Cycleways and scattered nails

bike - fixed gear track racing [] 1

### 24 June 2016 at 9:23 pm
RNZ News
Cycleway truce called as review set up
By Michael Cropp
Wellington’s beleaguered cycleway programme will not be getting the shot in the arm some were hoping for – instead it will be reviewed, refreshed and recommissioned. The outcome of that process – a ‘refreshed cycleways programme’ – would go to the Wellington City Council’s transport committee in August, the council announced today. Meanwhile, Island Bay Residents’ Association had reached a truce with cycling advocates and councillors, and was planning to start on its own consultation. A New Zealand Transport Agency report this month on the council’s ability to implement its programme stated the fallout from the Island Bay project had jeopardised the council’s other cycleway initiatives, and had eroded the public’s faith in the council. It said the council had lost the confidence of officials and ministers. Today’s announcement was intended to provide a pathway to regaining that trust.
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IDEAS !!!!

nails 1 []

Earlier this year, nails were scattered on the cycleway and the local residents’ association threatened a rates revolt if it wasn’t dug up.

### 1 June 2016 at 6:44 pm
RNZ News
WCC told it let spokes fall off cycleway plan
By Michael Cropp
The way Wellington City Council conducted the rollout of a controversial cycleway in Island Bay has hurt its city-wide ambitions for the bike routes, an independent review has found. The report into the city’s cycleways, which was commissioned by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), concluded people felt the path in the southern suburb was a poor solution that was delivered without proper community engagement and consultation. It recommended it be reviewed and modified after further community consultation.
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Read the report commissioned by NZTA (PDF, 1.3MB)

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Meanwhile at Dunedin…. plodding incompetence. A recent series of city council-led (earworms: Spokes Dunedin and NZTA) technical planning and cycleway construction FAILURES, at Exorbitant Expense forced on Ratepayers. All this while South Dunedin core infrastructure maintenance and upgrades received little if no DCC attention, ultimately leading to Council-fuelled multimillion-dollar flood damage. And now, the ODT Editor exhibits gut-wrenching Cheek to devoutly urge DCC to YES, Build Cycleways!

Fri, 24 Jun 2016
ODT Editorial: Learning from cycleway errors
OPINION After a long year of construction, mistakes, remedial work, wasted money and public dissatisfaction the South Dunedin Cycle Network has finally been shunted down the council’s cycleway queue. In an Otago Daily Times report this month council infrastructure networks general manager Ruth Stokes said she could not say when the South Dunedin network would be completed. The new focus, she said, was to employ the limited available resources on fixing the Portobello Rd cycleway and the central city network.

“Build them well, build them smart and build them efficiently.” (ODT)

SPOKES Dunedin speaks out for cycling in Dunedin, New Zealand and represents everyone who rides a bike or would like to ride a bike in the city. SPOKES is a local volunteer cycling advocacy group founded in 1996 as an affiliate of the New Zealand Cycling Advocates Network. SPOKES Dunedin is an incorporated society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

bike dog jun co-passage []

We look forward to working with the Dunedin City Council to develop a real cycle network for Dunedin. (Spokes)

God Almighty! Read this:

Posted on April 6, 2016 by spokesdunedin

A change of scope is needed for Dunedin’s cycling network, but it is unclear what the DCC’s change in scope actually means, and higher standard cycleways are only part of the story. Spokes Dunedin has a vision for successfully realising the cycle network. We want everyone to be able to cycle from North Dunedin to South Dunedin, out both sides of the Harbour, and through the tunnels to Green Island and Mosgiel on a connected framework of city-spanning arterial routes that are safe, direct, and convenient to use. This will focus work where there is a clear need for improved safety rather than on streets that are already relatively safe, and will create a solid initial network that can grow and develop in response to future demand. The great thing is that there already exists some cycling infrastructure on many of the routes for this initial network. Several things can be achieved by the end of this year that will help Dunedin catch back up to where it should be.

To do in 2016
1. Support NZTA to begin construction of the SH1 separated lanes by the end of this year.
2. Fix Portobello Road – it’s already been two years. We don’t need fancy landscaping, we just need the median barrier realignment so the road looks like a road and the cycleway looks like a cycleway.
3. Complete the Wharf/Roberts intersection as agreed – it’s already been two years. This intersection presents an identified safety risk on a high demand route.
4. Continue the SH88 path through the rail corridor to the railway station, thereby providing an alternative to the cycle lanes on Anzac Ave (heavy freight route and high risk).
5. Create a separated cycle lane from the intersection of Andersons Bay/Strathallan, along The Oval, to Crawford Street in place of the existing cycle lane between two lanes of fast-moving traffic.
6. Develop plans for a separated cycle lane on North Road and safety improvements for the Opoho intersection to tie in with NZTA’s forthcoming separated cycle lanes on SH1. This route is of very high strategic priority.

