Sa pièce de résistance @ #DUD

Monday, 20 June 2016
South Dunedin’s Future : It’s in your hands
Public meeting called by South Dunedin Action Group

au Sud Dunedin

Mock turtles on a Monday, and [a moment of meeting remembrance]
mon Dieu! Voix, la sienne! (my God! Voices, hers!) pronouncing la séparation des “poos” et “wees” —wastewater (grey water) from drinking water and stormwater as la raison d’être pour la stratégie de “Three Waters”……..
méfiez-vous ce qui sort du robinet (beware what comes out of the tap!) ou, était que la bouche (or, was that the mouth)

Flood, The People —inondation, inonderait le peuple
but, DON’T use politics against those “responsable” fr.

Channel 39 Published on Jun 22, 2016

### Thu, 23 June 2016
Candidates using flooding for political gain
A heated public meeting earlier this week brought last year’s South Dunedin floods back to the fore. The discussion around what to do for those still affected is one that members of the Dunedin City Council’s executive say they’re taking seriously. But there’s concern some involved parties are using the situation for political gain.

Malhereusement! Ceci est du jeu de puissance ineptes, d’elle-même
(Sadly! This is inane power play, of itself)




Huh ?

This is THE time for Dunedin Politics and Examination of Dunedin City Council down to the last foul or stormwater, sewer.

Hourra !

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*Bullet points indicate comments entered after the public meeting 20 June.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

Election Year. This post is offered in the public interest.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Sa pièce de résistance @ #DUD

  1. I assume Ms Bidrose is implying that they (meaning Ray) said that they would not do any electioneering. What I do know is that SDAG are trying to cut through all the rubbish and trying to get DCC to come to the party and promise some detailed and precise action and then to actually carry it out! We want to see that happen and soon!

    • Elizabeth

      Ray, whatifdunedin is happy to co-publish anon, the SDAG’s asks on the city council to enhance community wellbeing and the infrastructural health of South Dunedin –for the short, medium and long term.

      The website welcomes information sharing that helps and respectfully informs local people, particularly those living and working in South Dunedin.

  2. Elizabeth

    “Core Infrastructure Services”

    ….in the context of collectively cripplingly expensive, high profile extremely low-priority DCC vanity projects WHICH HAVE RISEN TO THE TOP such as the spindazzle Arts Strategy, Environmental Strategy, Energy Strategy, Gasworks Museum empire, one school’s hockey turf, DVML’s heavily subsidised eternal loss-making survival, cricket lights and destruction of historic avenue of City trees, City of Literature, Gigacity (guffaw), Mosgiel Pool, Cycleways, Grand-daddy Stadium, a new and used fleet vehicle enterprise (continuing via DCHL/Delta), and…. and….

    !!!!! Duh-De-Da [clears throat]:

    Thu, 23 Jun 2016
    Southern councils nominated for awards
    Two Otago councils and two Southland councils have been recognised in this year’s Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) Excellence Awards. The Dunedin City Council has been nominated for best creative place for its arts and culture strategy Ara Toi Otepoti-Our Creative Future….

    [LGNZ president Lawrence Yule is the pompous git who has devoted some years of his roost advocating Debt financing to councils, booyah!]

  3. Peter

    I think apportioning political motives re Sth Dunedin floods to those who have spoken out is not something for a public servant to say. Such accusations are best left to politicians.
    Political opportunists searching for a platform are usually pretty obvious. Like those who play the race or immigration card in a dubious way. The voters judge accordingly. It is the job of the council to fix the problems, not to politicise themselves by making assumed judgements on peoples’ motives.

  4. ab

    Quite. I mean, “Huzza!”. That’s properly English. GOOBYE EUROPA!. Sorry, I beg your pardon, is this that Ej blog in NZ? I’m glad Peter mentioned politicos who play the immigration and race cards. They are Right Wing, no matter which party they represent. By their xenophobia shall you know them. Well, toodle, must catch the Brighton Line, er, choo choo. (Pardon me, boy, is that the coke it really chews through?).

  5. Elizabeth

    FallOutBoyVEVO Published on Jun 23, 2016
    Fall Out Boy – Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid) (Audio) ft. Missy Elliott

    We ain’t afraid of no ghost : [Managed retreaters / “ghouls” —No’ Dave Cull. No’ Aaron Hawkins. No’ David Benson-Pope. No’ Richard Thomson. No’ Chris Staynes. No’ Kate Wilson. No’ Jinty MacTavish.]

    Who you gonna call : South Dunedin Action Group

    [Verse 1: Patrick Stump]
    If there’s something strange
    In the neighbourhood
    Who you gonna call
    If there’s something weird
    And it don’t look good
    Who can you call
    I’m calling
    I’m not afraid, not afraid
    I’m not afraid, not afraid

    [Hook 1: Patrick Stump]
    Uh, I’m not afraid
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    I’m not afraid, not afraid
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    Yeah, yeah

    [Verse 2: Patrick Stump]
    If you’re seeing things
    Running through your head
    Who you gonna call
    An invisible man
    Sleeping in your bed
    Oh, who you gonna call

    [Hook 2: Patrick Stump]
    I’m not afraid, not afraid
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    Uh, I’m not afraid
    Who you gonna call?
    If you’re all alone
    Pick up the phone and call

    [Verse 3: Missy Elliot]
    I can’t sleep when I’m home alone
    Night time my lights on
    Woo, got me scared
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    In my closet down the hall
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    Man these monsters be big and tall
    Ghostbusters, who you gon’ call?
    They roll up to my house, they knocking on my door
    They come busting in, killing all the ghosts
    It’s so strange in my neighbourhood
    Look out the window and it ain’t too good
    I ain’t afraid so let’s get to it
    Smoke these ghosts like backwoods

    [Outro: Patrick Stump]
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    Uh, I’m not afraid

  6. alanbec

    We might, however, be afraid of Sigourney Weaver. Gor blimey, Sigs, how’s the levitating going? ‘Mustn’t grumble’.

  7. Elizabeth

    New comment relocated from another thread, relevance. -Eds

    Sea sider
    Tue, 28 Jun 2016 at 5:30 pm
    Forbury Park Trotting Club speaking at a council forum. Disclosed that they had made a $200,000 loss the previous year, some of that loss as a result of the South Dunedin floods.
    Another cost to the South Dunedin community by council unable to carry out a core function.

    • ab

      Trots, is it? Nothing to do with harness racing being really boring, then. Do they ever gallop? Have they gone to the dogs? I’m sorry, ej, there’s a limit to what can be blamed on the freaking blankety blank. Or, at least, Fulton Hogan and ‘Huey’, he who sends it down, must share some of the blame. Less is more.

  8. Elizabeth

    Sea sider, did anyone from DCC offer a formal apology to the trotting club. Though it would be Awful if council broke form. Easy to fork out for Jinty’s slush fund (literally!), the Environment Strategy at $150,000 – and not reimburse the hell brought on private property owners by DCC Infrastructure failure – That certainly CHANGED The Environment.

    Thanks for your diligence on core council business, Ms MacTavish. Do you know what it is or are you booking overseas air tickets for council to campaign together on global efforts to reduce the smog in China- very good practice, generating fog at Dunedin.

    How much is the new chairship? What has been added to your council stipend billed to the ratepayers, over and above the $150,000 billed to ratepayers for the glorious piece of shite, The Environment Strategy.

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