens of Dunedin-related pages, not so easy to find the best ones and it takes too much time trawling through them to find the interesting contributions. The hospital one is good as it has a focus and attracts a reasonable proportion of posts from people who have something new to say. There was “The DCC has lost the plot”, pre-election 6 years ago.
    The advantages the old newsgroups had was ease of finding them, subscribing to them and having posts “delivered” by a newsgroup program, not mingled with email.
    What if?’s only weakness is (IMO) lack of easy visibility to those who do not already know of its existence and what name to go searching for.

    • Elizabeth

      We don’t advertise for a reason. The very good website name is inherited. Most searches show a mix of knowing the website name, valid variants based on WordPress, or my real name.

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