Dunedin is a pro-cycling city, where a significant proportion of the population regularly cycles for recreation, transportation, or both. Year after year, cycling is one of the most strongly supported and heavily submitted-on topics in the annual plan. One of the biggest public consultation events in Dunedin history was held in 2013 regarding the proposed SH1 separated cycle lanes. In addition to widespread media coverage, NZTA and DCC staff solicited input from the public at information booths in busy locations including the Golden Center, Toitu, and the University. With over 2000 written submissions and roughly 800 survey responses, the SH1 separated cycle lanes received one of the highest response rates of any topic ever consulted on. The result was overwhelming support for the proposed separated cycle lanes. Independently, the AA undertook a survey of their local membership, with over 70% of the nearly 1500 respondents supporting the proposed separated lanes. The overwhelming public demand and support for better cycling in Dunedin cannot be denied.
In response to this demand, the City rightly undertook to develop a Strategic Cycle Network. But the South Dunedin portion of the cycle network has not delivered on the ambitions of the cycle network plan adopted in 2011. Nothing has progressed in the last year, leaving half-finished elements scattered around, with other things ripped out without consultation.
Some might argue that we should throw up our hands in despair, abandoning the possibility of future success under the fear of past failures. But others know that setbacks are par for the course when charting new waters and trying new things. Where would we be if the likes of Cook, Columbus, or Magellan had turned around after the first storm and torn sail? Those leaders stayed the course, their sailors gained experience, and they ultimately changed the world.
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█ For more, enter the terms *cycle* and *christmas present* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

*Images: (from top) – fixed track racing | – nails | – bike dog jun co-passage | – sail wagon


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19 responses to “Cycleways and scattered nails

  1. alanbec

    Early Wall of Death (photo)

    At first the lads biked around a wickerwood course, mostly enclosed. Then they hit on the idea of making the wall concrete and riding motorcycles. This, for the lads, was the breakthrough.

  2. Gurglars

    The most disappointing aspect of all of this waste of paper above is that the editor of the ODT despite all of the evidence that demonstrates the complete waste of money, time and council funds that is the cycleways, somehow still comes out in favour of the concept!

    When folk walked, along came the horse. Everyone wanted one, despite the initial cost and the ongoing maintenance cost. along came the bicycle, still expensive, but cheaper to maintain- no oats.

    Then came the car. Everyone wanted one and Henry made it possible. A kid would reach 15 and their sole dream was a vehicle with a back seat and a partners address!

    Whatever would encourage intelligent humans to think that we would trend to walk? Will we bring back the horse? Will a boy in NE Valley walk to take a girl out in South Dunedin?

    As the population ages, the only likelihood of moving from the car is either a personal drone or a time capsule. Horses and Bikes are as likely as the DCC getting smarter.

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    “Will a boy in NE Valley walk to take a girl out in South Dunedin?”

    The invention of the safety bicycle led to a huge change in mating patterns. Instead of choosing the best available within walking distance – walking there, courting, walking home. I can’t see NEV-SD mating without vehicles, unless they both work in the middle of town and make the most of their lunch breaks.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    For an informed critical comment read ‘Curate’s Egg’ by russandbev at ODT Online. He sums it up well.

    {Link -Eds}

  5. Elizabeth

    Comment at ODT Online:

    Submitted by Otakou on Sun, 26/06/2016 – 3:38pm.

    Go Plus, I’ll cite firstly the Chinese money wanting to build a hotel. Not allowed anywhere but perhaps could be considered on the DCC car park.
    Amazingly now a cloak and dagger operation are investigating a hotel in a DCC car park. 
    The ORC, going to waste $20 million on a building for 105 people working there, again to be considered on a DCC car park.
    Many car parks to be cut due to cycleway development, Oh OK, the DCC will develop another pay as you go DCC car park! 
    Just where in the brief for a city management does property owning and development lie.
    Before or after waste water management and mudtank cleaning? 


  6. Elizabeth

    Thu, 14 Jul 2016
    ODT: Work on cycleway
    Contractors worked on cycleway improvements in Portobello Rd, between Portsmouth Dr and Timaru St. Work on the project, worth about $620,000, began last month.

    An ENORMOUS waste of public money. Go check out the works – mind boggling for NO RESULT.

    Shame DCC !!! This RORT should not have happened, at all.

  7. I am not a fan of throwing Niles on the road at I Bay. Some ratepayers in Wgtn are respectable by day, disreputable by night. Nails?/I have seen them. Stupid iron spigots for keeping boats intact. I have seen Dr Cushla McKinney, scientist, at the Globe Theatre as Christ on a cross. I have seen the greatest minds of our generation drinking a Rusty Nail. Penny Bright tried a rates revolt. No one joined. .

  8. Das Deutschlander

    Jah, it’s the schtinking. Achtung the new amphibious transport bitte. In the dry, wheels and sail. When the South schtinks, the transporten becomes a boot. Das boot. Jurgen Prochnow.

  9. Gurglars

    Regarding the Spokes drivel (above).

    Can anyone testify (photo please if possible) as to whether Cook (Captain Cook), Magellan (Ferdinand) or Columbus (Chris) or any of their siblings, or progeny down the ages ever rode a bicycle?

    And if not, WTF is Spokes quoting them as an example for.

    Now Russell Mockridge, an Australian Olympic Gold medallist killed at the junction of Dandenong and Clayton roads Melbourne whilst cycling on a main highway in 1956 after the Olympics, that would have been apt, but Chris Columbus, a bike, on the Pinta or the Santa Maria, they would have had to take out a few sleeping berths to create a cycle path on a 50′ wooden boat and wouldn’t that have caused a mutiny by the Spanish and Portuguese sailors.

    Who it appears (as we know it didn’t happen) to have been smarter than the DCC cycleway planners.

  10. Gurglars

    The idioti are not confined to Dunedin.

    The pesky social engineers loom out of the ether and introduce islands into roads thus increasing the possibility of death and accidents for cyclists and motorists.

    Please John Key save us from these zealots who just spend money on crazy whims.

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